Top 5 Foods to Try While Visiting Russia


If you are going to visit Russia soon, you may want to try some of the foods available and common in this country. Russia is a big country and therefore there are many kinds of dishes you may have to choose from. Regional delicacies are normally served in most restaurants and as such, you will not have to travel to these regions to taste their delicacies. The fact that almost every restaurant in St Petersburg Russia has cuisines from the traditional to the modern Russian delicacies means that you can search on the websites of these restaurants or hotels and get to know more.

Here are 5 foods you can try while visiting Russia:

1. Okroshka

Russia is a very cold country. As such soups are common foods that people love. Okroshka is a cold soup based on Kvas – a sour-sweet fermented drink. As such, Okroshka will probably not taste as sweet as you may expect. Okroshka is, therefore, suitable for the cold seasons as well as the hot seasons in Russia. The good thing about this soup is that it improves your appetite. The ingredients of this soup are cucumber, egg, sausage, green onion, potato, and sour cream. Some herbs like dill are chopped and added to Okroshka just before it is served.

2. Solyanka

From Russian, Solyanka means something salty. Like taking a cold Italian pizza the following day, Solyanka is a leftover meal. Being a soup, and from its name, this food from Russia has many other key ingredients apart from salt. The common ingredients for this soup include tomato sauce or tomatoes, potatoes, meat, sausage, pickles, and lemon. In some regions, this soup can be prepared with cheese or olives. The soup is specifically made to be taken with leftover foods. Some people say it acts as an antiseptic just in case the leftover food is not at its best.

3. Syrniki

These are cheese or quark fried pancakes. They are garnished with honey, jam, or sour cream. To make this kind of pancake, creamy quark is mixed with eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and flour. It will then be shaped into the shape of a cake and then fried in vegetable oil. You will love to take Syrniki for breakfast or as a dessert. The simplicity of these cakes makes them quite popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.


4. Ikra

This is the Russian name for Caviar, or eggs from the family of the Sturgeon fish. Also known as roe, this kind of fish is a delicacy in Russia. Up to 90% of black caviar comes from the Caspian Sea. This kind of delicacy will be served in Russian restaurants. As such, you can order it and have it made locally.

5. Bublik

This is another easy and simple meal that is common in Russia. This bagel, or doughnuts shaped bread roll is very common in the whole of Russia. The yeast-leavened wheat dough is cooked to bring the best tasting bread rolls. The ingredients for bublik include milk, sugar, butter, and flour. Bublik can be taken to accompany tea or can be eaten with jam or sour cream.


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