What Does a Successful Social Media Beauty Blog Look Like?

instagram Beauty Blog

With billions of users on different social media platforms, it can be quite challenging to make yourself stand out among numerous beauty gurus on the internet. The ones who are well-known in the industry are familiar with the tips and tricks that make their beauty blog successful. Of course, this takes a series of tests and trials to assess what works best for an individual. For instance, Violet Summers is a model who gained fame from her Instagram account and currently has over 10 million followers. She knows the strategy to get the users hooked to high-quality photos and videos of hers. If you are interested, you can get more info about her from this bio.

Now, to help you with your social media presence, let’s see what a successful social media beauty blog looks like.

Aesthetically Pleasing Images

From beauty filter-inspired makeup looks to bright colors eye looks, the premium quality photos catch the eye of a user that compels them to hit the follow button. After all, every other beauty blogger is in a competition to attract followers to their feed by making it as visually appealing as possible. They are not afraid to try extraordinary compositions, unique textures, and colorful pallets.

Content that Provides Value to the Followers

A beauty blog that provides value to a user along with all the exciting content is always a success, sooner or later. Content that feels relatable or answers the beauty-related queries to the users, urges them to follow and even share helpful posts on their feed. Making videos or posting stories like “how to avoid cakey makeup look” or “how to avoid under-eye concealer crease” and even keeping the followers up to date with the launch of new products and discounts of a makeup brand will provide the users with nothing but value.

Promoting Authentic Products  

It may be tempting to sponsor a product on your beauty blog to earn a hundred dollars, no matter how badly you dislike it. It will earn you money, but it will damage your reputation as a beauty blogger in the long term. Promoting a makeup or skincare product that you genuinely liked will increase your credibility in the industry and among your followers as well. Your followers will buy those products knowing that you promote a premium quality product only and this will open gateways for unlimited sponsorships down the line.

Short Video Tutorials

Short video tutorials on different ways to slay an eyeliner, getting the perfect cut crease, makeup looks for hooded eyes, etc. attract the attention of the users and make them want to watch the entire video. Rather than posting long video tutorials that can be quite boring, short helpful tutorials work best.

Niche Hashtags

Beauty bloggers who research well on the kinds of hashtags to use before posting their content on social media platforms tend to increase their content’s reach more than those who don’t. Using relevant niche tags helps the users to access all of the related content on one page rather than searching separately. This helps make their content more discoverable and possibly gain more followers.

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