Aka (Old Man’s Beard) Waterfall


Aka Waterfall Marker

The north shore of Kumejima is lined with high cliffs that are the home of many beautiful waterfalls during rainy seasons. The most spectacular are located between Hiyajo Cliff and Black Rock Forest on the main route
242. There is a small parking area with a blue sign above, just where the road has been newly widened.

The striking feature of this waterfall is the unique interplay of wind and water. When strong north winds hit the cliff walls, the wind rizes pushing up the water into a reverse waterfall that has the look of an old man’s beard flowing up.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the rare combination of water and wind, there is a great viewing platform down a few steps from the parking lot. Even if the wind is not blowing, the view is well worth it. Be warned that if it hasn’t rained within a week there many not be much to the waterfalls.

The stone marker located near the small parking lot contains the lyrics of a song about the young daughter of Aka. From the viewing platform you can also view the Epoch Kuruma Shrimp Farm and Kume Island’s lost village in the trees below.

Aka Waterfall Marker