What to Look for in a Dive Mask: 5 Quality Indicators

Dive Mask

If you want to get into free diving, scuba diving, or snorkeling, you might be wondering which equipment to get. For example, there is an array of masks to choose from; most are good, but it all depends on your needs. So, what indicators tell you whether a mask is good, will fit your performance standards, and have the right optical components? These indicators are essential to note whether you are a casual snorkeler or new to diving. The following are things to pay attention to while choosing your dive mask.

Robust Frame   

Most dive masks are attached to tempered glass lenses; sometimes, the faceplate attaches to the silicone skirt with a plastic frame. In top-quality masks, the structure will be solid and robust. However, it is common for some frames to constitute stainless steel, which will make the mask much heavier.

Smooth Buckle Ratchets

You would also want a strap that you can quickly tighten; it should not take much effort to pull the free tabs of the belt when it’s on your face. It should be smooth and secure and give satisfying clips as the strap moves through it. A proper strap should not be prone to spontaneous loosening and is adjustable when it’s still on your face. In some instances, you can do this efficiently with an easy-to-use button.

 Flexible Nose Pocket

Most people think nose pockets don’t matter, but they do. If the nose pocket is flexible, it will be much easier to pinch your nose and equalize your ears when diving. In addition, having the right nose pocket will ensure water does not push painfully up your nose when the regulator is in your mouth. When picking out a mask, we urge you to try out a couple of them to find the right fit for you.

 Right Lens or Lenses

Dive masks can come with one, two, or even more lenses. They can be framed or frameless. The different lenses have different results; a single-lens mask, for instance, has a comprehensive and uninterrupted view. In addition, it maintains a binocular vision to aid in depth perception. Masks with two lenses offer a comprehensive view across and down for perfect dive gauge visibility. As for the multiple-lens mask, additional lenses around the sides of the mask offer the best view and allow for light entry. Anxious divers find these types of lenses ideal.


Finally, the most important thing is the budget because the money you set aside to purchase a mask will influence the type of mask you get. Like everything else, masks come in different budgets; they can cost from $50 to $1000; commercial divers usually use expensive ones. However, being expensive does not mean they are way better; this is not always the case. On the other hand, even the $50 mask might end up serving you quite well for a long time.   


We hope this article has given some tips if you are looking to get a mask. First, remember that the most important thing for a mask is that it should fit and be comfortable when you wear it. So now that you are ready, get one and embark on your snorkeling or scuba diving adventures.

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