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Ace Hardware is an American hardware retail chain that has more than 100 years of history in delivering quality products like hardware, grills, and lawn, garden, and home improvement tools. There are more than 5,000 stores across the world in the Ace Hardware chain. 

The core feature that differentiates Ace Hardware from other hardware stores is its focus on customer satisfaction. The company has gone a long way toward meeting customer demands and delighting them with its products and services. 

TalkToAce Survey

TalkToAce is a major survey that is geared towards getting customer feedback regarding the chain’s products and services. Using this survey, Ace Hardware aims to listen to you firsthand and create delightful shopping experiences for you based on the survey’s findings. You can find the survey at

The good news is that Ace Hardware is giving you an opportunity to get compensated for participating in the Ace survey because your feedback is precious to the company. By completing the TalkToAce customer satisfaction survey, you get a chance to win a $50 gift card. 

Why TalkToAce Customer Satisfaction Survey

As consumers, we all want the brands we use to hear us. This holds true for Ace Hardware’s customers as well. As a customer, you want to share your shopping experience with the company. You have things to tell. And you may have complaints or suggestions. provides you the opportunity to get heard. 

The Ace survey comprises of different open and closed-ended questions. You would also be asked for comments and suggestions. It is also an opportunity to present your complaints through the survey. The company will then use the findings to improve its services and products so that the next time you visit the store, you will be happy to see improvements in place. 

Ace Hardware takes the survey very seriously. Everything in the survey is accessed and analyzed by the top executives to identify areas that require improvement. Customer perception can make or break a business, which is why Ace will go to any length to make sure you have a better shopping experience. 

As a customer of Ace Hardware, it is your best chance to speak up about your shopping experience at the hardware store. In return, you get the opportunity to win a $50 gift card.

How to WIN a Gift Card in TalkToAce Customer Survey – Survey

Survey Requirements

  • Make sure to submit your entry for the Talk To Ace survey before the due date. 
  • You need to have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a reliable internet connection to complete the survey.
  • You can participate in the Ace survey only if you have shopped at Ace Hardware. You would be asked to enter information like the store number and time of shopping from your recent sales receipt.
  • The TalkToAce survey is available in the English language, which means you must have at least a basic understanding of the English language to answer the questions.
  • Make sure cookies and javascript are enabled on your web browser. Go to the privacy settings to enable these functions.
  • Answer the questions honestly and correctly. You can share your opinion, suggestions, and complaints where asked.
  • You will be required to type in your personal details like name, address, email address, phone number, etc. to qualify for the sweepstakes to win a $50 gift card.

Survey Restrictions

  • You cannot participate in the Ace survey if you are not a legal resident of the USA or District of Columbia. 
  • People aged below 18 years are ineligible for the Talk To Ace survey. 
  • The customer satisfaction survey will stand null and void where the law prohibits it.
  • You cannot take the survey if you are residing outside of the US.
  • Ace Hardware’s employees, immediate family members of the employees, directors, office bearers, agencies, and other closely linked stakeholders are not allowed to take part in the TalkToAce survey. 
  • You cannot participate in the survey through multiple entries or email addresses. 
  • If you win the $50 gift card in the lucky draw, you cannot transfer, sell, or exchange it.

Survey Participation Instructions

  • Step 1: To start the survey, go to
  • Step 2: You will see a welcome page where you would be thanked to participate in the Ace survey.
  • Step 3: Enter the required information like the date and time of your visit to the store and the amount spent from your recent Ace Hardware sales receipt into the website. You would also be asked to enter the Journal Number and Store Number. You can find these on your receipt. 
  • Step 4: Next, click on the “Start” button. Be sure to double-check the entered information before starting the survey.
  • Step 5: If you don’t have a sales receipt, you can click on the “Don’t have a receipt” Click here link and follow the guidelines on the website to enter the lucky draw.
  • Step 6: During the survey, you would see questions regarding your shopping experience at the store, your satisfaction level, and any opinion, suggestion, or complaint you may have. Make sure to follow all the rules and answer all the questions honestly. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer. You have to share your genuine experience at the store so that you can have a better experience next time you shop at Ace Hardware.
  • Step 7: At the end of the TalkToAce survey, you’ll have to enter your personal information, such as email address, name, phone number, and mailing address, etc. to participate in the sweepstakes. 
  • Step 8: Read the information you entered carefully and then click on the “Submit” button.

About Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is one of the largest hardware stores in the US, with more than 5,000 stores across the world. It deals in garden and outdoor supplies, paint, electrical appliances, and hardware products. It is on a mission to make high-quality products accessible to customers at reasonable prices. The company also provides repair, maintenance, and fixing services. 

The company’s vision is: To be the best, most helpful hardware stores on the planet.

The company’s mission is: To be the retailer of choice to work, shop, and invest.


TalkToAce provides you an opportunity to stand up and speak about your shopping experience at the retail chain, thanks to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It also allows the company to improve its products and services based on your feedback. The best thing about the survey is that you get a chance to participate in a lucky draw to win a $50 gift card. Want to take the survey? Head over to

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91 thoughts on “TalkToAce Survey – – Ace Hardware”

  1. Impossible to take the survey. Kept telling me the survey was no longer valid. I tried to take it the same day I made my purchase.

  2. I shopped at store#15856 on 09/03/21. What a refreshing experience! There three or four staff members who were all amazing. I’ve never experienced such quality customer service. I felt so relaxed and comfortable shopping at Ace Hardware. The product selection was also incredible. You have things I have not been able to find since I was a child in the early 80’s. Your prices are fair and again the service is amazing !!!! Your whole staff was friendly, efficient and professional. You’re doing everything right !! You have a lifelong customer now !
    Thank you for being open and well stocked when I needed assistance!

    Thank you for training and hiring good humans !!
    Carrie Gentile

  3. bought a milwaukee drill set for 199.00 it did not charge batteries, took back to store and got a dewalt set for 169.00. Gary did excellent job taking care of me and the problem. went over and beyond to treat me right. I am very happy with this type of service. thank you, Larry Bowman

  4. I went to Rommel’s Ace Ocean City, Maryland at 6807 Coastal Highway, O.C. Md. I believe the store number, according to the receipt is 7164. I was in O.C. from the 22nd of August until the 29th. Everyone was quite lovely and helpful, yet Beth stood out the most as being so cheerful, happy and thoughtful. She was the sweetest person I met on my vacation during that entire week! Employees like her are rare indeed! I did not want to take the survey due to the information/personal, that was required. I am on too many ‘lists’ already!!! Beth will be remembered by me, and maybe somebody in ‘corporate’ can reach out and ‘remember’ Beth!!!! Robert

  5. Being a single woman, I try to be my own fixer-upper. My outside faucet was continually dripping and I needed a washer for the inside stem. I brought the stem in and Dustin helped me find a washer. Randy was nearby, and since he was a bit older I asked his opinion. After installing the washer, it still leaked so I went back to the store. Randy said the stem was bent {my fault, I tightened the faucet too tight}. Randy and Dustin were so patient and explained everything to me about what I needed to do next.
    Don’t loose these two, they are gems!!!
    Glenda Webb

  6. Much appreciate the time and expertise that Jessica provided
    Farmington Hills store Orchard lake road and 13 mile
    She took extra time to research paint issue (Rustoleum)

  7. I checked the price online for a hummingbird feeder on my local store’s website. It was listed as $10.99 same as Lowe’s.
    When I got to the store the price below the feeder said $9.99. I thought perhaps they were on sale.
    When I got home and checked my receipt I found I was charged $13.99 each. When I called the store the young lady I was talking to told me the online price is ALWAYS different than the store price.
    I tried to complete the online survey but as soon as I marked that I was unlikely to recommend the store the survey would not allow me to continue, “survey has been closed”.
    That’s one way to make sure your ratings are high. Just block anyone that has an issue.

  8. Unable to complete survey. Keep getting switched to another web site. I shop Ace hardware of Lake Gaston.
    Great Store. EVERYONE working in this store is helpful.

