Kume Island Beaches

  • Ara Beach SouthAra BeachAra Beach is a small strip tucked away at the west end of the Ara Forest path. This beautifully secluded beach looks out over the ocean to the south west of Kume. You can also observe the Kumejima Ferries from here.
  • Eef BeachEef BeachEef Beach is perhaps one of the longest and most popular beaches on Kumejima. Protected within Kume's natural coral barriers, Eff beach is a white sand beach stretching along the south east part of the Island.
  • Hateno Beach WestHateno BeachHateno Beach is a set of three off-shore white-sand beaches that are only accessible by boat. This is the premire beach destination.
  • Shinri BeachShinri BeachShinri Beach is located near the Kume Island Airport and Cypress Hotel. It is a little quieter, with its white sand beaches edged with interesting rock formations. It's a great place for snorkeling during high tide!