Ara Forest


Ara Forest Road

Ara Forest sits high upon the mountains of the southern peninsula. Green and beautiful the forest is largely nartural with a road traveling through from east to west. The road is lined with cherry trees and places to stop, rest, and view teh southern shores of Kumejima.

In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom leaving the road awash in pink, red, and white. Mejiro (Japanese white eyes) come out to feast on the nectar. Ara Forest is great for a slow drive or quiet walk, and is a must see during hanmai season.

The entrance to the Ara forest road in the east is past the Shimajiri neighborhood to the south of Kumejima. You will see blue and white signs leading you in Japanese and English. That neighborhood is also the entrance to the Tokujimu Nature Park.

On the west side, the road begins just past Ara Beach, following switchbacks up the mountain. The yearly leisure walk also visits parts of the Ara Forest Path.


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