Sea Turtle House


Kumejima's Turtle House

Sea Turtle Encounter

For a limited time the Kume Island sea turtle house will be hosting a sea turtle encounter. Partipants will be able to feed and pet the sea turtles. Space is limited so reservations are re quired. Please call 098-985-7513 to make a reservation.

This encounter is limited to August 28 through May 6 from 9:00 to 9:30. Please be promt or an alternate will be chosen. 500yen for adults, 300yen for children including elementary and junior high students includes entry fee and food.

The Sea Turtle House was completed in July 2000 and is located on Ou Island next to Bade Haus Kumejima. There is a parking lot in front along with two statues, one with a boy riding a sea turtle.

Past the main doors is an office on the left from which you can purchase your entry ticket. While they do offer a guide pamphlet, it is in Japanese. There is also a small gift store. Past another set of doors is a lounge area and a set of panel exhibits about sea turtles.

A Turtle House Exhibit

The Turtle House was built with the goal of protecting the marine environment and researching turtles. To that end, the central area of the Sea Turtle House contains many fossils and shells showing the diversity of marine life around Kume Island. There are also numerous pictures to illustrate more ocean wonders. Nearby a theater with three screens plays an original video that is about ten minutes long.

A Turtle House Exhibit

The main attraction, of course, are the sea turtles. To the left of the entrance, the exhibit course will take you past three small aquariums with small sea turtles. Along side these tanks are more information about each one.

Past the small tanks is a large aquarium with several much larger sea turtles. You can watch the turtles swim from the first floor, or go up a set of stairs to see them from above. On the second floor there is also an artificial white sand beach where turtles can lay and hatch their eggs in safety.

More Information

  • Open: 9:00-17:00 closed Tuesdays
  • Entry Fee: 300yen for adults, 200yen for students