Hiyajo Cliff


Hiyajo Cliffs

Hiyajo Cliffs, known as Hiyajo Banta, are the tall cliffs that line the north eastern edge of Kume Island. The main Kume Island road runs along the top of the cliffs, providing spectacular views of the forested mountains, pure blue ocean, and farms below.

The steep slopes extend underwater as well. This unique geology allows for extremely deep water on the north side of the island. The Deep Sea Research institute in Maja Neighborhood provides insights into the properties of the water, and supplies Bade Haus and Point Pure, a cosmetics company.

In addition to the cliffs, there is a two-level observation port that provides the best view of the surrounding area and other islands such as Aguni, Tonaki, and Tokashiki. It is a great place to stop and relax.

Matsudo-Sho shopNext to the Overlook is Matsudo-sho a small store catering to locals and tourists with souvenirs, drinks, snacks, and even Blue Seal ice cream. The store is open from 7:00 to 19:00 every day, but is closed the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. There are also restroom facilities and a large parking lot. Stop for a drink or some delicious ice cream!

Hiyajo Cliffs

A view towards Black Rock Forest Park from Hiyajo Cliff Overlook.