What To Do on a Long Flight When You’re Bored

Long Flight

Air ticket, check.

A comfortable outfit, check.

A good travel pillow, check.

But what about something to keep you entertained during your eight or ten-hour long flight?

Unfortunately, most travelers often forget to plan for activities that will help them avoid boredom during a long-haul flight.

But did you know that something as easy as bringing an adult coloring book can keep you entertained even when the in-flight entertainment isn’t working? Playing your favorite video poker game on one of the many online casino Singapore apps is another effective way to keep yourself busy when you can’t doze off during your flight.

If you typically get bored when flying long haul, here are five great ideas to distract and entertain you while on a flight.

1.     Read a Book

If you love a good read, bring a book for your flight.

Get a few books that you haven’t read from your local library or check online e-book resources such as Google Books, Open Library, or Library of Congress for new reading discoveries. Having several books to choose from will make it easier for you to find an engaging read.

The best thing about physical books is that most are lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about them taking too much space.

If you aren’t a great reader, you can consider listening to a podcast. Download engaging podcasts before your flight and listen to them. You can find a variety of podcasts online, such as comedy podcasts, self-help podcasts, and music shows.

2.     Play a Game

If you’re flying with friends or family, you can keep everyone entertained by playing classic or modern games such as cards, monopoly, chess, snakes and ladders, etc.

And if you’re traveling alone, you can still enjoy games such as word searches and crosswords or pocket travel games such as solitaire domino and Yahtzee.

If you have inflight Wi-Fi, the better as you can upload fun online casino apps on your smartphone, enjoy several great games and even win some cash while at it.

3.     Watch a Movie

A common form of entertainment on many flights is TV.

Check your in-flight movie selection and choose a couple of movies you haven’t found the time to catch up on.

You can also download a new movie or a TV series from Netflix or Amazon on your laptop or iPad and enjoy a few hours of entertainment.  

Remember to use your noise-isolating headphones while watching your movie, as they can help alleviate noise and travel fatigue.

4.     Get Some Work Done

If you love to be productive while on air, you can always catch up on pending office tasks.

While most travelers find it hard to work while flying, others are more productive. If you’re the latter, use the free time on your flight to get some work done. If you’re a student, this may be the perfect time to do some reading or revision.

If your flight allows you to carry your laptop as part of your hand luggage, bring it with you on the plane and accomplish some work.

The best thing about getting ahead on work during your flight is that you won’t have to worry about closing deadlines that you need to meet during your travel.

5.     Learn a New Hobby

A long flight can give you enough time to learn a new hobby.

Watch how-to online videos and learn to knit, crochet, draw, or origami. You can also use the time to practice your favorite craft. For instance, carry along adult coloring books or your camera and snap away if you’re sitting next to a window.

Some hobbies, such as coloring and drawing, are also great for keeping kids entertained.

So what other activities do you engage in to keep yourself entertained during a long-haul flight?

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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