  9. I went online to buy a specific roofing nail that I use for making rustic crafts. I thought I ordered one 5 # box. When the purchase arrived I discovered that I had inadvertently ordered a “flat” or 6 boxes of 5# nails. Not wanting to pay shipping for the return I went to my local Ace store. The manager looked up the item in the stores inventory and said the store did carry the nails. He offered to refund my purchase price (minus one box that I kept) and sell the nails in the store. I am very grateful to the manager and his assistant Kari for making my mistake turn out positive. This store always bends over backwards to extend exceptional customer service. They have a customer in me for life!

  10. I have always loved going to Garrett Hardware store, The people who work there are very helpful and kind. They always have what I’m looking for, gifts, light bulbs ,plants etc etc!
    Thank you Ace Hardware!!!

  11. Aloha:
    Ace Hardware Kona has longer store hours and more personable service than Big Boxes. Ace Hardware has those hard to find hardware & products that I need to finish the home projects. Thank You Ace Hardware.

  12. I was fortunate enough to be assisted by Courtney at Store 17918 for an online order. It was 6:45 pm and my order was still not ready. Even though she was mixing paint, answering questions for other customers, she took the time to make sure my order was pulled. She is an asset to Ace Hardware and is truly the caliber of associate a customer hopes for. Ace “is the place” and I am a confirmed customer thanks to Courtney!!

  13. My name is Jean and I was in Lawrence Kansas helping my daughter and her family move when I had to run to get to replacement legs for their sofa. I had been in that Ace store before and every time Monte, one of the managers helped me.That man has always went beyond what most people who work in stores do. Monte fixed me up with what I needed and I was thrilled that he explained what parts were needed and then he took my sofa legs and fixed them so all I had to do was to take them home and put them on the sofa.I didn’t fill out your survey within 72 hours but I just wanted to tell how you have a great employee in Monte.

  14. Store #15238 Smithtown,
    I have to tell you that I felt like I was bothering the clerk by asking for copies of keys. Wow imagine that, she actually had to push a couple of buttons and follow some instructions on a screen.
    Maybe it should be self serve.
    Next time I will go to the locksmith down the road, at least they are happy to make keys there.

  15. I went to Ace store 11011 yesterday looking for advice on two things. I got great advice from both people. John in particular worked with me and we talked out what I needed to fix my weather stripping on my door. I went home made all the measurements, came back and got the right product for the job. They are always so helpful.

  16. my most recent trip to ace was as always fast and friendly. prodect was in stock and staff wonderful

  17. We visited Ace Hardware (18407) on Mack in Detroit, Mi on Monday June 21, 2021 to purchase a Ego Zero turn Lawnmower for $4,999.99. We have been looking a this lawnmower for sometime even though online it states all the stores carry it but do not when we call. This location had it on the floor to view. My husband really like this lawnmower and we purchased it that day. Then the problem starts as to how to get it in our truck since it weighs 500lbs. I must say these employees, were able to somehow lift it onto our truck with my husbands help also. These employees were wonderful and I wish I had gotten their names but one of the women was assistant manager I think Wendy maybe, two young men and three young women total. We will continue to visit this store because of the wonderful service we received and I think people should know how great they are there. Thank you for all you did that day. You are greatly appreciated!!

  18. I shooed at the Lincoln Park store on 6/19/21 and was helped by Nicolas Ruggiero. Nicolas helped me out hunk through my project but gave different suggestions on how to accomplish my project. For his reassurance he also ran what he wasn’t sure on by the manager. It’s refreshing to see, in this time of no service, an employee put themselves out for a customer. Thanks Nicolas.

  19. Store #09663 employee Carson was very helpful and helped me find what I needed and the price for it and was very kind.. I was very pleased with my experience there

  20. I dropped off 4 pruning shears for sharpening at Ace Hardware in Antioch on June 6th. Tommie was most helpful in setting up the work order explaining the shears would be sent out and later returned on Wednesday, June 16th. The evening of June 16th I received a call from Tommie stating the shears were in and could be picked up. This worked out perfectly for me as I had a handyman scheduled to do tree and Bush trimming at my home the next morning. Thanks Tommie for your great follow up.

