Kanshin Dam Nature Park


Kanshin Dam Lake View

Kume Island has long been a place of bountiful natural water resources. Locals have harvested the power of the ample rainfall among the island’s high peaks in several water reservoirs, such as at the Kanshin Dam. This small lake is located next to the Five-Root Tree and offers a place to stop and relax.

Unfortunately, due to the importance of preserving the natural habitat of unique species that can only survive in the wetlands, much of the park is sealed off from the public. There are several small parking areas along with a pavilion, information sign, and a few walking areas, but the more expansive walkways and bridges that span the area between water and road are fenced off.

While you might be able to spot some local wild life, there is little for the busy tourist to see here. Still, if you enjoy nature and are traveling to Kume Island between April and May you may spot Kumejima fireflies in the twilight skies.

Kanshin Dam Bridge
Kanshin Dam Pavilion
Kanshin Dam Walkway
Kanshin Dam Sign
Kanshin Dam Waterway

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