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Giant Food of Maryland, LLC, is a supermarket chain that operates in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. The company has 169 superstores and 159 pharmacies in the US. 

TalkToGiant, which is available at, is a customer satisfaction survey designed to get your feedback about Giant Foods, its services, and your shopping experience at the supermarket. The company will use your feedback to improve its services and enhance your future shopping experience.

TalkToGiant Survey

The purpose of the TalkToGiant survey is to improve the customer experience at Giant Foods. It allows customers to stand up and speak first-hand so that the company can hear you and improve its services on the basis of your feedback.  

Giant is committed to creating pleasant shopping experiences for its customers. The business aims to meet all your needs and requirements. However, the supermarket cannot know whether you are happy with their products and services without asking you first. 

Your honest and genuine feedback is extremely important to the company. For this reason, it has created the TalkToGiantFoods customer survey to get your feedback, opinions, suggestions, and complaints. 

The best part about the survey is that Giant Foods values your feedback. As an appreciation, it is offering you the opportunity to win a $500 card in return for completing the survey. Head over to to participate in the survey. 

Commonly misspelled: www.talktogiantfoods com, talktogiantfoods com

The survey comprises of some crucial questions that will take a few minutes to complete. Make sure to answer the questions truthfully, based on your experience. Once you submit your answers, you will enter a sweepstake where you get the chance to win a $500 gift card. 

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey

Retail giants and superstores across America are fighting to get more loyal customers by providing unparalleled services and products, thanks to the fierce competition in the retail industry. Giant Foods is a retail chain known for being customer-centric and doing everything it can to meet customer satisfaction. Its business model revolves around customer loyalty, and the company has always gone out of its way in creating better shopping experiences for its customers. The Talk To Giant Foods survey is a strategy geared in this direction. 

If you are a customer of Giant Foods, you must participate in the survey so that you can have a pleasant shopping experience and get improved services the next time you visit the store. The company deems the survey very important, and the top executives have direct access to the findings and analysis. 

When you give your feedback through the survey, the company will use it to look back on its performance, identify problem areas, craft better customer satisfaction strategies, and introduce essential changes according to your demands. In other words, the survey not only puts the company on the road to success but also ensures a better in-store experience for you – the customer. 

Giant Foods is giving its customers the golden opportunity to win a $500 gift card as an element of motivation and appreciation for taking the survey. When you complete the survey, you will get the chance to win a $500 gift card through a lucky draw. 

How to WIN a Gift Card in TalkToGiantFoods Survey –

TalkToGiantFoods Survey

Survey Requirements

  • To participate in the survey, you need to be a legal resident of the US, particularly DC, DE, MD, and VA.
  • You can take the survey only if you have submitted you enter the survey during its active period.
  • The survey is online at, which means you need to have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet connection to complete it.
  • Make sure to enable javascript and cookies on your browser before starting the survey. 
  • The TalkToGiant survey is available in English. You must have at least a basic proficiency in English to take the survey.
  • Only Giant Foods’ customers can participate in the TalkToGiantFoods

survey. You would be required to enter information from your recent Giant Foods sales receipt. 

Survey Restrictions

  • You are ineligible for the sweepstakes if you are en employee, manager, director, or officer of Giant Foods or its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, vendors, promoters, and other closely linked stakeholders. 
  • Immediate family members of Giant Food employees or employees of the superstore’s parent company cannot participate in the sweepstakes. 
  • The survey will be null and void wherever it is legally prohibited.
  • If you win the prize, you cannot sell or transfer it to any other person. 

Survey Participation Instructions

  • Step 1: Go to the survey website at 
  • Step 2: You will see a welcome page where you can begin the survey.
  • Step 3: Before starting the survey, make sure to read the on-site instructions and rules carefully.
  • Step 4: Next, you would be asked to enter the necessary information into the site from your recent sales receipt.
  • Step 5: Locate the 20-digit pin on your sales receipt and enter it into the website. Do not include spaces when entering the pin.
  • Step 6: Now, click on the purple “>>” button to begin the survey.
  • Step 7: Make sure to answer all the questions honestly and share your genuine opinion, suggestions, and complaints based on your shopping experience at Giant Foods.
  • Step 8: After you answer the questions, you will be asked to enter your personal details like Name and email address on the website. This is important for participating in the sweepstakes. 
  • Step 9: Double-check the entered information and then click on the “Submit” button.

About Giant Food

Founded by N.M. Cohen and Samuel Lehrman in 1936 as a small fresh meat store in Washington DC, Giant Food Inc. has come a long way. With more than 180 stores across Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, Giant has now grown into one of the largest supermarket chains in the US, thanks to its approach of putting customers first. 

