Suhara Castle Ruins

Suhara Sign Post

Suhara is a set of ruins high in the mountains of the Zenda Area. The entrance to the path that leads to the ruins is in Zenda Park. Unlike most of the castle ruins on Kume Island, Suhara requires a bit of a hike (350m uphill) to reach. The path is far more rugged than most as well. Though it is not entirely natural, and is somewhat maintained, this castle is for those who are seeking a more natural experience.

Suhara Path

The Suhara Castle was built to watch over the rich farm lands in the Eef and Higa areas, while also observing the important Zenda waterway. Today, the remains of the castle include sections of rock walls as high as two meters that
encirle an area overlooking Eef beach. The interior of the walls has been over grown, so if you do travel through be very careful of snakes which may be poisonous.

This is the spot to visit if you enjoy hiking, exploring, or want to see ruins in a rustic setting. The path up to the runis is shaded with the natural forest trees and other plants and is a perfect way to get away from the city and travel back to a time long forgotten.

View from Suhara Ruins