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When it comes to having authentic Tex/Mex cuisine, one of the first restaurants to pass through your mind has to be El Fenix. It was founded in a time when Mexican food was rare in the US, and its Tex/Mex counterpart was almost non-existent. Today, you can find every type of Mexican food at El Fenix, right from Tacos and Flautas to Burritos and Chimichangas. And rest assured that you can never go amiss with the wildly delicious Mexican lunch plate offered at just under $8, containing a cheese enchilada and beef tamale along with rice and beans!

These days, thanks to the ongoing and ever-growing COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t need to visit the El Fenix restaurant physically. Simply place an order on their official website,, and enjoy your favorite Tex/Mex cuisine at your home. After gorging on their food, don’t forget to leave your feedback at, their exclusive survey page!

Remember how, in a time long past, the manager of El Fenix used to personally ask for your feedback after you had paid the bill? Today, there is a website for that purpose –! It may not be as personal as the direct interaction between you and the manager, but it is far more effective than the age-old technique. For one, it has a higher reach, meaning that your feedback will be made known not just to the managers of the outlet, but also to their superiors and other high-end executives at the company!

And you don’t just need to provide your formal feedback. As the name of the survey portal suggests, you can TalkToElFenix about anything you want to! Even if you found their services to be simply excellent, you can let them know about it. They take heart from positive feedback, whereas they take pains to convert negative feedback into a positive one.

Why TalkToElFenix Customer Satisfaction Survey:

As mentioned in the previous section, you don’t need to think twice before taking the survey. Just write what’s on your mind. And if you don’t want to spend time writing about your experience, then just select the appropriate answers for the questions! is a website that contains a list of questions along with multiple-choice answers for you to pick. If the required answer isn’t present in the questionnaire (which rarely happens), only then you can go ahead and explain your situation in the comment boxes if you wish.

We surveyed our own to assess how much time it took for individual customers to finish the questionnaire at And the results were amazing! Most of the folks managed to submit it in about 7 minutes, and those who gave particularly long feedback finished it in about 15 minutes. Thus, on average, it didn’t take them more than 10 minutes to complete the survey!

And as soon as you finish the TalkToElFenix survey, you will receive a unique coupon code in your inbox which can be redeemed for many prizes! Depending upon the ongoing promotion, you may get a meal, a dessert, or a discount all for free!

Win Free Coupon Code in Survey:

As you can see, it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to win the free coupon code. But first, you need to be eligible to take the survey at

Survey Requirements

  • Though El Fenix provides Mexican cuisine, its outlets aren’t present anywhere in Mexico. In fact, you can find them only in and around Texas, US. Hence, you need to be a resident of the country to take the survey.
  • According to US laws, you should be 18 years or older to take the TalkToElFenix survey.
  • The questions in the survey will be in English, so you need to have a good understanding of the language.
  • A laptop or a computer with decent internet is required, just so that you can load the pages quickly. You can also use your smartphone for this purpose.
  • An El Fenix receipt with the survey invitation code is mandatory.

Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot take the survey TalkToElFenix without a recent receipt that contains the invitation code.
  • The code will be rejected if it is more than 7 days old.
  • You won’t be allowed to participate if you are an employee of El Fenix or any of its subsidiaries. The same goes for El Fenix’s associates, investors, CEOs, and the likes.
  • The free coupon code cannot be redeemed if it’s older than a month.
  • You are forbidden to sell the TalkToElFenix code to someone else for cash or another benefit. It is to be used by you alone. Doing anything other is illegal and may result in a permanent ban from the portal.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Visit
  2. Type in the date and time of your visit along with the restaurant number.
  3. Answer the questions honestly. Dishonest answers will be rejected by the authorities.
  4. Enter your email address (to be used only for sending you the coupon code).
  5. Submit the TalkToElFenix survey, note down the code, and present it along with your receipt on the next visit to get the discount!

About El Fenix:

The founder of El Fenix, Mike Martinez, was once the owner of the Martinez Cafe which dealt only in American cuisine. It was in 1918 that Mike got the idea of converting it into a Mexican restaurant. He renamed it to El Fenix, the Spanish pronunciation of the legendary bird, Phoenix, which signified rebirth. And just like the name, Mike’s business was reborn out of the ashes of his American chain to soar high into the realm of delish Mexican cuisine.

After relishing over 90 years of mind-boggling success, the Martinez family finally sold the restaurant chain to Firebird Restaurant Group, a company-worthy in the name (similar to the phoenix) and accomplishments to carry forward the El Fenix legacy. So take their survey at and help them grow even more. Get a free coupon code in return!

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