The supermarket has always gone the extra mile to make sure you get high quality, safe, and wholesome products at affordable prices in clean, modern, and aesthetically appealing stores. 


Giant is on the mission to retain the loyalty of its customers by listening to them, solving their problems, and surpassing their expectations. To achieve its mission, the company has launched the TalkToGiant survey. 

Participate in the survey to have a better experience the next time you shop at Giant Foods. It takes around 10-12 minutes to complete, and you will get a chance to win a $500 gift card. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and take a chance of becoming a lucky owner of a $500 gift card.

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117 thoughts on “TalkToGiant Survey – – Giant Food”

  1. The Pottstown Giant in Upland Square, always gives a flyer saying to fill in the survey, but there is never a web address to do so. Overall, they do a good job, but there is a regularly occurring problem, that I’ve even expressed to them and they still do it. Today was the same. They ALWAYS put the EGGS at the BOTTOM of the bag. They are under many groceries, and just because it’s labeled eggs, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to put them on the BOTTOM! :(

    Today, not only were they on the BOTTOM, they were under a Jug of milk AND a jug of orange juice. TWO very heavy items, but that’s not all that was on TOP of the eggs, there was also a small carton of half and half and 2 bags of cheese, so basically every thing in the Dairy section of my order. That’s just wrong. Eggs should not be placed under heavy items. Who trains these people?

    They are nice and they are quick, but this should really be fixed it’s not that hard to make sure the eggs are in a safer location.

  2. I would just like to say that i just left the Giant store in Elizabethtown Pa. and as always this cashier Melissa did and out standing job from her welcome ,packing and her kind conversation. She is always good at helping others she works with, Thank her for her kindness.

  3. Taylor was very friendly and efficient. She updated me on the health of
    Bonnie, the senior cashier who was hospitalized. One of the reasons I like shopping at Giant is that the cashiers take the time to get to know the customers.

  4. We were regular customers of CVS for prescriptions and they were awful. Since we always shop at Giant we decided to switch all of our prescriptions to the Giant Pharmacy. You actually get to talk to a live person within one or two minutes. They are always pleasant and very helpful and have our prescriptions ready usually within an hour. We get a text when they are ready and we can shop at the same time. What a pleasure it has been dealing with the pharmacy and besides they are also cheaper. Thank you Giant for taking a great amount of stress out of our lives. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. I was in Giant’s on 4/15/22. The cashier that waited on me is so sweet she’s always smiling and is very pleasant. I love getting in her line because she has such a nice personality. The store # is 2305 and her name is Cindy.

  6. I was in your store #2305 on 4/14/22. There was a mistake made on my Pineapple. The Giant’s employee in customer service was so courteous and friendly. Whenever I have problem with my purchase she’s always greet me with a smile. I really appreciate that you never know what a person is going through. Her kindness and professionalism is very much appreciated. The associate name is Diane B in customer service.

  7. On 4/11/22 I went to the giant food store in pikesville md.
    I was going to get some eggs. The gentleman name Darnell asked if he could help me. I said sure if your gonna pay for these eggs I need. Well Mr. Darnell, said hold wait right here. When he came back, the young man had bought me a dozen eggs. That was the best customer service I’ve ever had. Thank you Mr. Donell you are awesome. You deserve lunch on giant for excellent customer service.

  8. This is not a good review. We moved to Yardlley in 1995. We frequented the Lower Makefield Giant for years. In 2014, we moved to Newtown so our new Giant was the one on Doublewoods in Langhorne. It’s across the Bypass from us. Over the last 8 years, we have spent thousands of dollars at the store. It’s getting really hard to continue to shop there. EVERY TIME I shop, there’s ALWAYS a missed sales price reduction in the checkout system. Today, with transaction 0224-10496478-0006-0049 was no exception. Instead of reducing my two purchases of College Inn Beef Broth to $1.88 @, I was charged $3.29 for each. When I mentioned it, the cashier says what is ALWAYS said, “I guess it wasn’t loaded in the system”. In addition, compared to McCaffreys and Acme in Newtown, Giant is constantly out of stock on items. Several times I have bought milk that went sour two days after purchase, even though it was marked to be good for at least a week after. The vegetables, especially the cucumbers, are soft and bruised. Typically, the employees are walking around in a zombie state and when you try to nicely engage they’re rude. When you go McCaffresy, they ALWAYS have multiple manned checkout registers ready. At Giant, you’re lucky if there’s two most of the time. Well, that’s enough. I’ve hesitated writing for years but I just have had enough. Hoping this gets read and acting on

  9. Hi, there are two stores in are area, I fInd each still reasonably priced and clean. I check for any fishy smells when buying seafood meaning old seafood its been fine and clean, also check hamburger for underlying brown or gray meat covered by fresh red meat, its been good. Thumbs up for employees also.

