Natural Attractions

There are many things to see and even more to do on Kume Island. An ancient land with a rich history and culture, Kume Island has a National Cultural Treasure, a Historical Landmark of Okinawa Prefecture, and three Protected Prefectural National Monuments.
  • Aka FallsAka WaterfallThe unique natural phenomena is hard to catch, but well worth the sight. During periods of strong north wind, the falls flow up, and look like an old man's beard.
  • Ancient Five-root TreeAncient PineThis Ancient pine has stood on Kumejima for over a hundred years. Five root clusters support this iconically shaped tree.
  • Bird's Mouth RockBird's Mouth RockA natural rock formation in Kumejima's southern penninsula in the shape of a bird's beak.Part of the larger Tokujimu Nature Park.
  • Hateno BeachHateno BeachHateno Beach is one of three off-shore sand sholes protected by a ring of coral rocks. It is a famous beach and nesting ground for sea turtles.
  • Miifuga RockMiifugaMiifugaa is a rock formation on Kumejima's Northwest Shore. This towering split is a must see.
  • Tachijiami RockTachijami Rock WallTachijami Rock Wall is a towering yet lonely rock wall on Kumejima's North Shore. Part of teh Tachijami Nature Park.
  • Tatami RocksTatami RocksThe Tatami Rocks are located on Oo Island and were formed by years of tectonic and volcanic activity many hundreds of years ago. Don't miss thier unique shapes.
  • Yajiyagama CavesYajiyagama CaveOne of my favorite places on Kumejima, the Yajiyagama caves provide both interesting natural formations and a look into Kumejima's past.
  • Golden CycadGolden CycadsThis rare plant is seen in only three places on Kumejima, and nowhere else. All of them are in private residences.
  • and more.