www.Arbys.com/Survey – Arby’s Survey – Official Guest Experience Survey [$1,000-1,500]


Arby’s, the sandwich shops company, recognizes that to be successful they need to promote the loyalty and satisfaction of its customers. To support that they established ways to openly communicate with them. The best one so far is the Arby’s survey – www.arbys.com/survey

If you complete the survey, you’ll help the company to get better for you and also you will get a chance to earn money. Up to $1,500.

Here’s the deal:

After you complete the survey , you will be rewarded by the Arby’s management with an entry for one of their daily and weekly raffles.

Daily prize of the Arby’s Daily Promise Check is a gift card in the amount of $1,000. The weekly prize is a gift card worth $1,500.

Why Arbys.com Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you complete the Arbys.com survey, you help the company to understand what their services are below your expectations and what areas should be improved in the nearest future.

By taking the survey you are helping yourself because the company will improve based on your feedback. Not to mention a chance to get $1000-1500.

Relatively cheap and fast customer surveys are a great way for businesses to improve and live up to their expectations.

Arby’s simply wants to know:

  • whether the food and the customer service was good;
  • would you recommend them to a friend;
  • how management and staff can improve for you;
  • etc.

Arby’s is looking forward to your honest feedback.

How To Win $1,000-1,500 Cash in Arbyslistens.com Survey?

Arby’s company understands that feedback surveys like this will allow their customers to share their thoughts in a convenient way.

This will help the company to become better for its clients.


The survey “ArbysWeMakeItRight” can be completed in two ways: by phone and online.

After completion of the survey, you will be granted entry for one of their daily and weekly raffles.

You can also participate in the sweepstakes by in-mail.

Survey Requirements

To be eligible for the sweepstakes you must be a resident of one of the fifty states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Honduras, or Deutschland.

You need to be at least 18 years old to participate.

You need to have a receipt of a recent purchase at one of the Arby’s restaurants.

Survey Restrictions

  • Only for residents of one of the fifty states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Honduras, or Deutschland.
  • Customers younger than 18 years of age are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • Arby’s employees and their immediate family members, or relatives of any kind, can’t participate.
  • Domestic prisoners are not entitled to take part in this survey.
  • There are three participation methods: online, by phone call, and using in-mail.
  • You can get several entries, but each new entry has to has a separate entry code (found on your receipt).
  • Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and cannot be replaced by cash.
  • You’ll get your prize (if you win) within 4-6 weeks after confirmation of the winner.
  • The winner is responsible to pay any applicable taxes.

Survey Participation Instructions

1. Online method

You can complete the survey in English or Spanish languages. Keep in mind though, to complete it, you’ll need a valid proof of purchase.

There are a lot of different questions on a few topics, such as:

  • customer service quality,
  • menu variety and options,
  • value for the money,
  • delivery,
  • etc.

Some questions will have a selection of answers you can choose from. However, sometimes you will have to answer an open question. Also, you will spot some questions where you’ll need to just rate your experience on a scale of five or more levels.

The method for filling out the survey online is expected that the participants made a purchase at one of the Arby’s sandwich shops. The receipt will contain the required information to participate in the survey. Although the validity of the receipt is not specified, so the applicants recommended taking the survey as soon as possible. 

Just visit: https://www.Arbys.com/survey or https://arbyslistens.com and select your desired language for the survey. After that, press the Start button, answer all the questions, and click on the “Submit” button. You will now be asked to fill out the form for entry into sweepstakes. After you’ve done with it, you’ll be added to the draw.

2. Phone method

If you up for this method, then simply look for a phone number on a receipt from your previous buy at Arby’s. Call it. Tell your receipt code. Answer their questions. After that, you’ll get one entry into the raffles.

3. In-mail method

If you want to participate in the Arby’s sweepstakes (even if you don’t have a receipt or don’t want to take the survey), then hand print your full name, date of birth, home address, your state, city, and zip code, also your phone number on a postcard 3″x5″. The next step is to send it to the address provided below. Make sure to do this prior to the end date of the Entry Period:

Arby’s Promise Check Sweepstakes Entry,

625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,

Rochester, NY 15625-2437.

