Black Rock Forest Park


Black Rock Forest Park

Black Rock Forest Park has the distinction of being one of the most out of the way parks in all of Kume Island. The lonely road there may be difficult to find, but if you do chance upon it, it is a great place for a picnic, rest, or just to see the great views.

Black Rock Forest is located high on the north-shore cliffs, on a point jutting towards the ocean. The area, and occasionally the clay tiled awning are usually visible from Hiyajo Cliff Overlook.

This park has a nice balance of grass and trees, and has two large stones etched as markers. These stones are just one of 13 song stones at various places around Kumejima. The stones evoke a sense of emotion at each location through the inscribed words.

Left Song Stone
Right Marker Stone

At the far end of the area, behind a protective fence, the ground falls away to the sea. In the distance you can see Aguni Island. And to the left, is a point of rock that looks a lot like a gorilla’s head.

To the right, you’ll get a great view of Hateno Beach stretching east from Kume Island. In the distance, you may also be able to spot the Kerama Islands. The area to the far right is the Maja neighborhood with the Deep Sea Research Institute.


There are two ways to get to this secluded area. The first is if you are in the Maja neighborhood. Instead of taking the main road that goes up towards Hiyajo, make a right at the Tsumugi Pavilion. Then go left at the next actual road (not a dirt road). Follow it along the farms. You’ll see a large ohaka (oval shaped tomb) in the cliff ahead. Drive towards it, even when the road turns to gravel. Just after the road changes, you’ll see a left turn with pavement. Make the turn and follow the slope. Go slow, its steep and there are a few curves. That road will take you right to it.

The other option is if you are heading towards Maja from Hiyajo. You’ll pass a small turn off with a sign for the Old Man’s Beard waterfall, and then there will be a second, smaller road with a sign pointing towards
a path. This road is the same the other method and will lead you right to Black Rock Forest Park.

Black Rock Forest West side.

The rest of the stop off is open grass with a convenient table.