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Rite Aid’s success story is an exemplary one. It’s the third-largest drugstore chain in the US today only because of its meticulous methods for constant improvement. It has achieved this success by carefully curating solutions according to customer feedback. The business is offering you the opportunity to win a grand prize of $1,000 or a minor prize of $100 by participating in its customer satisfaction survey.

Rite Aid is offering its customers a chance to win $1,000 by participating in a Rite Aid survey. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about the store and its services, and your name will enter the lucky draw. Visit storesurvey.riteaid.com and help Rite Aid improve its services, and customers have better shopping experiences.

Rite Aid wants to deliver better customer service, and it cannot do so without your genuine feedback. If you are a customer of the drugstore chain, it’s time you should let it know whether you are satisfied with their customer service.

Why Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Like any good store, Rite Aid wants to improve the customer experience, and the best way to do that is by taking honest feedback from the customers themselves. Customer needs change over time, and the only way to stay on top of the game is to incorporate those changes into the business’s operations. The few minutes you spend filling out the survey will have a strong effect on the products and services that the pharmacy chain has to offer. 

You will get a chance to be rewarded – not only with a $1,000 in cash but also with a more fulfilling shopping experience. You may even get a chance to win a minor prize of $100. You will be able to help one of the biggest drugstore chains in the USA to become even bigger and more customer-oriented. Whether you have a suggestion, complaint, or feedback about any product or service, Rite Aid wants to hear from you. 

You may also request to have a look at the winning list by mailing the store chain at one of the following addresses:

Rite Aid Corporate Office

30 Hunter Lane Camp Hill, PA 17011, USA

Phone No: 717-761-2633

Rite Aid Customer Service

30 Hunter Lane Camp Hill, PA 17011, USA

Phone No: 1-800-748-3243

How to Win reward in Rite Aid Survey – www.StoreSurvey.RiteAid.com?

Entering the contest is a simple process. If you want to win the $1,000 grand prize or the $100 minor prize, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. Get to know the eligibility criteria, the restrictions, and how to enter the contest. You may be the lucky winner who wins the grand prize if you follow the procedure correctly.

RiteAid Store Survey

Survey Requirements

  • The online entry system requires proof of a valid recent purchase and receipt code.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or above at the time of entry.
  • Participants must be legal residents of the US.
  • Access to a PC or laptop with a stable internet connection is a must.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is necessary to complete the survey.

Survey Restrictions

  • The survey will stand void where it is prohibited by law.
  • The RiteAid survey is not open for employees, directors, managers, parent company employees, officers, and affiliates of Rite Aid, in addition to the immediate family members of Rite Aid employees.
  • A maximum number of three entries are allowed per participant per month with the online entry system.
  • An unlimited number of entries are allowed with the mail-in system; however, only one entry is allowed per postcard. So if you want to enter 5 times, you will have to send in 5 different postcards.

Participation Instructions

Online Method

  1. Step 1: Visit the page for the storesurvey.riteaid.com win $1000 and carefully read the instructions for participation. Alternatively, you can search for storesurvey riteaid.com to find the survey page. In all situations, you will be redirected to the relevant page.
  2. Step 2: Select the option for “Receipt Code” and enter the receipt code that’s on your purchase receipt. You don’t need to make a purchase specifically for the draw, but you will need a valid sales receipt from your previous purchase. If you want to participate without a purchase, then use the mail-in option.
  3. Step 3: Once you click “Next,” you’ll be taken to the survey page where you will be asked to answer the storesurvey.riteaid questions. Make sure to provide honest feedback.
  4. Step 4: After you’ve responded to the questions, you will be redirected to a page on which you will be asked to enter your personal details for the lucky draw. Your details are confidential and will only be used for the lucky draw.
  5. Step 5: Be sure to recheck your information before submitting the questionnaire. Once you submit your answers, you will automatically be part of the draw and get an opportunity to win $1,000.
  6. Step 6: Wait for the drawing, and if you win, you will be contacted at the contact information you provided.

