Tunnaha Forest Park


Tunnaha Castle Grounds

The Tunnaha Forest Park is located on the top of Tunnaha mountain, between the Maja, Higa and Madomari Areas. Following the road next to the Kumejima Town hall north, you will see a sign on the left marking the turn off to the park.

Lower Tunnaha Pavilion

At the top of the hill is a small parking area with pagoda and large stretches of cut grass perfect for recreation or a picnic. This area is also a designated gathering point during Tsunami. If you drive past the small parking area, the road continues steeply up to a larger parking area at the top.

In addition to the road, there is a second path that leads through the trees from near the lower parking area to the top of the mountain.

The summit is a large grass covered mound with large rocks pointing out around the area. There are also many places to stop and relax with a covered observation point that provides the best view of the eastern part of Kume Island.

Tunnaha Summit

From the top of Tunnaha, you can see Hateno Beach, the Eef Area, the Maja Area, and many other locations. On a sunny day the view is quite stunning. A visit to the tunnaha forest park is HIGHLY reccomended.

Tunnaha Panorama


View from Lower Tunnaha
Tunnaha Lower Path
Lower Field
Tunnaha View East
Tunnaha Flower
Tunnaha Stairs
View from the top
View from the top 2
South East of Tunnaha
Tunnaha Path