  21. Was at store #18616 was looking for an item and a store employee assisted me and helped find the items that your store had. One of the items you did not carry, but was able to get something similar that would work. It seems like someone is always around to help me. Great customer service.

  22. I visited Store #18416 this afternoon, and was so pleased that clerk Hillary was able to locate an electrical plug for a table lamp that had developed a “short.” due to a broken wire. She made the extra effort to find the plug in a matching color (brown), and explained how simple it was to install. I love going to this store for all of my home and garden needs because every employee is knowledgeable about everything, from correct wall register for a bathroom remodel, to lawn patching seed kits to repair bare spots in the backyard. Checkout is efficient and friendly. The location is convenient and store is well-stocked with anything and everything I need (except groceries) to maintain my home and yard. This is a “home folks hardware,” where you are a stranger only once.

  23. I experienced excellent service at the Mountain View store. I purchased a Stihl ms171 chainsaw and fs40 weed trimmer. The lawn care professional “Phillip” went over both items and starting procedures and whatnot.
    He made it easy for me to feel confident in my purchase.
    It was excellent service.

  24. I went to store #031364 on Sunday and was looking for replacement burners for my Weber Grill after not finding them I asked one of your associates for help, Her name was Alice .I just wnted to let you know how helpful she was going out of her way to locate them for me at another store and even checking the that store to make sure they were their before i went their. Everone should be as helpful as her.

    Matteo Guiliano

  25. We frequent the Island Park NY store. Went to store 2-3 o’clock today asked Deck Over paint that we purchased at Home Depot a few years ago. Your employee, young lady, looked up on computer and told us where to find remover in store. While we were checking the different brands, SHE FOUND US with the best suggestion for the job. She was friendly and helped us after we left her desk. Very sorry I did not get her name.

    Will be back to purchase the paint for the deck.

  26. Every time I have gone into Ace in St Albans, VT I am met with curtesy , politeness, and help the minute I walk in the door. They also show my service dog , after they ask permission, attention and affection too!
    I have stopped shopping at other hardware stores and shop only at Ace. So all I can say is you are doing a great job!

  27. The Ace I go to is my “neighborhood” hardware store. Everyone is most helpful, suggestive and friendly. That is why I keep going back.

  28. Look all I’m trying to do is enter a stupid contest to win 50.o0$. Can’t find the site. Have the Russian guys hacked you or what ?
    Tried 4 different times. I think I joined your rewards thing but I can’t tell about that either.
    I think you guys should fire your junior high school web managers.
    Thanks in advance n

  29. Went to Rocky’s Ace looking for replacement car key. 2012 Toyota Camry. Quote $160.After an hour I was told the one blank on hand was damaged in key machine. They offered to order another. Instead I went to another store, a locksmith. He offered three options. For $4. I could get a metal key that would only open the door. For $80. I could get a key that also started a nd ran the engine, but no remote buttons. I got both and was out of there in 20 minutes. Before retirement I was a manufacturer. Ace was my best customer. So I have a fond spot in my heart for Ace. I hope my experience will lead to a better store.

  30. Stopped in Saturday at the Romel Ace in Dover De looking for pellet stove wood chips, asked the lady at the counter do you have any she had tp check with Kathy the manager, Kathy came out to see me and said she had to check out front, she said they all out of wood chips. As i was leaving i saw a half of skid out front went back in the store said theres a half skid out front ??? She called Kathy again to the front she hmm you found some ok. Really poor customer service and really didn’t care if i purchased them or not. employees should know what products they have on hand clearly she had no idea what was in stock. Wont go back there ever again.

  31. Like your business model where your store has someone to ask you if you need help. Lowe’s is just awful, the workers treat you like you are an inconvenience to them. Home Depot is only slightly better.

