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Where do most of us Americans go when we need to refill our stock of pet supplies? One of the first names that come to mind upon hearing this question has to be Pet Supplies Plus, the retail organization that has been taking great care of all kinds of pets for over 32 years! As the name of the company suggests, it carries all types of pet supplies, along with dog grooming gear and pet wash DIY kits. Each of their stores is as large as a full-fledged supermarket, so you are bound to get everything you need for your pet in one place!

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is not only humans that have suffered losses, but animals as well, especially pets. While it is highly unlikely that the virus could be transmitted from pets to humans, it doesn’t exempt the animals from getting infected. Hence, to ensure top-notch care for your pets, Pet Supplies Plus has tried its best to stay active during the lockdowns, sometimes for home delivery and at other times for a direct visit.

Thankfully, as the virus threat is slowly coming to a close, Pet Supplies Plus has restarted its operations in all stores. And they have even come up with an exciting opportunity for pet owners to get their merchandise for free as long as they tell Pet Supplies Plus about their visit in a survey!

Regardless of how efficiently a business is run, with a firm hand or a light one, there is bound to be some part of it that may not live up to the mark. And when it is a huge organization like Pet Supplies Plus with over 500 stores throughout the US, then managing each location becomes harder still. That is the reason why the TellPetSuppliesPlus survey was developed.

To successfully complete this survey, the customer only needs to visit the Pet Supplies Plus store once, purchase something, and share their experience on the survey website. You can take the survey especially if your experience was bad, but you can also fill in the questionnaire if you had a wonderful visit. It entirely depends upon you!

Why TellPetSuppliesPlus Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If it depends upon you to take the survey or not, then why should you lean toward actually taking the survey? Won’t it be a waste of time since your feedback might only benefit Pet Supplies Plus? Even if it does only benefit the company, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t take the survey. After all, they have been providing you with all the essentials to help care for and groom your pet. You can leave your feedback just to help them back!

But the good news is that you don’t need to tell Pet Supplies Plus about your experience just for the sake of it. The company’s authorities will ensure that your feedback is carefully taken into account and implemented in the shortest possible time. So it will be you who will get to experience improved service on your next visit to the Pet Supplies Plus store!

And that’s not all. For every survey that you take, your name will be entered into an amazing draw that gives out a $100 gift card to the winner!

How to Win a $100 Gift Card in Survey?

Winning the $100 gift card may be as simple as answering the questions and registering your name, but there are limited entries available to the survey.

Survey Requirements

  • It is a given that since the Pet Supplies Plus shops are present only in the US, the citizens of this country alone are allowed to take the survey. It would be ideal if you reside in a state where the store is available and open for business.
  • Only 18-year olds and above can leave their feedback in the TellPetSuppliesPlus survey.
  • Knowledge of the English language is mandatory to fill the questionnaire.
  • For offline entries, you won’t need to make a purchase. But for online ones, you need to carry the most recent Pet Supplies Plus receipt with the unique survey code.
  • Your personal email ID will be required to participate in the Pet Supplies Plus sweepstakes.

Survey Restrictions

  • You must not be employed by any of the Pet Supplies Plus stores in the US, including their headquarters in Livonia, MI. If you are, then you and your family won’t be eligible to enter the sweepstakes.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a receipt that is less than a week old won’t be allowed to tell Pet Supplies Plus about their visit in the online survey.
  • You cannot enter the online survey without the unique survey code printed on the receipt.
  • The $100 gift card won cannot be sold for a cash prize either to a Pet Supplies Plus employee or to anyone else.
  • The gift card cannot be transferred to someone and used by him/her. Only you have the right to use it.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Click this link –
  2. Enter the 4-digit store number, transaction ID, date, and time from your receipt.
  3. Give the appropriate ratings for each of their services.
  4. Enter your personal details (name, address, email ID, etc.)
  5. Submit the survey to participate in the $100 draw!

The best news is that if you are eligible to take the survey, then you can enter the sweepstakes as many times as you make a purchase at the store during the TellPetSuppliesPlus survey period. Thus, you will have unlimited chances of winning the $100 prize!

About Pet Supplies Plus

With a vision to provide extensive care for the pets in their region, Harry Shallop and Jack Berry established the first Pet Supplies Plus store in Redford, MI in the year 1988. Needless to say, they were quite successful in their venture for almost every pet owner in the vicinity frequented their shop. It was thus that they expanded their vision to other territories in the US.

Today, though Pet Supplies Plus is owned and operated by another company, the vision of its 560+ stores in 36 states remains the same. So take their survey at and help them make their services better. A $100 exclusive gift card awaits!

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