  10. Just trying to find where I can leave a compliant, don’t want to take a survey. Today was at store 6289. Waited for 20 minutes at the deli to get waited on by a rude lady chewing gum like a cow in the field named Dez. Maybe food safety would like to meet her. The store there has been going down hill since Dan came on board. Maybe time to find another grocery store to spend 200.00 to 300.00 dalllors a week at

  11. I love going to my local Giant (store #6094). Everyone is friendly and helpful – it doesn’t matter what day or time I go.

  12. 01-01-2022
    Date 12-31-2921 Store 167 Auth#03167P RC#00
    Tajah is one of the best cashiers I have had since 1984, at Giant Store #167.. She is very kind, no mater how I ask her to bag my groceries its a job well done, and she checks to make sure my coupons are recorded. Every time when I am ready to check out, I look for her. She is the best.
    Thank you, Tajah.

  13. i try to submit my entry into the contest and it said I made an un-necessary where it didn’t belong, but it would not let me go back to see where the error was made – please advise Robert W. Flowers

  14. I went to my local GIANT today and spent nearly $185 and was shocked that the cashier did not honor the veterans discount for me!! My husband served in the National Guard for 8 years and I told the young man who checked me out but he said he needed a card or number to prove it!!! Is this the way GIANT honors the service of our military vets and active duty and their families???

  15. The whole customers service starts with your employees. And they show it, I go in and everyone’s says how are you doing. With no giant card I was offered help with a discount a cashier card. So not trying to get the$500 🎁 card. Just letting you know your people are great. To look at me as a friend and not a stranger. Makes your employees more of a how are you, And not a wave. So to me if you can speak, it does beats a wave. THANK YOU.

  16. I would like to compliment the store manager robert miller and nicolette gale storefront manager. Also lucia produce assistant manager. And also lucy, in front of the store. They go out of there way above and beyond in helping and caring about there customers. I Love Shopping At This Store. PS It is very clean and organized very well.

  17. Gus from the location on Baltimore Pike in Springfield is very nice & helpful. He helped me find exactly what I was looking for and im a very pleasant mood, that was very friendly and fun.

  18. I was at store #6461 12:31PM, went to the self check out and register 1 had some kind of syrup on the scanner so I went to another register to check my items. You can tell Anna isn’t there because she would of had that register 1 clean. So the young girl that was on at this time should be told to do a better job. Thank You

  19. Store #6461 on 10/11/2021 at 9:18 am. I’m just here to comment on the wonderful Anna at the self check out. She does amazing job on cleaning all the registers off after each customer use. No other person that is responsible of the self check out registers doesn’t do that. Sometime they don’t even give you a smile. Anna on the other hand is always has a pleasant smile and tell you to have a great day, doesn’t matter what for problems she might have in her life she always is so wonderful. Like I said before she should be recognize for her work ethic.

  20. I used to shop giant every week. Since they remodeled their prices are way too much for me to shop there. Shop at Walmart and Aldi and saves me a lot of money weekly

  21. I would like to comment on Anna at the following store #6461. Anna is always at the self check out registers, She is very pleasant all the time, she always treat you with a smile and tells you to have a wonderful day. She keeps all of the registers clean as soon as someone leaves there register she wipes it down and gets the bags ready for the next customer. I just wanted to comment her outstanding job that she does day in and out, she should be recognize for outstanding performance that she does for Giant’s customers. Anna is the only person that does all of these things for Giant’s customers. All of the other help that you have working the self checkout doesn’t treat you like Anna does.

  22. I was visiting your Walnutport,Pa store from Va and had a very rude experience with the cashier Helen…She accused me of filling a bag with tomatoes and peppers and putting a label on them, when I had picked up the pkg from the reduced area…I Told her no I didn’t put a label on this bag and didn’t like being accused of this..Called over a gentleman with the store who told her there were many bags that might be coming thru that were packaged with different items in them…Then when I asked for a courtesy card to be used for my purchases she smartly said I Don’t have One…I had asked her this because I saw how rude she was to the man in line in front of me..amd gave him a hard time about a card…Needless to say I will not return to this store to shop again next time I come home…Rudeness is not good in a cashier facing the public on a daily basis…Linda Bradley

  23. at 255 Northland Center Giant…selected 2 Orange Cranberry muffins from the tray marked “Orange Cranberry” only to find at home they were Butter Rum and, the worst thing ever, there was a long hair in one muffin. Ugh! Perhaps the help should wear old-fashioned hairnets while baking.

