Shirase River Garden Park

Park Sign

The Shirase River flows from the center of the ilsand to the sea with its mouth cutting through the Kanegusuku Area before passing under the Big Minato Bridge. Between the Kumejima Fire Station, and the bridge is a small side road marked by a blue and white sign that leads down towards the river. There You’ll find a smaller bridge spanning the river. On the south side, a rock marker notes the beginning of a path that follows the southern bank of the river. Past that you’ll see the signs above to the parking area and start of the Garden Park.

Shirase River East

The Shirase River is the largest river on Kumejima and is fed by the Shirase River dams in the center of the island. Though not large by continental standards it hosts an abundance of wildlife and feeds the green beauty of the surrounding areas. From the signs, there is a side road that winds around the local gas intake station to a small parking lot with facilities and a small observatory platform.

Parking and Platform

Past the platform, a scenic trail runs along the river and is a great place for a stroll or nature photography. Of course, you can also travel along the southern bank, or explore closer to the water. This little known spot is highly reccommended.


Shirase Park West
Shirase Park Rock
South Bank Marker
South Path
Shirase Park East