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Weis Markets is one of the finest food retailers in the country, employing over 23,000 citizens in close to 200 regions. Founded by Harry and Sigmund Weis in 1912, it has become the primary shopping destination for hundreds of thousands of residents in the Mid-Atlantic today. For several years, they have had a points system that helps shoppers to save a few good bucks on their next purchase. And they have just upped the ante – giving away 100 points for answering a few simple questions in the Weis Markets Feedback survey!

Did you know that any type of company needs help from its customers to expand its business? It wouldn’t bode well for the firm if it takes all its flaws in the already established stores to further extend its reach. The first thing that any company has to do before the expansion is to resolve its existing problems. Only then will the new branch be successful. And the core issues in any of the existing stores can be gleaned from those who actually visit it – the customers!


Yes, Weis hopes that you, the customer, will help them improve their services by taking an easy survey! Just answer a few simple questions on WeisFeedback.com to register your observations about your favorite Weis store. Those observations will be carefully taken into account by their qualified assessors and eventually be relayed to their development team.

All you need to do is to spare a few minutes of your valuable time to answer the questions in the Weis survey, and apart from getting your suggestions implemented, you can enroll your name for the exciting 100 points sweepstake! You read it right! A lucky winner from the survey-takers will be chosen to refill their Weis Rewards card with free 100 points!

Why Weis Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There are three things that make any departmental store an astounding success – quality, reputation, and low prices. And Weis has it all! You can only find top-quality products in any Weis store. If a particular outlet is offering low-grade foods, you can always file-in your complaints at Weis Feedback com. Similar is the case with their reputation and prices. Note that every Weis outlet will provide the same rate for any product unless any of those are running an authorized discount.

The Weis Feedback portal allows all customers to register their complaints or compliments as and when you can spare the time. All you need to do is shop at your nearest Weis store and enter the Reward Card Number found at the bottom of your receipt on WeisFeedback com – their official feedback website!

Furthermore, once you take their survey and register your feedback, you will stand a chance to win 100 points in your Weis Rewards card, which you can redeem at any of their outlets for free!

How to WIN 100 Weis Rewards Points in Weis Markets Survey – WeisFeedback.com:

Weis Market Survey

Survey Requirements:

Here are the basic requirements for entering the survey,

  • The survey can only be found online, so you will need a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone to access it.
  • A fast internet connection is recommended.
  • If you are unable to load the website for some reason (firewall, cookies etc.), then grant access just this one time.
  • The website is completely trustworthy, so you can rest assured that only the information that you provide will be recorded on their servers.
  • Keep your most recent Weis receipt at hand. You will need it to access the survey.
  • Only US citizens can take the survey at this time.

Survey Restrictions:

In order to prevent trolls and time-wasters from entering the survey, Weis has laid a few valid restrictions on it.

  • All Weis employees are forbidden from taking the survey.
  • Anyone even remotely associated with the company will not be considered for the survey.
  • Any non-US residents will be instantly removed from the database.
  • If you have won the 100 points reward, you can only use it in a Weis outlet. Selling those points for cash is illegal.
  • Go through the entire terms and conditions of the Weis Feedback Survey before taking it.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • Copy-paste ‘WeisFeedback.com’ in your browser’s address bar.
  •  Enter the following information in the site’s boxes,
  1. Location # – It can be found at the top of your receipt
  2. Reward Card Number – The series of digits just below the barcode of your Weis Rewards card.
  3. Date and Time of Visit – The date and time on which you visited the outlet also found on your receipt.
  • Click the ‘Start’ option highlighted in red just below.
  • You will be led to the survey directly. Answer the multiple-choice and comment-based questions that get loaded, and submit the survey.
  • Type in your personal details to register for the exciting sweepstake of 100 points, and press Enter!

Once your WeisFeedback survey has been submitted, you will immediately receive a confirmation email stating that you have been entered for the contest.