  24. 1) An employee by the name of Anthony helped me reach way back of ice cream shelf to get my ice cream flavor I wanted
    2) An employee by the name of Devon said a “good morning” and told me how nice I looked
    3) Cashier Ken at this location always makes sure I have the coupons I need to save money on my order
    4) Alyssa at Customer Service was very kind to apply a credit to my order when it was wrung up wrong

    All in all everyone at this location is kind, thorough and helpful

  25. Worst store ever! The store is absolutely filthy, bathrooms deplorable. Your store management stinks should all be demoted. Deli if that’s what you call it is never stocked. You would think someone would take inventory in your deli. Waited 20 minutes this afternoon to be told uh we’re out of Boars Head hams. Hello hand write on a piece of paper we’re out of Boars Head place it on the deli case so people don’t wait. This store needs a lot of help and quality management. Not sure if I’ll will be shopping Giant anymore. In the last three weeks I’ve been told we’re out of Boars Head ham products on three different occasions. Hint take inventory every morning and every evening see what items are selling and order extra to have on hand.
    People from upper middle management should walk thru this store as shoppers to see how bad it is.

  26. I signed up downloaded a digital coupon under the impression that I would save at the check out, however the savings promised online did not materialize, as a result I paid an additional $1 more than I should have at the register. Because of this until I receive a response from Giant Food I will be very hesitant to purchase items at Giant Food.

  27. Eric was one of the best cashiers I’ve had. First of all, he’s very friendly and courteous. He packs food in my bags very systematically using as few bags as necessary. He separates like items in bags: cold foods in one bag, cleaning items in another, etc. This helps me when I return home and saves me time and energy. I appreciate this very valuable service. Eric is a “keeper”. Thanks, Eric

  28. HELLO,
    I am a customer at the Southampton Giant Store. I have a suggestion concerning the plastic bags used
    for putting veggies and fruit into. Also, the plastic bags that are used for packing your groceries. These bags are impossible to open. But, if you were to put a small plastic bottle of Hand Sanitizer at the bottom of the table that the cashier pushes the food onto, customer will be able to moisten their fingers and HOORAY the plastic bag is open. No more standing and fighting with a plastic bags.

    Thank you for your time. Geri Culp

  29. Thank you so much for having baggers 8/25 at Giant Rt 412. All summer it has been a chore to do my own bagging (along with the Cashier). Leaving the store to the hot black top parking lot. I’m 78, I need baggers.

  30. Regarding the Thorndale PA deli: I’ve been asking for the Boar’s Head Pastrami Round which has not been available for quite some time. The clerk recommended I try the new store brand, so I did. This seemed to be brand new as he unwrapped it. Although it was thin cut, this SP Pastrami was the TOUGHEST MEAT I’ve ever tried. I had to spit it out after trying to chew it. Also, it was SLIMEY! How can new meat be slimey??
    It seems that these clerks do not pay attention to what customers are saying. More than once I’ve asked for half a pound, for instance, & always get back more. And when I ask for the cheese to be cut medium, it is cut thin because the meat was. Please have them sharpen their listening skills. Please get back Boars Head Pastrami round. Get back Italian Roast Beef. Please get rid of that annoying robot!

  31. Every time I have been to the Manchester, PA store, I have been greeted by friendly personnel in the store.
    The last time I was there I purchased two strawberry cakes for my wife. I used the self check out to complete my trip to the store. After scanning the first cake, I attempted to place the container in the plastic bag, which was flat, with no success. Joan, who assigned to the self check area, came to my assistance. She enabled me to get the cakes into the bag. She had a smile on her face the entire time. I thanked her for her assistance and went on my way.
    The personnel at the store are friendly and helpful at all times I have visited the store.

  32. on 8-2-21 at the Hershey Rd store: #6279, training a new employee at the checkout, while having a handicapped bagger is not advised. the trainer is not paying attention to the bagger, and the bagger was conversing with the previous customer instead of bagging. an item that i paid for, was bagged into the previous customers order. ofcourse the customer denied that, and she got a free item. the trainer had to go get another item that i paid for and then wanted to charge me for it, that did not happen. so i had to go to the service counter to get the coupon re-imbursed. so either train or have a handicapped bagger, not both.

  33. I feel that your promotions of Buy One Get One Free are very UNFAIR to Senior Citizens who have only one two persons in their households, especially in the Fruit and Vegetable category. Essentially, it resultts in BUY ONE THROW ONE AWAY. I complained at the Service desk and the clerk didn’t get it. If, I buy one item, and do not get the second one, I have essentially paid twice what the other shopper who participates in the promotion is paying.
    I hate throwing out the vegetables that spoil.
    Be more mindful to the seniors with small households! I will simply buy at Wegmans which does not use these promotions.