With this method, you can get multiple entries. You should use a separate outer envelope for each entry. Also, keep in mind that if you reproduce entries mechanically, they will not be accepted.

About Arby’s

Arby’s – famous fast food network in the United States of America. The company specializes in sandwiches. The first restaurant was opened in 1964 by Leroy and Forrest Raffel in Ohio. They served slices cut sandwiches with roast beef.

The first Arby’s franchise restaurant was opened in 1965. 

In 1975 Arby’s gets a new look by changing the style of their logo. 

In 1978 Arby’s introduced classic sandwich burger with beef and Cheddar. 

In the year of 1991, the salad menu was presented. In the course of time, the menus improved drastically.

Also, Arby’s restaurant chain doesn’t forget to give back to the community. It has its own charity called Arby’s Foundation.

The Arby Foundation was founded to deal with childhood hunger, to cultivate youth leadership, to help young people with their dream careers.

In 1994 Arby’s restaurants introduced a smoking ban.

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28 thoughts on “www.Arbys.com/Survey – Arby’s Survey – Official Guest Experience Survey [$1,000-1,500]”

  1. so where do I do your survey, or send a complaint about my Arby’s visit? I’ve been searching for the ‘survey’ for half an hour, and can’t find anything.

    What I want to know is why would Arby’s sell a Reuben with cold meat? I was at Arby’s in Elko, NV on 11/16/23, ordered a Reuben sandwich and Curly Fries (order #AAB96LVSAJAV – DT347 – D [employe-Shandra]). Very disappointed in the Reuben – I’ve never had a Reuben with everything hot, but the meat. Also, disappointed in the price you charging for a cold Reuben. I know prices are going up everywhere – but this definitely isn’t worth $7.59, and a small Curly Fry isn’t worth $2.49. Looks like I won’t be going back to Arby’s.

  2. The new mac and cheese bites are super good… 1st and is my last time trying them today.
    Guessing you will pull them from your menu in the near future as customers will NOT pay $1.04-$1.05 for 1 mac and cheese bite that is just a wee bit larger than a quarter.. defiantly not half-dollar sized. And you get 4…. 4 for $4.19. Shame on you.
    I for one will not purchase again.

  3. Went to Painesville, OH Arbys#7838
    Derek, was Oder employee and very engaged with customer and pleasant. Other survey bottom receipt did not give me opportunity to mention outstanding employee

  4. I was very disappointed in your crew on 10-14-2023 we visited the Arbys located at 1893 W. Grant Road in Tucson Az, the food was not hot the fry’s were cold, the crew was very slow in preparing everyone’s order, people were waiting for a long time for their food, one lady waited over 15 minutes, in the drivetru, she came inside to complain, the restaurant was not cool at all, it was hot in there and uncomfortable, not a good experience at all!!!! my cousin had ordered a child’s meal (for her grandson) and they forgot to give her the drink, not sure what is going on with this Arbys but its not good at all,

  5. I ordered a meal at Arby’s drive thru 10/8/2023, 7:47:57 pm, order Id: aab9gl tcagfn DT310. Everything about my order was correct. Server was polite and friendly. A pleasant experience. Thank you.

  6. I went to Arby’s restaurant # 6811 to place an order at the drive-thru and each time I go there (usually every two weeks), I experience problems either with the cashier or the person that bags the order. Recently, the cashier (OT) gave me the change back that was due and carelessly dropped the coin (money) on the ground. If she is that nervous on that particular job, then she should be doing something else at the restaurant, besides being a cashier. In the past, sometimes the person that bags the order puts the wrong sandwiches in the bag. I now ALWAYS check my order before driving off. What is with the help these days?


  8. I ordered lunch at the drive thru, store #1029, 12/14/2022, order Id; AACBGK8QAGB7, DT367, 12:57 pm.
    I ordered 2 super roast beef meals but was not asked what size I wanted. I didn’t think about it until I was handed 2 small drinks. I would have ordered a larger size if asked. The biggest issue was that I was given regular RB – not super. Very disappointed when I got home!

