Five Root Tree

Ancient Five Root Tree


Go-e Matsu Tree

One of Kume Island’s most beautiful natural landmarks is an Ancient Pine tree that is so large and so old that it has five separate trunks all feeding into the same tree. Records indicate the Ryukyu Pine (Pinus Iuchuenis) was planted in 1839 and is a designated natural treasure of Japan.

Located on the western side of the Island in a beautiful park on its own, the Goedano Matsu is a Protected Natural Monument. In the spring, fireflies can be seen around the tree, which is similar in appearance to a giant bonesai.

Diagram of the tree

The tree is over 6 meters tall, thirty-one meters across and has a circumfrence of 4.3 meters at its main trunk.

Under the tree

On the north side of the tree is a wooden walkway that leads to a shrine underneath the tree. You can walk in and see the expansive tree from underneath. Aside from the tree, the area is a large grass covered park that is perfect for a relaxing picnic or stroll. There are benches and paths throughout in addition to the shrine and other notes in Japanese. In the spring (Late March through May) you may be able to spot fireflies in twighlight and early evening.

Goedano Matsu Shop

Store Entrance

Next to the parking area for the Five Root Tree is a small building with toilet facilities and the Goedano Matsu shop (aka omiyage baiten). The shop is open daily from 10 to 5pm.

Under the tree

This shop has a good selection of omiyage (souvenirs, gifts, and local foods), at what the proprieter said was the cheapest around. In addition, there are snacks and drinks for sale for those looking for a quick treat along the way.

In addition to the usual omiyage, there is a wide selection of both Kumesen and Yoneshima awamori, toys, and other items.

More Photos

Tree walkway
Tree Marker
Shop Interior