Travel Beauty Tips: How to Land Looking Totally Refreshed?

Travel Beauty Tips

Nobody wants to feel sluggish, bloated, and unpleasant after a long-haul flight, especially when you are super excited to embark on a new adventure and make unforgettable memories. Although you may be assuming that there’s no way that will make you look presentable and refreshed after a flight, let me clear this to you that even a few, minimal ways can help you feel better. Whether it’s a refreshing natural deodorant or a travel-sized brush in your carry-on, they make a huge difference.

While we’re on it, check out some travel beauty tips listed below to help you land looking beautiful and refreshed.

Travel Beauty Tip #1: Wear Light, Comfy Clothing

While you may think about how clothing is related to beauty, you should keep in mind that loose, comfortable clothing can help you feel relaxed and sleep better on your flight. All of this can make you feel refreshed and lively as soon as you land.

You should get your hands on a light cotton two-piece clothing set that not only looks good on you but also allows a smooth airflow for maximum comfort. If you get extra cold on flights, make sure to keep a cozy, furry sweater or cardigan with you.  

Travel Beauty Tip #2: Wear Minimal Makeup (and maybe, some skincare)

The cabins in airplanes can make your skin quite dry and possibly red as well. Therefore, you should wear a minimal amount of makeup. For instance, you can simply use a tinted moisturizer on your face with mascara and a lip tint. For under-eyes, you can always opt for a light concealer.

If you’re on a long flight, you can also go bare face and keep your makeup essentials with you in a kit. As soon as you’re about to land, you can also first do some basic skincare. You can easily get your hands on travel-sized skincare such as eye masks or face sheet masks and they can provide extra glow and hydration to your skin.

Finally, you can apply a bit of makeup on your face to help you look your best.

Travel Beauty Tip #3: Hydration is the Key

No matter what amount of moisturizer or makeup you put on your face, if your skin isn’t hydrated from the inside, your face will look quite dull and possibly chapped.

Hence, you should constantly drink water on flight. As caffeinated drinks can make your skin dry as well, you should opt for natural juices on flight and it will even be best if you simply stick with water.   

Water will not only flush out the toxins from your body while onboard but will also refresh and energize you. Make sure to take a seat near the aisle!

Travel Beauty Tip #4: Keep Your Sleep Accessories with You

If you think you need to have melatonin tablets with you in order to catch some extra zzz’s onboard, your on-flight sleep essentials can also help you with that. Of course, you can’t really deal with chatty neighbors and wailing babies, your sleep accessories like comfortable noise-canceling earplugs or headphones can be your best bet.

You can have a silk eye mask with an elastic band to help you relax your eyes while you doze off calmly. You should also keep a travel pillow with you so you can rest your neck without actually straining it.

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