Kume Ferry

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From Naha to Kume

There are generally two ferries a day to Kume Island. The morning Ferry leaves Tomarin Port(jp) in Naha at 8:00. The ferry stops briefly at Tonaki Island before continuing to Kume Island’s Minato Port, and takes about four hours

The second ferry leaves Tomarin at 12:30 and goes directly to Minato, and takes about 3.5 hours.

From Kume to Naha

Since two boats operate between Kumejima, there is also a morning and evening ferry from Kumejima to Naha’s Tomarin Port. The morning Ferry leaves Minato at 8:30. The afternoon ferry leaves at 12:30. On Monday there is only one ferry.

Please note that all times are subject to change, sometimes without notice due to weather, earthquake, etc. Please check www.kumeline.com (jp) for the latest information.


Round Trip

The roundtrip cost is around 5700 yen for adults and 3000 yen for children.


The one-way cost is 3000 yen for adults and 1500 yen for children.


Other items can be shipped to Kumejima via the ferries, including cars and containers. These costs vary by size and weight.

Please note that prices are subject to change. Visit Kume Line’s Website(jp) for the latest information.

New Ferry

Ferry Map

In July, 2012 Kumeline began service with a new larger boat named Ferry Ryukyu. This expansive boat is larger and faster, decreasing the time it takes from 4 to 3.5 hours during its runs.

Minato Ferry Terminal

Minato Ferry Terminal

Minato Port is located in Kume Island’s Kanegusuku neighborhood in the south-west part of the island. There are hotels nearby and taxis available when boats arrive. The closest hotel is Garden Hills. There is also a small restaurant in the Terminal building with access from outside and within. During lunchtime they often have bentos available for sale for a reasonable price. There are plenty of seats available for those waiting and an interesting shop with hand-made gifts and souvenirs. For those arriving, there are generally two rental car services available from the port as well, though you may need to register in advance. One is Nippon Car rental.