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If you are looking to go on the most memorable holiday to a paradise island, you must plan a vacation to the US Virgin Islands. It is a paradise in the United States of America, where you can explore surreal ambiance and exotic destinations. The neon blue water of the Caribbean Sea is outlined with white sand beaches. You can spend few days in the lap of nature during your Virgin Island vacation and do away with the stress of the hectic life. 

us virgin islands

The Virgin island is located at the eastern end of the Greater Antilles (not Lesser Antilles) and is about 40 miles east of Puerto Rico and on the west of the British Virgin IslandsRoad Town is the capital city of the British Virgin Islands and Charlotte Amalie is the capital city of the US Virgin Islands

In the year 1917, The US bought the US Virgin Islands from the Danish rule. It consists of four main islands St Croix St John, and St Thomas, along with several other small islands and cays. Besides, the historical significance, the place is also a popular tourist destination and is not going to disappoint you. 

Best time to visit the US Virgin Islands

The place is known for its historical significance, beautiful beaches, and amazing weather. The months between April to June is the best time to visit as the weather is pleasant during this period. However, the peak season is between December to March.

Things to Do in the Three Main US Virgin Islands 

St Thomas: This is one of the most crowded cities in the US Virgin Islands, where you will find colonial buildings, duty-free shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. It is known as Rock City because of the big mountains circumventing this place.

When you are here, do not forget to visit Charlotte Amalie, the capital city and cruise ship port. It is surrounded by beach resorts, hotels, and private homes with wooden interiors. 

Apart from that, you must visit the Fort Christian, a museum situated in the center of Charlotte Amalie. Apart from this museum, you can also find some old architecture built by the British. Booking a sightseeing tour to explore the historic landmarks is a good idea.

Sapphire Beach has a laid back setting, Coki beach is the party beach for family fun; Honeymoon Beach in Water island and Magens Bay beach for swimming and kayaking.

Don’t miss Drake’s Seat look out point at the sunset. Mountain Top cliffs are also known for great scenic views. If you love water sports like kayaking and snorkeling, the Secret Harbour Beach Resort is a must-visit for you.

Another attraction is the Yacht Haven Grande where you can enjoy watching some striking megayachts and also shop from designer international stores like Bebe, Bulgari, Coach, Ferragamo, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. you can also enjoy dining and visit the wine bars here.

Next, you can visit the Seven Arches Museum. It is a private museum and art gallery equipped with artifacts and murals. Also, visit the St. Thomas Synagogue, the second oldest Synagogue in the world. Apart from that, you should cover the Coral World Ocean Part situated here.   

Coki Point Beach here is also quite popular among vacationers. Once you arrive at St. Thomas, you must spend a day in Coki Point. This is a part of the Coral World Ocean Part, and it has a three-level underwater observatory. You can explore marine life. Also, you can see the drivers feeding the shark, moray eels, and stingrays in the predator tank. You must book a sea trek, and you can enter the seabed and explore some coral reefs. Do not worry; the protected glass-bottomed boat will protect you throughout your journey.  

You need to spend at least two to three days in St. Thomas to explore this city. The place has many historical monuments and architectural masterpieces. St. Thomas is also known for jewelry, watches, and perfumes. 

St. Croix: It is the main town of Christiansted. This city is designed with cream-colored heritage buildings, and you can find hanging balconies and arcades in these old buildings. The US National Park Service maintains the historic area of this city. You can explore the historical places like the Government House, Steeple Building, Danish West India and Genia Company Warehouse, Scale house, Christiansvaern Fort, Buck Island reef national Monument and Custom House.  

You can also book Food Tours Horseback riding tours and Boat Charter Tours. Among the key attractions of St Croix are Rainbow beach, Protestant Cay beach, Cane beach, St, George Botanical Garden, Salt River Historic Park and ECO Preserve, Isaac bay, Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge and more. There are hiking trails too like Carambola Tide Pools and Point Udal.

To explore the historical significance of this place, you can hire a tour guide. You must take a guide to explore the St Croix and he or she will explain the historical background of heritage sites. Here, the oldest sugar plantation museum, the Estate Whim Plantation Museum is situated where you will learn about cultivation procedures and processing of sugar. Frederiksted, Christianed, Cane Bay and Teague Bay are popular towns.

The place is also known for handmade jewelry and artifacts. Apart from that, you can visit their local marketplace to buy some ceramics, baskets, bowls, chocolates, and art pieces.

St John: From St. John is the smallest of the 3 U.S. Virgin Islands spread across 19 square miles. which is known for remarkable outdoor fun like relaxing on the beach, hiking, snorkeling and more. From St Thomas, you need to travel towards the east to reach St. John. You can travel by ferry to explore this place because people living in this place mostly use the ferry as local transport. 

Among the beaches, Tunk Bay is the most popular here. However, for a peaceful experience, Salt Pond Bay should be your choice. Don’t miss the streets of Cruz Bay and Elaine Ione Sprauve Library. Do explore the serene waters by hiring a boat charter or booking an expert-guided tour. if you want to check out migratory birds, cuckoos and hummingbirds, do visit the Virgin Islands National Park. It also features sparkling beaches, hiking trails, hundreds of plant species and more. 

It is a small shopping destination in the US Virgin Islands where you can buy customized t-shirts and designer dresses. Apart from that, you can also find numerous restaurants, hotels, bars, and food stands in this town. Both St John and St Thomas are frequented by tourists in large numbers.


The US Virgin Islands holds a prominent place when it comes to some of the best tourist locations in the Caribbean sea. If you have not yet visited this beautiful island, then it’s time to pack your bags and plan a trip to this place.  

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