  34. I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the new Arch Street Giant in Philadelphia. The store is big, beautiful and full of many delightful extra food sections. The service is exceptional.

  35. The service was great. The selections on the store are excellent, much improved for vegetarians like me. The store on EW Highway in Silver Spring Maryland is just wonderful.

  36. I have only been in this store three times and it seems very clean, neat, and organized. Morgan, my cashier was very friendly and professional. Also, she was quite helpful.

  37. We purchase a lot of fresh food from the produce section of your Fredericksburg, Va. store. Today we brought home moldy raspberries, runny blackberries, freaky looking carrots, etc. Not happy! Plus, your fresh bananas were mostly brown. Hello Wegmans…
    What ever happened to the wonderful plant section?

  38. Whose bright idea was it to eliminate all trash cans from the Summit Square Giant in Newtown, PA ? It is really annoying. Every other food store I go to have one and I definitely miss them.

  39. I was in the store today and I was watched because I am a minority. Two white people were in front of me in line and no one paid any attention while they checked out. As soon as I got up to the counter a lady stepped over close to me and watched me like I was a thief. It was very embarrassing and she never looked at the other customers (all white) while they checked out. I will not visit Giants again anytime soon.

  40. Having been an Elected Local Official for over 40 Years – Your Spring House, Pa. store went through
    different Owners before Giant acquired the Store. The Landlord for this site & Giant are in a Battle or
    maybe it is Corporate Headquarters BUT Both Companies should be ashamed that there NOT 1
    Trash Can on the Site, especially in the Front of the Store. I have talked to the Managers and they said it is
    Corporate ,who does Not want Trash Cans.
    Well because this is a major Negative ,I am sure this opinion will NOT go anywhere.
    My Family when we can, drive to a Competitor.
    Your Staff do a Very Good Job, but this Issue they can not address,

  41. I shop in the Giant on 2nd Street Pike in Southampton, PA. I a few complaints.
    1) your frozen vegetable selected is not good at all. You never have Spinach in any brand. A lot of times this section is pretty empty.

    2) This summer your watermelon does not seem to good. It seems when I go into the store at dinner time the watermelon is empty or not much to choose from.

    3) It seems like shelves are bare. (I do not know if this is because of the covid).

  42. Dear Sirs I have a complaint about Your talk to Giant Survey. Everytime I try to type in my survey pin from the bottom of the recipt/it doesnt work/it says. I got it from another store/I wish There was another way to submit it like on the telephone. Please make it easier. Sincerly Fred.

  43. Your digital coupons do not come off automatically. In every one of your stores I shop in I need to pull up the coupon to get your clerk to give me the money off. I even photo shoot them
    as proof it was clipped. I’m beginning to think it is a scam & your hope is that the customer won’t check the receipt. I’ll keep telling people about it .

  44. You need to improve the quality of your produce, I am talking about a store in Lebanon Pa. area. Some of your employees are really good, friendly and helpful, others not so much

  45. We were in the Hershey Pa store in the self check out aisle having some trouble with the machine as it wasn’t working properly and Brady was right there to help. In fact, he noticed we bought cherries but did not have the store coupon. He quickly brought one over and scanned it which then gave us a savings of $7.82. With today’s inflation it was such a big help and we appreciated so much his kindness.
    Please let Brady know again how thankful we are!

  46. Staff very pleasant and helpful. Especially when I have a problem checking out. Market is always well stocked and very clean and orderly

  47. This is the 3rd time I have posted to complain about my Giant.
    This time it is about the look of the store.
    First impressions:
    The outside and the area where the carts are is FILTHY.
    I’m very close to changing my store.
    Acme is the same distance, just the opposite direction, so it wouldn’t be a hardship.

  48. Store # 6516

    I am grateful to Nancy who was especially helpful to me today in the self-checkout lane.

  49. I want to draw to your attention that your sales aren’t user friendly to singles(people living alone). For an example, I wanted to purchase a box of ice cream sandwiches and thought they were on sale until I read the quantity requirement on the signage, must buy 4 boxes to receive discounted or sale price. There are 12 sandwiches to a box which means in order to enjoy a treat I would have had to purchase 48 sandwiches. They would have had freezer burn by the time I got through them. This occurs often and what makes it a double whammy is that if, as in my case, one is alone as a result of being widowed it also means that income has been cut considerably, possibly in half, and a sale price would be of an even greater benefit. I’m sure your profit is in quantity but you should be aware that it isn’t only large families that shop for food on a regular basis.

