Chinaha(Ishikinawa) Castle Ruins


Chinaha Entrance

Located near the Kume Island Cultural Center, Ishikinawa castle is called Chinaha by the local people. Sighted on a cliff above the Shirase River it was strategically located to both guard the river and recieve supplies from it. Now the ruins are over-grown but remain a wide and interesting place to visit. This spot is a little known to most Kumejima visitors, yet is one of the better views on Kumejima You’ll find old walls, ancient history, and a great place to walk.

The ruins are free to visit though we suggest you go before dark and wear shoes suitable for uneven ground. Though the interior of the castle is maintained, large portions may become overgrown with plants and there are some areas with holes near the edge of the wall so proceed with caution and stay within the bounds and off the walls.

More Photos from Chinaha

Chinaha View 1
Chinaha View 2
Chinaha View 3