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Dunkin’ (formerly called Dunkin’ Donuts) is one of America’s largest and best donut and coffee chains. No wonder the first name to pop into your head as soon as you think about donuts is Dunkin’! This simple point is reiterated by the fact that there are several thousand Dunkin’ outlets spread throughout the world.

Many of us start our day with a sugared donut or an egg wrap along with a Dunkin’ iced macchiato. Your regular haunt may be spectacularly clean and provides exceptional service, but you can’t expect every Dunkin’ outlet to be equally spick and span. Hence the need for the survey! Here, you can let the company know exactly what went wrong with your visit to the cafe.

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts

The TellDunkin survey presents a unique opportunity for customers and Dunkin’ café managers alike to effectively analyze the rights and wrongs at the outlet. Let us suppose that you visited a Dunkin’ café in a remote part of your state. The service there was below average, the food was not up to the mark, and the cleanliness was non-existent at best. You go up to the manager and point out those anomalies. The manager gives a curt not but doesn’t do anything to fix things. What do you do next?

Just TellDunkin! The manager of a remote establishment may be lax and irresponsible, but the authorities at Dunkin’ headquarters care about the goings-on at every single outlet. They will listen to your complaints and won’t hesitate one bit to take the appropriate action. All you need to do is log on to, answer the questions, enter your personal details, and submit the feedback. You can expect the necessary changes to that particular outlet in no time!

Why TellDunkin Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Dunkin’ is well-known for its sweet donuts and energizing coffees. Many US residents prefer Dunkin’ to all other cafes in the market. Such immense popularity gives rise to several issues within the numerous outlets, most of which are taken care of by the excellent management skills of the executives. But what about those small problems that were either ignored or mistakenly left out? You, as a customer, can help resolve those by taking the TellDunkin survey!

The Dunkin’ authorities are always ready and waiting to hear you out. Once your answers pass the stringent screening process, the top executives at the company will go through every complaint you made and the appreciation you gave. The TellDunkin process is highly systematic, thus making it easier for both the customer and the evaluator.

Additionally, once you visit, you will realize how important this feedback survey is for them. The website has been designed by expert developers, and the content has been crafted by the top data analysts in the industry. And what’s more! You can also win exclusive donut coupons upon completing the TellDunkin survey.

Win Coupons in Survey:

Not everyone can take part in the survey. For instance, if you haven’t even visited a Dunkin’ outlet, then what’s the point in logging on to and giving feedback? And the Dunkin’ authorities are presently targeting only a selected section of their consumers. Read on to know more about the eligibility criteria.

Survey Requirements

  • The minimum age of entry to the TellDunkin survey is 18, just to ensure that the feedback is legit.
  • A Dunkin’ receipt is mandatory to take the survey. You will need the unique code printed on the receipt to gain entry.
  • You should be a US citizen with a good grasp of the English language. You can also take the survey if your Spanish is good.
  • You need to spare at least 5 minutes for completing the TellDunkin questionnaire. The survey can ideally be finished within 3 minutes.
  • A good internet connection on your PC or laptop is a necessity.

Survey Restrictions

  • Dunkin’ employees, for fear of leaving a biased review, cannot take the TellDunkin survey. Even the investors and advertisers associated with the café are forbidden to take it.
  • You will be banned from the survey if you provide false information anywhere within it.
  • Attempting to hack is futile because their security is top-notch.
  • Dishonest response to the answers in the survey will not be appreciated. The evaluators will cross-check your answers with those of other survey-takers for the same location.
  • You are prohibited from selling the gift coupons received after survey completion for cash. You also cannot use someone else’s coupons. That is because every TellDunkin coupon code is unique and has the individual details of the person stored on it.

Survey Participation Instructions

The process of participating in the TellDunkin survey cannot get any easier. Back in the day, customers had to manually mail their qualms to the head office. Today, you can take the survey from the confines of your house!

  • There are two simple ways to take the survey – phone call and internet. If you chose the first path, just dial the number printed on your Dunkin’ receipt and verbally answer the questions asked. The second way is far easier and more rewarding.
  • Log in to the web address,, and read the instructions on the homepage.
  • Pick the language you prefer to answer the questions in and type the survey code (found on your receipt) in the relevant entry box.
  • Select the answers to the questions that get loaded. They are multiple-choice, and you need to answer them as per your experience at the café.
  • Finally, enter your personal details on the following page and wait to see if you are lucky enough to win a prize. The prize usually involves Dunkin’ gift coupons (free donuts or coffee)

About Dunkin’:

Did you know that the brand name Dunkin’ was changed twice since the resto’s inception? When William Rosenberg launched the first outlet in 1948, it was called Open Kettle. However, the name did not stick around for long. In just about two years, it was changed to Dunkin’ Donuts which lasted for several decades! And in 2019, it was shortened to simply Dunkin’.Regardless of its name, Dunkin’ remains the preferred café brand of avid donut and coffee enthusiasts all around the world. It has close to 13000 outlets in 42 different countries, and it continues to improve and expand with each passing day. So take the official survey at and win their free donuts!

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  1. Hi, went to Dunkin on the 9th of February, it was a special occasion, our 49th anniversary. We don’t normally do breakfast but our Grandson gave us a gift card for y’all. We went in , not greeted, ordered the bacon,egg & cheese croissant, sausage & egg, bacon croissant, 2 egg & cheese omelet bites. 2 coffees. There were no refills & for that price there ought to be. I was shocked at the price( I didn’t have my glasses) so I couldn’t see the prices. except for the coffee . Very disappointed in the entire meal. the croissants were burnt , the egg omelet had raw eggs in the middle .