  50. They start there sales on Friday and every Friday I run to the store as soon as they open, and as usual the sale products are not even there or stocked. This Friday I wanted the Fish from Mrs Paul’s 3.99 I was willing to even get fish sticks instead of the Fillet but nope at 7:30 am not one box anywhere. Why have sales if your not going to have the product available when the sale starts

  51. There was a cashier he name was Evan had alot of compassion & kind. That you can not teach. Also there’s a young man named Kevin I am in giant almost every day after work.I noticed that kevin is always out in the hot heat doing the carts always does a great job they should alter the people to bring in carts to give kevin a little break it look like he was going to hit the ground it was so hot it is fair.Also Matt is also so helpful and kind store manager. I love going to the giant in chalfont pa 18914 it’s like my second family energy is so positive there.bob also is friendly and helpful. There is a young lady name Darcy so kind is a lady works at the costumer desk. Please pass on all these comments to these great people.lucky to have them.i will check in with them. Thank you anna

  52. Don’t advertise half-price sushi’s Wednesdays when you pull some nonsense! Philadelphia roll is the Philadelphia roll you now decided to call it a bagel roll and not have it as half-price!

  53. I moved to this area about 12 years ago after having shopped at one of Giant’s competitors for a number of years.
    So my first shopping experience in my new town was there.
    I found almost everyone rude, unhelpful and unfriendly so I switched to Giant. I found the exact opposite there and have been a loyal customer ever since. (store # 6262)

  54. i always shop giant, the only time i dont is if kennies has a really super deal going on. i like giant cuz the people there know me (been going there a long time). several years ago they changed the store around, i was lost for a while, its all good now. when they put the self checkout in i said ill never use those, now i prefer them, use them ALL the time. well thanks for listening. and by the way im talking about the ggiant in gettysburg, pennsylvania. thanks again.

  55. I would just like to remind you that there should be options for a person who lives alone or a household with just two people. It’s great to have large sizes of everything, but also have smaller sizes for smaller families. One example is the frozen items. I do not want 8 pieces of something if I only want 4. Thx for listening.

  56. The Giant I usually go to is chronically under stocked – shelves are often bare (yesterday there were no coke or Pepsi products) I had to go to another store to complete my shopping (a competitor)

    Internet is not available in the store

    Staff is pleasant but having to go to a second store on a routine bassist is making me re-think shopping at Giant,

  57. I had a very friendly and warm experience today at Giant. The store was clean and well-stocked.

  58. I do most of my shopping at the Giant in Burtonsville store #2301. Yesterday I had a negative experience at this store. I used the deli touch screen to order 2 items and it stated I had order number 3 and I would receive a text when it is ready. So I finished all of my shopping and no text. I went to the counter and asked for my order. It hadn’t been prepared. I was ok with that as the deli wasn’t busy. What bothered me was the snapped response from another deli worker ” We don’t pay attention to the orders from the touch screen when we are short” This bothered me, she wasn’t even involved in my order the comment was not necessary. I really don’t care if you are short staffed I am shopping for the week and just want my food. Disable the touch screen or turn it off or even put up a sign up stating you are not using the machine. Oh I got my text 2 hours later that my order was ready.

  59. Every year American Legion Post 950 asks Giant for a Gift Card for their raffle at our Annual Meet and Greet Picnic. Giant has been very generous with a $50 Gift Card. Thank you again.

  60. Your new “flexible rewards” rules are unintelligible. My recent receipt states I have a couple of hundred flexible points, but also shows grocery savings points = 0 and gas points = 0. The flexible points, that have no actual value that I can discern, expire in 30 days. So “how are you doing?” You are confusing me.

  61. I always have a great experience when I go to my Giant located at 11604 Reisterstown Rd. Reisterstown, MD 21136. It’s like everyone knows you. The employees always greet you with a smile and a helpful attitude.

  62. Hi
    We have a choice of stores in our area, however we love yours the best. I havn’t gone to Weis
    store in years and our Walmart is a disaster. In most all cases i can fin what I want at your store.
    Only had issues with things like Sure Jell and it just seems to be out of stock all over. All of your employees
    are friendly even with returns. Thank you for such great service!!!!!!!!

  63. when they have an item on sale’ they usually do not have the item. the cashiers check you out they expect youto bg and load them in the cart.

