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TacoBell has been in the industry since the ‘60s. Who hasn’t savored their delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, right from the crunchy nachos to their lip-smacking burritos! And their international outlets are doing as well as, if not better than, their local shacks. However, the main owners and board members can’t be directly involved in the affairs of all their restaurants, so they depend upon other avenues of appropriate management. One of those avenues is the TacoBell survey opportunity!

Customers can leave the feedback of their most recent visit to Taco Bell at the www.TellTheBell.com survey website. Thus, the authorities can assess the situation at every outlet they own around the globe. And the customers can also win a prize for sparing their valuable time!

As the name suggests, TellTheBell is a unique opportunity for those who visit Taco Bell to tell the authorities exactly what they think about the food and the service. You, as a customer, can visit their official survey website, answer the questionnaire honestly, and submit your feedback. Your opinions regarding the outlet will be heard by the right people. Your suggestions will eventually be implemented and your concerns will be taken care of. Apart from that, once you submit the TellTheBell survey, you will also stand a chance to win a $500 cash prize!

Why TellTheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey?

There are some companies that simply keep taking surveys without doing anything about the complaints and suggestions. TacoBell is definitely NOT one of those! The top-class management team of Taco Bell will hear you out patiently. And if they find that your feedback is practical, then they will certainly put your plan into action.

For instance, if you have mentioned in the TacoBell survey that the ceiling of the outlet was so old that it could fall down at any moment, then the management team will dispatch expert personnel to validate your claim. And if the ceiling is indeed old and worn out, then they won’t hesitate to replace it with a new, sturdy one at the earliest! This is just one of the many benefits of taking the TellTheBell survey. One of the major advantages has to be the whopping $500 reward!

Yes, only those who have filled out the survey properly and honestly will stand a chance to win the grand prize! That is how eager the TacoBell management is to hear your opinions about their outlets. So you can rest assured that the issues will be resolved in a jiffy and the services you receive will eventually be improved.

How To Win Gift $500 in TacoBell Survey?

Such a survey opportunity is unique in the sense that the TacoBell authorities will carefully evaluate the complaints of their customers and pay four of the lucky entrants $500 for the feedback! So, how can you win this exciting prize? Let’s check out the requirements.


Survey Requirements

  • Only US and Canadian citizens are allowed entry into the sweepstakes.
  • You must have the most recent receipt of Taco Bell.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older in order to take the TellTheBell survey.
  • You must have a laptop, smartphone, or a PC along with a stable internet connection.
  • You must know how to read and write properly in either English or Spanish.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone below the age of 18 will be denied entry to the TacoBell survey and the sweepstakes. 
  • Anyone staying outside the US and Canada may be able to take the survey and leave their feedback, but they will not be allowed to enter the sweepstakes.
  • You cannot win the prize without providing your personal details. TellTheBell will only use this information for the purpose of the draw.
  • Any employee or their immediate family member cannot take part in the survey for obvious reasons. The same goes for all the investors and associates of TacoBell, along with anyone else with ties to the company.
  • You are forbidden from taking the survey twice during a particular entry period. Don’t worry! You will have 13 chances to win the $500 cash during each entry period since prizes will be given out every week for 13 weeks!

Survey Participation Instructions

The TellTheBell survey-taking process is pretty straightforward. The instructions are also pretty easy to understand. Follow them down to a T and you will be on your way to win the grand prize.

  • Open any of your browsers and type www.TellTheBell.com.
  • Pull out your most recent TacoBell receipt and type in the store number and the date and time of your visit. You can also switch from English to Spanish on the homepage.
  • Then you will be led to the second page where you need to enter the 16-digit code.
  • After you submit the TacoBell survey code, you will be redirected to the list of questions regarding your visit. Answer them as per your experience at the outlet.
  • Finally, you will be asked for your personal details for the draw. Submit those details and wait to win the grand prize!

TacoBell will notify you within a week of the draw if you manage to win.

About Taco Bell

TacoBell was founded by its namesake, Glen Bell, way back in 1962. It was a quaint little roadside restaurant back then. Two years later, Bell opens the first franchise at Torrance, CA. It was so successful that within just about 6 years, more than 320 Taco Bell restaurants were up and running throughout the country.

Today, TacoBell is a well-known brand with establishments in several parts of Europe and Asia, along with Australia and New Zealand. They have been serving the community for so long that it’s high time that you, as a customer, helped them out. Take the TellTheBell.com survey, help them improve their services, and win $500 in the process!

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5 thoughts on “Taco Bell – TellTheBell.com Survey”

  1. need to bring back the taco bell burgers and tostada glad to see the enchirito back and needs be permanant. thanks

  2. the restaurant was very clean. the staff was very friendly & polite. the food was excellent! Very pleasant experience.

  3. I was at the TB #005726 on Harshman Rd. In Dayton, Ohio the other day after work and I am in awe of the customer service I received from a young lady there.. When I got up to the window she was just as sweet as she was on the speaker. I ask her name and she said it was Miracle. I told her she was a miracle and that her boss needed to give her a raise because that was THE BEST SERVICE I had ever received at any of the TB’s. Then her boss came up to the window and I told him the same thing. I absolutely believe customer service is 90% of the job and Miracle gave it 150% that day. Treat her right TB because young professionals like her does not come around very often these days.
    Thank you Miracle, you made my experience more enjoyable and thank you for making my food as specifically ask for and with a great attitude, I haven’t received that from any other TB.

  4. The Taco Bell in South Boston, Virginia, is the one I often visit. The service is outstanding. The workers are positive, polite, and always tell me to have a good day. My orders are always correct. The workers at this location need to be recognized by Taco Bell as a great group!