Hateno Beach


Map of Hateno Beach area

Hateno, Nakano, and Meenu are off-shore islands of pristine white sand and cobalt waters. Boats run daily from Tomari Port in the Janadou neighborhood.

Boats at Hateno Beach

These beaches offer a unique chance to escape into a world of relaxation and natural enjoyment. With several boat charters travelling to the beach, you have multiple transportation options, including a glass bottom boat. Once on the Hateno beach, you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, tube riding, and other activities.

Available services include toilets, limited beverage stand, parasols, shaded areas, and equipment rentals. Steal away to Hateno beach for a truly unique experience. The picture on the right shows one of two areas on the long sand beach with facilities.

If you’re lucky, you might spot one of Kume Island’s interesting sea turtles during your stay. These sea turtles swim in the waters around the beaches and return to lay eggs each year.

If you decide to travel out to Hateno Beach, check the times to ensure you’re prepared to stay until the next boat returns. The sun can be hot so bring drinking water and wear sunscreen or uv clothing. I think it is definitely worth the trip if you’ve never been, though if beaches aren’t your thing it might be better to save the boat charge and visit Kumejima’s other great sites.


A Kume Island Sea Turtle
Hateno Beach with Kume Island in the background
Hateno Beach's East End
Wide Angle View of Sand
View of Hateno from the water