    1. when an item is on sale, they don’t have it in stock, cashier’s check you out then stand there and wait until you bag and load them in the cart

  64. Hanover Giant save money by going to this store. More then at local store name Kenny’s in town of Littlestown, Pa.

  65. Went to Giant the afternoon of 6/14. No Manager at desk, various shelves empty of items I wanted, only 2 cashier lines open. Attempted to cash in my “flexible points earned” cash at the register and of course cashier couldn’t do it. Went to desk, still no Manager, or anyone else, working there. I put up with the lack of service at the Pikesville Giant for years when I lived over there. I grew to hate your company and stayed away from your stores for several years. In recent months I’ve given you another try. If this is your idea of good customer service, I won’t be coming back. They used to call the Pikesville store the “Gucci” Giant. I call the Hunt Valley store the “Self Service” Giant.

  66. I was at the Giant Food store at New Hampshire Avenue & Randolph Road. My cashier was Katrina. She was so nice and so friendly and went out of her way to help me with the things I was getting. She made my check-out process much easier. I really appreciate her.

  67. Giant in Phoenixville Pa. Store personnel treat you like a friend, or family. Store always clean. If situation, they get to it right away. And when necessary, put up barriers, and personnel for safety reasons. Any time I not sure what I getting, all personnel friendly, helpful. Only complaint of couple yrs ago, not a good balance between low, middle and higher age people. Now seems be a good balance. I partly disabled. One time I tried to bring in a cart, with my handicapped device in tow. A young man going for the carts, said it’s OK, to leave it, cause he is getting some of them.

  68. I have shopped at Giant in Oakton, Vienna and Falls Church over the past 40+ years. It is my go to store because of the value I see in its offerings. However, in the last few months I have seen substantial increases in some prices. For example Giant Almond Milk 25%; Oatmeal 14% and available coupons have become less applicable to my shopping needs. The staff has always been very helpful and friendly.

  69. Once again Khulna was our cashier at the Tuckerman Lane Potomac Giant. He is an extremely nice young man who rang up and packed up our groceries quickly and efficiently. He is so polite and always wishes me a good day. He is an asset to Giant. Thank you.

  70. I shop at Giant in Traville Rockville, store is well stocked and excellent customer service. Staff is always very helpful, and clean store.

  71. I am very disappointed in the wine prices at Giant. It has recently come to my attention that Giant inflates the price of the wine they wish to put on sale. This makes it look like the customer is getting an even better deal. When I compare Giant’s wine prices to those online, they are almost always above the “normal” range. I have complained about this practice before, to no avail. So, now I buy my wine at Costco.

  72. I love Giant, but the Giant on Richmond Hwy is so poorly stocked, it is frustrating. I can go to either of the Safeways near me or the Giant at Kingstown or on Duke St and NEVER encounter the “shortages” like the ones at the Giant on Richmond Hwy. Take, for instance, the “shortage of cat food”…..NO WHERE ELSE but the Giant on Richmond Hwy. I have spoken to the manager, who is a great guy, and he even asked me to speak to his boss, which I did. Over the course of a year, pandemic or not, this store is not stocked nearly as well as the others mentioned above. Unfortunately for me, the poorly stocked store is the nearest to me by far, but it’s less and less important to shop there, where so many things/ items are either missing or just don’t get reordered because they lose the information for that product. CAN YOU HELP???

  73. Giant is kept clean. Some of the workers are pleasant. The prices at Giant are sometimes ok.

  74. My first time doing a supermarket survey and was put off by Giants because the survey wants me to change my browser, why? I also completed (for the first time) a survey for ShopRite and it was easy and quick, and it did not ask to change my email browser.

  75. you guys have to update your motorized scooters. i guess that its not a priority for your handicapped customers. when we go there the scooters always die out for my disabled husband and i have to run around all the way to the front and get a new cart. can you please update your motorized scooters. this is not right that disabled people have to go through this all the time.

  76. I love Giant! Won’t shop anywhere else I find no matter where I go in the store there is always someone working to help with any questions, especially at the checkout the cashier is very kind & helpful. Where I live I’m within a few miles of 3 Giants! My favorite is Giant in Willow Grove Pa 19006. Love, love, love GIANT!
    Thank you
    Very satisfied customer

  77. Thank you Anna , and Angelina for be polite and professional about your job. Is hope a lot from giant Most the time from the one on Emmaus st . So very important for customers to end their shopping in good spirits because of positive friendly attitude that they experience with the amazing cashiers girls . Thank you do much for your smile and warmth

  78. I would like to compliment Tracey Oaks In the deli at the Pikesville Md Giant. You were out of the oven roasted chicken salad with craisins. As I eat that 3 to 4 times a week, I was disappointed. She immediately said she would make me some. And she did!! I gladly waited 10 minutes while she prepared it. I would say that is above and beyond customer service. I hope she will be rewarded. She deserves to. And I’d also like to compliment Tami Williams behind the customer service desk. She is always pleasant and very helpful. When she can’t help me about something, she always apologizes. Nothing bothers her.

