Getting to Kume Island

Okinawa Islands Map

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Kume Island is located in the China Sea, 100km from the Okinawan Mainland. Weather permitting, there are 6 flights and two ferries a day. Click the picture above to find out more about traveling to Kume Island by plane or ferry.

Getting Around Kume

There are many ways to get around Kume Island. Depending on your plans, you may not even need your own mode as many of the hotels provide shuttle and tour services.

Rental Facilities

Orix Rentals

Car, scooter, and bike rentals are available on Kume Island. More information coming soon.

Car Rentals

There are two car rental facilities on Kume Island, Nippon Car Rental and Orix Car Rental. In addition to their stand-alone stores, both can rent cars at the airport and ferry terminal.

Nippon Car Rentals

Phone: 03-3485-7196 (English) 098-985-3724 (Local JP)

Email: (English)


Orix Car Rentals

Website: ORIX Kume Island Airport

Scooter Rentals Lucky Gate

The Lucky Gate shop in the Eef Beach Area rents scooters by various time incriments starting at 2,000 yen.


Kumejima has an extensive bus system encircling the main roads of the islands. Most major spots can be visited within a short walk of a bus stop, and most of the major hotels have bus services. More information to follow.

Taxi and Daiko

Kumejima has several taxi services from the airport, ferry terminal, and around the island. There is also a service called ‘daiko.’ This serivce may be useful for those with a rental car who would like to return to a hotel or other place after a night out. Daiko service is like a taxi, except an extra person comes to drive you in your car wherever you want to go.

Tomari Port

Tomari Port

If you wish to visit the outlying Hateno Beach, go diving, or tour around the islands of Kume, you can hire a ride from Tomari Port in the Eef Area. There are several options available for sport fishing, diving, and transportation to Hateno Beach from here. Rates and times vary and may be limited during peak seasons. You may also be able to make reservations through your hotel.


There are also bicycle, walking tours, and other modes of transportation around Kumejima. Full information is coming soon.