Mail-In Method

  • Write your full name, complete postal address, age, and contact number on a postcard.
  • Address it to Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes, PO Box 16440, Rochester, NY 14616.
  • Place it in a standard-size business envelope and send it to the above address.
  • Wait for the next drawing, and if you win, you will be contacted at the contact information you have provided.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in the USA and ranked No. 94 by total revenue in a list of the largest US companies in 2018. Based out of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, the drugstore chain’s first-ever store was opened by Alex Grass in 1962, and today, it aims to help improve the quality of lives by delivering impeccable services and products.

Rite Aid was able to expand to five other states out of Pennsylvania within the first 3 years, showcasing its dedication to making healthcare solutions accessible to everyone. The chain went public in 1968 and got listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1970. Rite Aid holds the title of the largest drugstore on the East Coast and directly competes with Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. It ranks in the top 3 biggest drugstore chains in the US and employs over 51,000 people in 19 states.


Besides providing high-quality healthcare solutions, Rite Aid offers its customers a frequent cash prize in return for filling out a survey, enabling them to enter sweepstakes that offer amazing prizes. At present, the Rite Aid survey is giving you the opportunity to win $1,000 by participating in a customer satisfaction survey. The survey’s goal is to help the store rtain its customers and keeps them satisfied.

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25 thoughts on “Rite Aid Survey – StoreSurvey.RiteAid.com”

  1. The people at the Rite Aid in Imlay City are the best!! From the pharmacy to front checkout. Always very helpful, friendly and seem happy. Go there for all things I need!!

  2. nunca que lo hago he ganado nada haveces pienso que es un engano sorry por la sinceridad EL Amor a DIOs no me permite mentir .aseria bueno saver que alguien pueda resivir esa bendicion y mas en estos momentos muchas gracias . Bendiciones


  4. You always say sorry survey is not currently active. Why give a receipt to take the survey? I always have to go bac the next day to enter survey..

  5. Three times I tried entering your $1000.00 possible winning, and three times a notice came up that Survey is not available. Then, when I finally get in, which is usually the next day, I get a notice from you asking a few of the same questions. Then a notice saying the # was already used. I think your Survey is a scam. I just waste my time trying to enter.

  6. Im happy with Riteaid. I know they are having a hard time as everyone is with this pandemic but feel they are dealing with it the best they can, They are convenient to my home .

  7. When I asked for help to find items their respond is 100 percent with courtesy and respect

  8. Hey, large corporation Rite Aid, Win $1,000! to take a survey. You indicate that you care but, the truth is the opposite.

    When & where has Rite Aid PUBLISHED ANY OF THE WINNERS OF YOU SURVEY. At least the first name, surname first initial, city/state?

    Big corporate crap clogging the internet & leading customers on like the other large corporations. Grow-up & do the right thing!!!

  9. Dear sir/madam I]’ve just received these 2-receipts ‘April 2,21-Friday- which that was YESTERDAY still I’ve can’t even do any kind of your ‘SURVEYS’ even though I’ve tried to put In the 16-Numbers that were on the ‘Receipts’ OKAY still nothing happen ,so what’s up with that HAH/HUH well sir/madam ,unless there’s no-more survey’s to do anymore ,so again what seems to be the(majordiscrepcey) w/It now….???? Personally I’ve don’t get It by know means either.!!!!

  10. I love my Rite Aid. The only problem is that they are always short handed. I’m willing to wait most times because I not only get my prescriptions there, I get a lot of sundries, etc.

    1. Hello, current prizes in Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey:
      One (1) Grand Prize and ten (10) First Prizes will be available to
      be won each Survey Period during the Sweepstakes.
      One (1) Grand Prize, consisting of $1,000 cash to be awarded in the form of a check.
      Ten (10) First Prizes, each consisting of $100 cash to be awarded in the form of a check.
      Total ARV of all Prizes $24,000.00
      Official Rules:

  11. No matter what site I go on to enter the Rite-Aid Survey, I get nowhere. I think Rite-Aid wants people to give up and not take the survey. Shame. I won’t be shopping there again.

  12. I am beginning to think this survey if fake. No matter what I try I can not find the entry page or it will not let me enter the code.

      1. I followed your instructions, but got the message that this survey is not currently active.

  13. I am having trouble entering my code number. Is it because I have 18 Wellness+ points? (BonusCash awards)