  79. Western Union transactions (usually money transfer matters) at store customer service desks usually take quite a long time to complete leaving other customers who are in line with more routine issues waiting for extremely long periods of time …at my local Giant store often up to twenty minutes or more. Perhaps you should have a separate customer service window just for Western Union transactions. That would make customer service a lot more efficient.

  80. With the rise of covid, the check out clerks should be wiping after every customer. Also in the self scan. I mentioned it to the head of cashiers and was told they are too busy. I shop at Walmart for things that Giant does not carry, and at the self scan, the terminals are wiped after each customer. I called the Giant corporate offices, and noticed the next few days that the self scan was being wiped. But it did not take long to go back to non cleaning. Today there were 3 in the self scan and no cleaning. When I was finished and leaving the clerk was on her cell phone no wiping.. Giant should do MUCH better.

  81. I go early 6:00 and almost never a checker on. Then I have to scan items myself. Why tell older folks to go early and make them scan and bag themselves? Spend money and hire another person. Terrible. But ladies that help you are nice at self check!!

  82. A couple of things: 1. It is so nice that Giant not only gives Rain-checks, but lets you return items that are not right. This is not the case in some other grocery stores.
    2. When I got to Giant today, I realized I had no cash, just my credit card and I NEEDED cash. Not only did the check out cashier try to help but the service representative at the Main counter bent over backwards also. Ended up I had to write a check with an excess amount, no getting cash back with my credit card. Anyway, I really appreciated the time and effort both gave me.

  83. First of all: We have lived in our current home for 20 years. We have been loyal GIANT customers, at the same store (6340 York Rd Towson, MD) all that time. That said, I (as the primary shopper) would appreciate a little consideration – aside from the routinely friendly, helpful service that is always available at my store.
    #1 . There often seems to be a problem with your computery and my account. This AM I went to the pharmacy. My receipt said “Tell us how we are doing”. In signing in to talktogiant and carefully entering the pin #on the receipt, I got “try again this is a different store.” What?!
    #2 Recently you gave me the opportunity to earn extra gas points while signing up for some new service features from Giant. I tried to sign up TWICE. Each time (as our household’s PRIMARY GIANT SHOPPER) my sign in was blocked, and my husband’s name info was pre-set into the address field. No biggie – he eats what I BUY AT GIANT but then I wasn’t allowed to proceed with the application. (BTW, I did call in to customer support where a pleasant young woman worked on fixing the problem – only she didn’t.) Another BTW, is that I finally gave up because I couldn’t figure out what the benefit of signing into the program would be. Your description was quite complicated. Thanks for the chance to vent. Keep me happier by keeping deals, etc. simpler. susan zator

  84. I was definitely very impressed with the cashier named Rachel she displayed the best customer service I have ever experienced at a grocery store!!! It was the little things she did while cashing me that put her up and beyond everyone else in this business. When she checked my juice tops to make sure they weren’t open explained the guest survey to me and how I can save money the next time I visited this establishment I was sold!!!! She’s AWESOME!!!!

  85. Service at store#375’s Brentwood Rd. location has deregulated. The last 3 visits the Sesfood department never has an attendant available & no bell tp ring for Help! Regardless of how slow business may be in one of the most expensive departments, there should be someone to serve customers! Ive emailed corporate, complained to the store manager before walking away from my entire basket of food! Again today, no.attendant & 3 customers waiting. This time I purchased pre-cooked crab legs but for tge $38 I spent, I would have preferred selecting fresh ones & having them cooked while I shopped. Please Fix this ongoing issue which has gone from Bad to Worse! Also, What good is fuel rewards for Me when I don’t own a car? Public transportation costs too! I’dlike to earm rewards for my loyalty too! Respect & Reward less fortunate customers equally! We…just like “BLACK LIVES MATTER” Deserve Respect !

  86. you are highway robbers. I just looked at my receipt when i got home and paid 16.99 for 9 rolls of charmin toilet paper and i will not be back and be cheated in this manner. I purchased today 30 rolls of the same product for 19.99 at costco.

  87. where are the ;products in your new hope pa store. it looks like a ghost town in the laundry dept and house cleaning isle. no paper towels or toilet paper or laundry supplies. this has been going on since march. your prices have been raised significantly and i can but things ccheaper in other stores. being on crutches i wanted to come into the store and leave by the same door as it was closer to where i parked my car and Dan the cashier said no way go out the other door. i explained my problem and he rudely said too bad. I will never shop in your store again.

  88. your wedsite is hard to use I was trying to take survey your site would not allow information to be typed