  9. I just had your fish and chips, it was so bad! I am sorry, I will tell everyone I can tell. I was so shocked that it was so bad, thanks, Dave

  10. The fish sandwich is usually the best that you can get at fast food restaurants. The two we got today were over fried and hard. They were like they had been cooked once and then reheated and the temperature of the sandwich wasn’t hot like they usually are. We got at store #8746@ 5:37pm. Service was faster than usual but we received no napkins with our order. The mac and cheese was creamy like it usually is. We were also unable to get large drinks due to not having large lids. We also would like to have fish or other vegetarian options year round.

  11. I stop at your Arby’s Fri the 9 at 2:37:28 and my order on the half pound beef and Vedder there was no cheese on it at all I was upset order ID:AABJDKMGAGE3a-DT the store is at 1461Riverstone canton vs 39114 store number is #05687

  12. First time at this location
    Received Dr. Pepper instead of diet coke. No napkins in any of the 3 bags.
    Girl at the window was nice. Jada

  13. I went to Arby’s in Baxter MN store # 06810 on 9/24/2021 at 7:12:46 PM
    We ordered a variety of food witch included two orders of Crinkle Fries and Curly Fries.
    The Curly Fries were cooked hot and crispy.
    The Crinkle Fries were under cooked an slightly mushy. We have ordered Crinkle fries a few times before and they still seem to be under cooked. If they were left in the cooking oil for 2-3 minutes longer I am sure they would end up crispy like the curly fries. Please check and see if the cooking timers are correct or need an adjustment.

  14. We live near an Arby’s and love your food. We also appreciate changes in the menu, rather than the
    same food for years ! The last time, the young man gave me the senior discount. Yah! Or should I feel bad?
    We also like that we can get $1 sandwiches whenever our Denver Broncos score a touchdown.

  15. We have used Arby’s at this location in the past but tonight the food was not very tasty, the fries were not hot and seemed like they were hard from sitting under the heat lamps too long or something. Used some coupons, but was very disappointed in the service, we waited about 20 minutes and then cold. Do not know if we will use this location again. The store number is 01020 order number aabd4j8aager on 7/13/2021 at 744 pm. Said employee is Ricky but it was a young lady that was at the window. Thanks Bill T.

  16. Young lady took our order & screw it up. Receive extra sandwich did not order but was charge ask for 2nd drink did not receive but was not charge.

  17. We tried the 2 for 6$ Turkey Swiss wrap for the second time. Trying to CC ompare to the Turkey Gyro. Sandwich delicious but not as heart healthy as the Gyro.
    Next time I order it without the spicy hot sauce. Way too much applied.

    Can’t wait to see how it tastes.


  18. I ordered a Reuben, two regular roast beef sandwiches and curly fries, and got just what I ordered…imagine that! BTW…BURP!!

  19. I went to Arbys in Kernersville today after shopping at 2 grocery stores. I planned to buy my husband and me a sandwich so I would not have to cook supper as I had earlier been to an hour of physical therapy. I ordered a beef n cheese for my husband and a chicken sandwich for me. I did not look in the bag until we put away all the groceries. There were 2 beef n cheese , but no chicken . I lived over 20 minutes away from the restaurant so I ate the beef n cheese but I do not eat much red meat and preferred chicken. I was a bit disappointed but had not had any lunch. I drank a small Frosty from Wendys while driving to Kernersville to keep me from starving. At the pick up window I asked the girl why the door was locked today and she said they did not have enough help today to be able to serve inside and at the drive thru. The drive thru takes too long and I go in place my order and go home.

  20. Went to my local Arby’s and ordered a roast beef sandwich and potato cakes. The man did not repeat my order. Picked up order at window. When I got home I had a double roast beef sandwich and no potato cakes. There was no one else in line so I don’t feel I got someone else’s order. I am upset–was looking forward to eating a normal sandwich–will not eat the one I got–looks like I won’t be going to Arby’s for quite a while–lost my appetite –someone might have liked that huge sandwich, but not me

  21. our chicken sandwich was missing to far to go back for it employee didn’t follow up on order terrible service.