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White Castle is a fast-food chain in the US that operates only in certain specific areas in the country. Their small hamburgers, also known as sliders, are popular throughout the US and beyond, which you might know. But here’s a lesser-known fact – experts consider White Castle to be the very first fast-food hamburger chain in the world!

Apart from their delicious original sliders, customers also love White Castle’s chicken ring sliders and savory grilled chicken sliders. Their most popular side items include fries (French, cheese, potato, etc.), fish, onion chips, and mozzarella cheese sticks. If you plan on visiting a White Castle outlet, then pick one from The Midwest; there are quite a few excellent ones out there!

The recent coronavirus pandemic adversely affected White Castle’s business too, but even today, their open locations are running smoothly and up to code. And to ensure their continued service, the company has started its exclusive customer feedback portal – www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey.

WhiteCastle.com Survey – The Official WhiteCastle Survey:

White Castle’s feedback survey is entirely based online. As you might have guessed, it comprises a list of questions assessing the customer’s visit to the restaurant. The questions are mostly based on your interactions with the employees, your review of the ambiance, and the quality of food served. All they want are your honest replies to the questions asked. 

Your answers at www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey are valuable to them in the sense that White Castle can boost its services if there are any improvements needed. For instance, if you rated their food quality low, then the authorities will ensure that you receive better sliders the next time that you visit the restaurant.

Why www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey?

As mentioned in the previous section, White Castle improves its services every time that you give them a bad rating. So this is helpful to both the company and its customers. The company can raise its rating by improving its services, and the customer can enjoy those improved services on his next visit. It’s a win-win both ways! But if this major reason isn’t enough for you to take the WhiteCastle survey, then here are two more.

Answering questions can be a daunting task, especially if they are regarding academic examinations. However, the survey questions of White Castle are far from being difficult. They are so simple that anyone who has visited their outlets can answer those within minutes. Typically, it will just take you about 10 minutes to complete and submit the questionnaire!

And what do you get in return for leaving your feedback at WhiteCastle.com/Survey? A free coupon code that contains exciting prizes! So you don’t just need to spend your valuable 10 minutes for nothing. The prizes on the validation code include, but aren’t limited to, discounts, freebies, free sides and so much more!

How to Win a Coupon Code in WhiteCastle.com Survey?


Simply adhere to the following requirements and restrictions and you will be good to go!

Survey Requirements:

  • Only US-based customers are allowed to participate in the WhiteCastle survey. It is ideal if you reside in any of the regions where White Castle outlets are operational.
  • You need to be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  • You must have visited the outlet recently and made a purchase there. Save the receipt; it’s important to enter the portal.
  • You must have a working knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • You must own a device with an internet connection since the survey is only available online.

Survey Restrictions:

  • White Castle employees, regardless of the position they hold (server, manager, cashier, CEO, etc.), are not allowed to participate in the survey, primarily because biased reviews aren’t acceptable.
  • You cannot access the WhiteCastle survey more than once during a survey period (one month).
  • Only one person per household (people living in the house) is eligible to participate.
  • The coupon code can be redeemed at your nearest White Castle outlet only for the prize mentioned. You cannot use it for anything else (cash, other prizes, etc.).
  • You are not allowed to hand over or sell the coupon code to anyone else. Only you are able to use it.
  • You cannot access the survey questionnaire without a valid, recent White Castle receipt.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Soon after you have made a purchase at your nearest White Castle outlet, head over to www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey on your phone or laptop.
  2. On the first page, you can choose the language that you prefer to take the survey in. Choices are limited to English and Spanish.
  3. Pull out your White Castle receipt and type in the code present near the bottom in the box provided. It will be 6 digits.
  4. Answer the survey questions to the best of your ability. Most of them will have multiple choices for you to pick from. If you give a bad rating to a particular question, then be sure to elaborate in the comment boxes provided.
  5. Recheck your answers and ensure that they are according to your experience at the outlet. Don’t hesitate to leave negative feedback if the service you received was abysmal.
  6. Enter your email address in the relevant section. It will be used to send the coupon code.
  7. Carry this WhiteCastle survey validation code with you on your next visit to the restaurant and show it to the cashier or manager to redeem the said prize.

About White Castle:

White Castle, the official restaurant chain, emerged from a local Wichita, KS diner in a converted streetcar. Walt Anderson, the cook, and Billy Ingram, the entrepreneur, joined hands sometime in 1921 to form the first of the many restaurants named White Castle. The well-known small hamburger or slider was entirely their own creation.

Today, though White Castle’s first small joint in Wichita is no longer active, it has expanded into several other regions of the US. Their sliders have been imitated by numerous wannabes over the years, but those offered by White Castle remain original and delicious! And if you are all for the original slider, then help them in their expansion by taking the official survey at www.WhiteCastle.com/Survey, and win a cool coupon code!

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