  32. Store 10686. Staff is ready to help after smiley greeting at arrival. The BBQ section is big & full of goodies. Always can find what I need at this small but well stocked neighborhood gem. I like that there is always staff to switch out my propane tanks for me.

  33. Very helpful clerk at store number 17409. Returned my water timer.
    Tiffany helped me lift heavy soil into my car.. Great job!

  34. I ordered a grill from the store in Grove City, Pa. The first one was discontinued. so the staff ordered another and it was backordered or OOS. so I went into the store and picked one out and it was backordered again. so I went back to the store to pick out another that at least had an in stock dare. It finally came in , was assembled and they called me to pick it up last Saturday. this was a long frustrating process but your staff, Fred. Lisa. and Paul were kind, informative and very helpful.

  35. 5 Stars for Newton Falls Ace. I got there just when they turned out the lights and I was aloud to enter to make my purchase. Great store with great people.

  36. I go to store #11481 they haved me a lot Beth is a good employee. I started go in about eight yaers and I had a brain Anerysm they have helped me a lot. Thank you Catherine Shive

  37. well, its funny that i can not find the start of the survey. But the staff was nice but surveillance Was creepy to me. You can tell when they are there because they go to the other side of the aisle im in and dont get nothing but carry a product with them like they are customers. But i am glad they watch the store so well. I just dont like being watched when im not a shoplifter, im a shopper. Everyone had a mask and were polite.

  38. store#68 westlake hardware EDDIE was freindly patient and helpful. I made several trips to the store in a three day period getting paint and painting supplies. always asking can i help you with anything else. seemed genuine.

  39. Have 4 ace hardwares within 5 miles of my Home. My choice is Great Lakes Ace Hardware at 9 and Mack In Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. To say the service is amazing is to understate how helpful the sales associates and managers are. I also have 2 major home improvement chain stores within 2 miles of my home but you can’t exchange quality service like this for their sale prices. The managers, Dan and Tom, must take extra care in the training of the employees at this location, as each and every sales associate treats the customers with the utmost respect. And their knowledge of product is fantastic. If your in a bind with a project, just bring what you can to this store and it will be solved before you leave. I love this ace.

  40. Web site will not accept my information…I wasted my time. At this store #16717 Employees were rude, while I was there 4 customers had to ask an employee to come to the front and check them out because he kept going back to the paint desk to text on his phone with another employee. I ask if someone would check a price and a pizza was delivered at that time to the store. I will NEVER visit this store again!

  41. What incredible service…Bill and another Bill and Mike I think…so many helpful people 8 didn’t get all their names! Not only did they help me with what I needed but they gave me suggestions and personal helpful hints on how to tie my tomato plants without hurting the stems, how to drill holes in my buckets to release access water, and what primer to use before painting! Who knew! The check out reps reminded me to use my coupons and told me about upcoming sales and the manager personally delivered a pallet on mulch since I had no way to get it back home! I was greeted the moment I stepped in the door and was loaded up and given an invite to come back for any other and all questions! I love the way everyone communicates in all departments like a real team…everyone was so friendly and helpful which was refreshing when it took me 30 min at the competitors to have someone even bother making eye contact! I know Ace might be a smaller store but they make up for it with quality! Oh I forgot to mention that they even un- stuck my drill and fixed my weed wackier which I was just going to dump and replace because 8 couldn’t figure it out! I’ll never shop anywhere else and I am thankful for our community Ace Hardware family!
    Thank you!

  42. The Concord New Hampshire Ace Hardware ( Rocky’s ) Store has the Greatest Staff.
    always helpful and treat you , the customer like Family. ( 10240 )

    I always go out of my way, to find all my needed items at that store.

  43. This Ace Hardware store was neat, organized and especially good customer service from Dan, who helped me find just what I needed.

  44. When I went to Rocky’s Hardware, store #14296 I bought a recyclable bin cart large. When I took it home I thought some pieces were missing. So I took it back to the store. He put together a new one for me with a lot of kindness and patience. When I got home I saw that I had missed one of the parts, so I went back to the store and gave it to him and told him I was so sorry I had missed it. He just smiled and told me not to worry about it (I don’t remember his exact words.). This experience was so great. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated him. I am so grateful. Yes my cart has my recyclable bin sitting in it.

