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Primark – UK’s top fast fashion chain – has been in the market for over 50 years. Founded by Arthur Ryan in Ireland, the company has steadily seeped into the hearts of millions of shoppers in the country and beyond since then. Today, Primark has established a wide chain of stores in the UK and the US and is planning to further expand their group into other parts of the world.

In order to go literally global, Primark needs to understand the level of customer satisfaction that their stores currently in operation have reached. This has brought about the formation of TellPrimark – the official portal that allows the customers to give honest feedback about the store that they visited. It features a unique, customer-centric Primark survey that addresses any and every possible concern that a visitor may have.

Furthermore, it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to complete the survey. It contains a handful of few, easy-to-answer, multiple-choice questions that require a unique survey-entry code to unlock. This code can be found on your most recent Primark receipt right at the bottom. 

Primark understands how important those 5 minutes are for you. Hence, they give you a chance to win £1000 every week after taking the survey! In fact, every time that you take the TellPrimark online survey, up to 10 times, you will be directly registered for the exciting £1000 sweepstake!

Why Primark Customer Satisfaction Survey

Primark is a well-known brand of fashion chains in the UK and the US. Hundreds of thousands of customers shop at their stores every single day. However, since their services are so vastly spread throughout the globe, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the level of service rendered at each store. Hence, as much as they are dependent upon effective management tactics, they also strive to consider and implement the suggestions and complaints supplied by the customers. That is where the Primark Customer Survey comes into the picture.

At, all customers who have purchased at any of their stores can take the survey and leave the feedback. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete the survey, and you can rest assured that you will notice the relevant, valid changes and upgrades in your preferred store the next time that you visit it.

To take the survey in regions other than UK, you can log on to, the official international portal! Here, customers from all around the world who have visited a Primark outlet can let them know their views and suggestions. And apart from your credible suggestions being implemented, you also stand a chance to win another bonus – a £1000 gift card!

How to WIN a Gift Card in Primark Customer Survey – survey

Survey Requirements:

Here are the basic eligibility requirements for taking the TellPrimark Survey,

  • Primark value honesty. Even if you have received a bad service or product at any of their stores, all they need from you is a descriptive feedback on the same.
  • It’s an online survey, so you must have access to a computer, laptop or a smartphone, along with a reliable internet/WiFi connection.
  • Enable the transfer of cookies on your browser for the website. That is because they need to access the information that you provide in order to make any changes to their facility.
  • You need to be a European or an American resident to provide honest feedback about your experience.
  • The survey is only available in English at the moment since almost all of Primark stores are situated in English-speaking countries. Thus, you need to know basic English for the purpose. Once they expand the chain of products, you can expect the survey in several other languages.
  • You need to be at least 16 years of age to participate in the TellPrimark online survey.
  • You should have the most recent receipt from a registered Primark outlet to take the survey. The very first thing that you will be asked for is the unique 13-digit survey entry code which can be found at the bottom of the bill.

Survey Restrictions:

Not any individual can just hop in and participate in this survey. There are a few restrictions which are as follow,

  • Any employees or representatives of Primark are barred from entering the survey. Their online database consists of every person associated with the company, thus flagging them as soon as they log in to the TellPrimark portal.
  • Sending feedback through any regions where the Primark outlet isn’t available won’t be featured in the evaluation process.
  • Selling the gift cards won for cash is illegal.
  • Kindly go through the Primark terms and conditions before entering the survey.

Survey Participation Instructions:

Due to the reasons mentioned in the previous section (and other legal reasons aplenty), Primark reserves the right to cancel any survey during or after the submission. The purposes for the cancellation may not necessarily be mentioned. That being said, here’s how you could go about participating in the Primark survey.

  1. Enter either of these URLs – or – in your browser’s address bar, depending upon where you are staying.
  2. The homepage of these URLs feature the complete instructions for subscribing for the survey, along with an open dialog box.
  3. Type the ‘Survey Entry Code’ mentioned on your latest Primark bill in the dialog box, and press Enter.
  4. Another box stating the basic requirements of taking the survey will pop up. Click on the ‘Continue’ option to go ahead with the process.
  5. Enter the date and time of your shopping experience on the following page.
  6. Post that, the actual survey questions will get loaded. Answer the questions as per the service that you received. Don’t hold anything back!
  7. Please note the comment sections provided for a few of the questions. Feel free to elaborate on your answers whether they are positive or negative.
  8. Finally, after submitting your feedback, enter your personal information on the following page to register yourself for the grand prize of £1000!

About Primark

One of the finest fast-fashion retailers in the world, Primark offers only the top trending fashion clothing and accessories to the public. Their very first store was built in the capital city of Ireland – Dublin. Today, they have more than 350 outlets in over 12 countries! And their recently developed store in Birmingham, England, is the largest of the lot.

Primark’s exhaustive range of products aren’t limited to different types of clothing for all ages, but also includes an attractive collection of home appliances, footwear, beauty accessories and confectionaries. They believe in distributing the best products that the market has to offer, along with saving the environment through eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.

However, don’t take their word for it. Explore the range of Primark products right away and provide the relevant feedback on their official survey website – – right now!

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  1. I always do shopping from primark because It’s good material and good product inside good brand all items I love all items .

  2. My first visit today, an assistant took me to where the trainers were, very helpfull, very chatty, made eye contact and was more than helpfull, i will ask for her on my next visit, 10 out of 10 for customer service.
    Her name is Chloe O. Thank you.😊

  3. I had a very helpful young lady called Anita serve me today, as a wheelchair users it is not always easy to navigate the store in Basildon , but wasn’t made to feel I was a nuisance and left very happy with my purchases.

  4. lam realy happy to shopping at primark, that is my shop,the surver her name is Farida, she’s good. I love the quality of clothes and the different variaties they have. All the workers there are really kind.

  5. I was very impressed by the help given by Mike at the till. I asked if they still sold shoehorns and he went off to enquire and came back to say no. Also the young lady in your underwear department when I went in on Monday and asked about the bras I wanted. She told me there would be a delivery the next day, Tuesday. So I went back on Tuesday and she told me that there had been no delivery and was very apologetic. Both these employees were so polite and efficient. Well done. It would have been even better if the delivery had been in and I didn’t have a wasted jouney.

  6. I know it was first day back today but too many people telling us were to queue but not talking to each other.The shopping experience was good on the whole and staff at till Karen was very pleasant to be serve by