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Did you know that Tires Plus was first founded in 1976? Since then, it may have changed hands from two Shell Oil employees to the largest auto care company in the world – BSRO (Bridgestone Retail Operations) – but it still retains its core objective: providing phenomenal service to its customers! However, since the company has expanded beyond comprehension over the years, it’s hard for the current owners to keep track of its services at every outlet.

They have managed to resolve this anomaly with the help of their exclusive and eponymous survey portal –! On this website, you can leave your feedback, good or bad, at your leisure. It is easy to access and even easier to navigate through. But before we get into the specifics, let us see what their portal offers.

Have you ever wondered how such a huge corporation – Tires Plus – has managed to stay in the market for so long without experiencing any managerial problems? Their exceptional feedback service is the answer! Earlier, it was via regular mail and pamphlets, but today, the process has been digitized. You can find the feedback survey at this URL –

The questions therein address every little concern that customers have faced so far. The experts who have created the TiresPlus survey have put in great efforts to research and bring out every single problem to light. And even if you are unable to find the issue that you faced during your visit, you can explain it in the comments section provided at the end of the survey.

Furthermore, the Tires Plus owners understand that you spend your valuable time answering those survey questions. Hence, they have decided to give away a $50 worth gift card to each of 10 lucky entrants picked from a random draw! And they do it monthly! At tiresplussurvey com, you will come across a page that will ask you to fill in your personal details. Those details are required to enter the grand sweepstake offered!

Why Tires Plus Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There is not a shred of a doubt that Tires Plus is one of the most preferred car care companies in the country. However, it doesn’t mean that their services will be absolutely flawless. There may be times when a particular outlet will provide subpar service on a chillingly cold Minnesota night. Though their employees have been trained to weather any kind of storm, literally, they are humans who can make mistakes after all! Where should you go then to lodge a complaint?

Just visit the Tires Plus survey website on your smartphone or laptop and answer the questions asked according to your experience. Yes, it is that easy! Rest assured that you will not be wasting your time there. Each survey answer is carefully assessed by Tires Plus’s capable evaluators, which will then be transferred to the appropriate division quarters for taking immediate action.

Additionally, you will also stand a chance to win one of ten $50 gift cards for your trouble. Redeem it at the same outlet for better service, or visit any other Tires Plus store nearby!

Win reward in Free Services – TiresPlus Survey:

Now that you have understood how this survey works, let us get down to the specifics.

Tires Plus Survey

Survey Requirements:

  • You should have a valid invite by Ipsos to enter the survey. Kindly note that not everyone who visits Tires Plus will receive the invitation. Alternatively, those who have completed the survey for Firestone and Wheelworks will be eligible to enter TiresPlussurvey com.
  • Only US citizens are allowed to participate.
  • Persons below the age of 18 are forbidden to enter.
  • The survey will be conducted every month, right till December 31, 2020. Thus, you can take it anytime during a particular month to be considered for the $50 prize.
  • The draw will be held about 7-10 days after the survey time ends. Hence, if the final date for taking the survey this month is March 31, you can expect the results on April 7 or 8.

Survey Restrictions:

  • For obvious reasons, any person employed by Tires Plus or associated with the company in any way will not be able to take the survey. The evaluators will cross-check the information entered with their employee database.
  • More than one person from the same Tires Plus survey invite code will not be allowed to participate. Every code is unique and cannot be entered twice.
  • You need to avail of their services and pay the bill in order to get the invitation. Anyone who has not visited a Tires Plus outlet will not be eligible.
  • If you are lucky enough to win the $50 gift card, you are forbidden to sell it for cash. It can only be redeemed for free service at any Tires Plus outlet.
  • Feel free to browse through the full range of sweepstake rules here.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • Click on this link – – or copy/paste it in your browser’s address bar.
  • If you have received an invite for the survey, then you will find a 12-digit code at the bottom-right of your bill. Enter it in the box displayed on the homepage of the link.
  • If the code is correct, then you will be led to the actual survey page. Answer the questions provided by selecting the appropriate options.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button after carefully reviewing your answers. You will be asked for your contact details on the following page.
  • Don’t worry! The page is completely secure. These details will be used only for determining the winner of the sweepstake.

If you have any additional questions about the TiresPlus survey, you can send them at this address: Bridgestone Sweepstakes, c/o Ipsos, 222 S Riverside Plaza, Customer Experience Department, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60606. Alternatively, you can simply drop them an email here.

About Tires Plus:

The idea for Tires Plus was developed in 1976 by two Shell Oil colleagues. They thoroughly researched the market requirements, scrutinized the services that Shell centers didn’t provide, and included them all along with a few more in their first three Tires Plus stations. Today, the company offers a variety of services that most other local tire stores shy away from. They also give a Best Tire Price guarantee, ensuring that their prices are equal to or lower than the lowest rates in the market.

Complete vehicle care is a given whenever you enter one of their establishments. What’s more! You can also expect the repairs to be done within an hour. Additionally, if they don’t deliver your serviced car in the promised timespan, they will give you a whopping 10% discount on your next visit!

And if you are unsatisfied with any of their services, you can always take their online survey at, and leave your feedback in the comments section. So log on to the website right away!

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6 thoughts on “Tires Plus Survey –”

  1. On Monday, October 11, 2021 I was stranded in Weston Florida; 35 miles from my home with a flat tire. Fortunately I was near one of your stores. My sales rep and technician, Noel, was able to get me in quickly and repaired my tire. Turns our there was a nail in my front tire. He also made sure the rest of my tires were inflated and it was safe for me to drive home. He was Great!

  2. Tires Plus did not do well this time. I had a road hazard warranty on my tires; a tire within 33% useable tread wear was punctured by a nail and replaced for 200.14. A credit for 72.14 was credited to my account for the warranty. According to the warranty, the tire should have been replaced with coverage up to 100% of the original price paid for the tire. I have done business with Tires Plus and recommended them to all my friends for all services done to their cars. Let me know what your thoughts are on this problem.

    Arthur Tobe

  3. Hello, My Name is Sonya Thompson and I Had went to the Tire Plus on 11924 Blue Ridge Ext, Grandview Mo, 64030-1160 on 09/19/2020. I’m Filing a complaint on this store because whatever they did when they put my new tires on, my right tire on the rear every three days I have to put air in it. Now assure you there was nothing wrong with my car before I let them put their hands on it. I spent over 800.00 dollars and still making payments. I got the Firestone Tire package, The life time Alignment, and new wiper blade. And I’m very upset that they have done something to my wheel, Tire gauge or something because I shouldn’t have to keep putting air in a New Tire every three days. I would like to get this problem resolve with out happen to take any other further steps on this matter. I have took my car to the Tire Plus on Noland Rd, I have took it to The Firestone in Independence Mo and I have took It to The Firestone In Blue Springs Mo. Both Firestones Have agree to find out the problem, but they just wanted me to file the complaint first. I truly regret using this facility and will not recommend tire plus to anyone I know. It’s a shame that this company can not hire more professional workers who really care about a person car and take responsibility for their mistakes. I will cut my credit card up that I got from Tire Plus and never use it again.

  4. I was sold a defective battery, that caused me to call AAA to start the car. My invoice names 12 Javier the service advisor. I felt his remarks to me were rude and very unconcerned. Saying it happened and was just my bad luck I could not drive anywhere on Christmas day. As I was leaving he said if this one does not work just come back and get another one. Be assured I will never be back. I expect to be able to trust a garage I deal with.

  5. tire plus is the worst after 3 attemps to fix my vehicle its still not fixed and has not issued a refund