  45. Apparently your company does not want customers to complete a survey and possibly win $50.
    I shopped at Ace #11155 in Cheshire, CT and wanted to give a commendable comment, however, I am unable to enter any survey that is for Ace or at least appears to be.
    Extremely confusing & taking too long to do if I would ever find
    However, I will shop at the Cheshire store again even if the parent company makes things confusing.

  46. Your store is a very important part of the community. I shop there all the time. Employees are very helpful and friendly. I am always happy to be there for my needs!

  47. VEry helpful with delivering things out to the car so I don’t have to go into the store. With the virus I am trying not to go into public places, following the Minnesota guidelines.

  48. shopping ace hardware in fallon nevada is always a fast,easy experience.they are very polite and have the knowledge to help find what you need.

  49. I shop at ACE Hardware in Hollister CA and have generally found the employees to be helpful and courteous. I’ve never had a problem returning an item with a receipt for replacement or exchange. The store has always been clean and aisles are kept clear. NO issues using Coupons – but – I read the ‘use by’ and ‘restrictions’ first.
    After shopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot in Gilroy, CA… ACE outshines them both in all respects!

  50. I shop for property maintenance needs at many stores including Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. I’ve found that ACE has the most employee coverage on the floor and registers. If I get a new employee who doesn’t know a product location, they’ll find a more experienced employee or manager quickly to help.
    At Lowes and Home Depot there’s seldom anyone on the floor – I have to ring a bell and hope someone responds – which can take several minutes… frustrating! I find the service at ACE to be far better – and have always found the employees to be ‘helpful’.

  51. third time i try to buy bird suet on sale for 69 cents,every time i try to buy it they are out of it, will not give you a rain check i will never go back to this store rocky,s in smithfield RI. WILLGO TO TRACTOR SUPPLY MUCH BETTER.

  52. couldn’t get threw to contest entry site [just like HomeDepot survey sitr
    some crooked third party scam site getting in way ?
    Can’t figure this out but……….??????

  53. We’re done shopping at ACE… TERRIBLE person at the register (BryceJ it says at the top of our receipt)…didn’t see a nametag on him. Husband called & asked about a product…first he said yes they had it then said i better get someone to check first… Came back to the phone said the person looked and yes they had it.. Husband made the trip to Ace & NO THEY DIDN”T HAVE IT & HADN’T STOCKED IT ALL YEAR!!! This is the THIRD time Ace has done this… We’re done with ACE…It’s went downhill and they lie to you when you call… If we ever call them again & make the trip to the store & it’s NOT there, I will call them out on it in front of everyone there!!! They don’t care about their customers like they used to!

  54. I have used several of the coupons that are mailed to me from Ace. I always shop at the Ace in Covington, Georgia and now that I use those coupons, now the coupons that come to me have the Ace store in McDonough, Georgia on the coupon. It states that the coupons are only good at the store named on the coupon which is 30 miles away in McDonough. That ain’t happening. Can someone fix that please.

  55. FYI——ace sent a 25% off coupon to us, but the item was on sale—–bonus s—$2 off. I asked if I could pay full price and use coupon——-NO. So I paid $24.99. Would have rather had 25%.

  56. I cannnot find where to enter the information I have gone to the web site you listed! I have tried for too long for nothing. the employees at Ace in Duncansville PA have always been polite and helpful. I was there to day

  57. Declining customer service with sarcastic answers to the location of products. Saw the same sarcasm to another customer. A cashier just threw my seven heavy items in a single bag and rolled her eyes when I asked to be double bagged. Wow!! Lots of training needed .

  58. I went to my local Ace and would not warranty a part for my sink because they said I damaged it. You can see that the new part was made better than the one I bought earlier. The difference in the two valves shows that the quality is not there so why warranty it.

  59. Your survey does not accept my information like amount paid so I wasted my time again trying to do this again