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Whenever your taste buds crave for the flavor of that scrumptious pizza, there are only a couple or three pizzerias that come to mind; one of them has to be Pizza Hut! An international American brand that has managed to maintain its outstanding reputation for over 50 years, Pizza Hut has been taking feedback from customers for a long time to improve its services. Remember those one-page flyers that you used to get with the check?

These days, however, Pizza Hut has gone paperless. They have taken their feedback service online at! Customers from all around the world can now leave their feedback on this portal. All you need to do is take the survey, submit your feedback, enter your personal details, get a 10% discount on your next visit to Pizza Hut, and stand a chance to win the grand prize of $1000! Your feedback will be heard by the bosses right at the top of the chain, and if found worthy, will be implemented soon thereafter.

So what exactly is this sought after survey all about? Will it simply aid the franchise directors in making more money? No! There is a lot more to the Tell Pizza Hut survey than meets the eye. For instance, every customer feedback will be carefully collated, organized and delivered to the designated department for implementation. Thus, you can experience a much better service and atmosphere on your next visit.

Also, the managers will be able to understand the likes and dislikes of the customers better. Any constructive suggestions or criticisms that are proposed by the majority will be put into action as soon as possible. The quality of service provided, the deliciousness of pizza or pasta served, the responsiveness of the staff members, etc. are all addressed in the tellpizzahut survey.

Furthermore, the Pizza Hut directors know that you will be taking time off of your busy schedule to leave your feedback. Hence, they are offering an exclusive $10 off on your next purchase. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. You will also stand a chance to win a startling $1000 gift after taking the survey! Yes! You will be directly entered into the draw after submitting your answers.

Why Tell Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There are a number of reasons why you should take the TellPizzaHut survey. By developing this survey, the owners of the franchise have given customers the power to tell Pizza Hut exactly what their outlets are good or bad at. Did you just receive dismal service at your nearest pizzeria? Describe your experience in the comment boxes of the survey. Alternatively, did you taste the best slice you ever had? Mention the quality of the food in the survey!

In short, the survey found at focuses on every possible issue that the customers have faced or might face in the future. All you need to do is answer those multiple-choice questions as truthfully as you can, elaborating on your choices in the comment boxes. For your effort, you will get not only a 10% discount on your next visit but also a great opportunity to win the grand prize of $1000!

Reward in TellPizzaHut com Survey:

The process of winning $1000 is a straightforward process. Take the survey, submit your personal details, and wait for the date of the draw.

TellPizzaHut Survey

Survey Requirements:

Unfortunately, at the moment, not everyone around the world can take the survey.

  • You must be a legal resident of either of the following countries – US, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Canada, Ireland, UK, Korea, Germany or Denmark.
  • You must be at least 18 years-old to take the Tell Pizza Hut survey. The minimum age for Korean citizens is 20.
  • You need to have a good grasp of the English or Spanish language.
  • A valid survey invitation is a must. You can know whether or not you have been invited to take the survey by checking the bottom part of your recent receipt. If you find a survey code there, then you are invited!

Survey Restrictions:

  • Any Pizza Hut employees, associates or investors, or their immediate family members are forbidden from taking the survey. They are not allowed to influence the opinions of other customers.
  • The TellPizzaHut survey is available daily. However, you cannot use the same code twice. As you might have guessed, every code is unique to the customer. Thus, no two people can take the survey by using the same code.
  • If you win the $1000 gift, you are forbidden from transferring it to anyone else.
  • The full range of restrictions can be found here.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  • Enter this website URL – – in your browser, or simply click the link.
  • It will lead you to the homepage where you can find an entry box. Type the unique survey code in that box and click Enter.
  • Select the appropriate options in the survey questions that will get loaded. Answer those honestly!
  • Once you submit your answers, you will be led to another page that will ask you to enter your personal details (name, phone #, address, etc.).This information will be required for the draw. You may choose to withdraw from the sweepstakes by skipping that page.

If you have chosen to enter the draw, you can expect the results within a few days of your submission. However, you will be able to avail of the $10 off immediately after completing the survey.

About Pizza Hut:

There’s not much to be said here. Who doesn’t know Pizza Hut! For those of you who still wish to know more about the franchise (interesting facts!), read on.

On a relatively hot Wichita, Kansas summer in June 1958, two young brothers from Wichita State University founded the first Pizza Hut outlet. This may be a well-known fact, but did you know that their restaurant became so popular in an unbelievably short time that the brothers managed to open six more outlets within the span of a year? Post franchising their brand sometime during 1959, Pizza Hut changed ownership a few times before finally settling for Yum! Brands.

As of December 2018, Pizza Hut had close to 18,500 outlets around the globe, making them the largest pizzeria in the world in terms of the number of restaurants. It is obvious that the brand has only kept expanding since then.

And now this mammoth international franchise has started seeking the help of its customers to further improve their services. Log on to and take the survey; contribute to their cause to make a beneficial difference on your next visit to this reputable, trusted and delicious pizzeria!


Why Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

For your effort, you will get not only a 10% discount on your next visit but also a great opportunity to win the grand prize of $1000!
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How to Win Reward in TellPizzaHut Survey

The process of winning $1000 is a straightforward process. Take the survey, submit your personal details, and wait for the date of the draw.
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