About Weis Markets:

The company, Weis Markets, Inc., was first established in the year 1912 at a remote location in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Today, that very location has become a popular tourist destination in the city. In fact, Weis is the go-to food products supplier for most of the Mid-Atlantic residents, namely those of Pennsylvania, Virginia, NY, NJ, Delaware, and Maryland.

Founded by the Weis brothers – Harry and Sigmund – it was initially a single store in Sunbury which sold products only for cash. Their no-credit policy didn’t take long to catch on in other parts of the city. In about three years, given the rising customer demand, the Weis brothers had to open another outlet in Harrisburg, over 50 miles south of Sunbury. And this marked the beginning of their rich, vibrant history!

After expanding their services to several other cities in the vicinity – more than 30 stores in total – Harry’s son, Robert Weis, took over after gallantly serving in the US Army. Since Robert’s inception, Weis Markets slowly seeped into the surrounding states, namely NY and Virginia. It took him a few more decades to establish the Weis brand in the Mid-Atlantic, but by the end of his tenure – sometime during 2015 – the food retailing firm had successfully dug in its roots throughout the south-eastern region of the US. Post-2015, Robert’s son, Jonathan, took over the reins of the company.


Jonathan Weis has brought about quite a few changes to the Weis infrastructure, including that of instating the Weis Markets survey. This survey is literally a win-win situation for both the company and its customers. Your feedback will prompt the developers to make the necessary changes to the outlet, thus benefiting you, along with a chance to win 100 points. On the other hand, those changes will attract several new customers to the Weis outlet, thus benefiting the company as a whole.

So what are you waiting for! Log on to Weis Feedback com right away to take the survey and bring about a change at your favorite Weis outlet for the better!

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27 thoughts on “Weis Feedback Survey – www.WeisFeedback.com – Win 100 Weis Rewards Points”

  1. The staff and management at our local Weiss have no idea how to register shoppers for the school incentive program? HELP?

  2. Excellent service at Weis to Go. Grocery list always ready at the designated time. All staff is so pleasant and willing to help.

  3. Shopped today and was satisfied with my experience. Clerks were friendly & helpful. Check out was quick and had a pleasant checker. Store had everything I was looking for & cart boy even put my case of water in my basket for me.

  4. My wife and i went to the Havre de Grace Weis store #193 to set up our prescriptions we receive from the DR. DR. Christina, and the pharmacist Candace were very helpful and polite. they made our visit very pleasant thank you for the very good customer service.

  5. you can’t beat the pharmacy. very friendly, & courteous employees. they go the xtra mile to help with patient issues.

  6. The Store personnel and very wonderful and friendly people. The layout is superb to enable you quickly locate what you want. It make shopping easy for me, with an orderly checkout system in place without stress.

  7. more than once over the years i have tried to respond to your consumer survey and receive the 100 points, but i can never get the site to allow the information. i cannot enter the number of the storev ar any adfditional information.

  8. My wife is a Weis employee. We can’t take your survey but I would like to give some feedback. I don.t know why you took Poweraide Zero 28 oz bottles off your shelf. I am a diabetic and my wife and I drink it all the time. I am mad that I can’t go to my neighborhood Weis store and get what we need. The only place we can get it now is Walmart. I don’t like to shop at Walmart. If weis want’s to loose my business by not carrying what we shop for I guess WE will have to shop else where. Gatorade does not taste as good as Poweraid I. would like to see you put it back on the shelf. We buy 6 to 8 cases at a time when we buy it. A friend of mine drives 20 miles to shop a Weis for Poweraid And is not happy also. I hope you will put it back on the shelf so i can keep shopping at Weis. Thank You.

  9. I hate that you make your ads a month long then you don’t have the product or don’t ever get it in. You won’t give rain checks which is something else I don’t like. I have been shopping at the Doylestown store since it open. It seems like it is going down hill. I’m really starting to be unsatisfied with Weis. I don’t like your always out of paper bags. I don’t want to change stores but now I’m thinking about it. Have a nice day

  10. Why is there so much information I have to read before I can do the survey. I have checked our points from time to time, we have yet to get 100 points for your survey yet.