Kume Island Sights

There are many things to see and even more to do on Kume Island. An ancient land with a rich history and culture, Kume Island has a National Cultural Treasure, a Historical Landmark of Okinawa Prefecture, and three Protected Prefectural National Monuments.

With such a long and interesting history, Kume Island is a balance of unique natural beauty, cultural identity, and modern civilization. Come see all Kumejima has to offer.

Natural Beauty

Bird’s Mouth Rock

Bird's Mouth Rock

A natural rock formation in Kumejima’s southern penninsula in the shape of a bird’s beak.Part of the larger Tokujimu Nature Park.

Hateno Beach

Hateno Beach

Hateno Beach is one of three off-shore sand sholes protected by a ring of coral rocks. It is a famous beach and nesting ground for sea turtles.


Miifuga Rock

Miifugaa is a rock formation on Kumejima’s Northwest Shore. This towering split is a must see.

Tachijami Rock Wall

Tachijiami Rock

Tachijami Rock Wall is a towering yet lonely rock wall on Kumejima’s North Shore. Part of the Tachijami Nature Park.

Tatami Rocks

Tatami Rocks

The Tatami Rocks are located on Oo Island and were formed by years of tectonic and volcanic activity many hundreds of years ago. Don’t miss their unique shapes.

Yajiyagama Cave

Yajiyagama Caves

One of my favorite places on Kumejima, the Yajiyagama caves provide both interesting natural formations and a look into Kumejima’s past.

Giant and Golden Cycads

Golden Cycad

The rare golden plant is seen in only three places on Kumejima, and nowhere else. All of them are in private residences. There is also a very old and large Cycad in the Madomari Area

Ancient Pine

Ancient Five-root Tree

This Ancient pine has stood on Kumejima for over a hundred years. Five root clusters support this iconically shaped tree.

Aka Waterfall

Aka Waterfall Marker

The unique natural phenomena is hard to catch, but well worth the sight. During periods of strong north wind, the falls flow up, and look like an old man’s beard.

More Beaches

Golden Cycad

Aside from Hateno Beach, there are several great beaches on Kume Island. Find out more about them here!

and more.

Cultural and Historic Identity

Cultural Center and Museum


Kumejima’s Cultural Center holds a muesum full of artifacts and information from Kumejima’s long history. It also houses a archival libarary and interesting sites around the ground.

Tsumugi Weaving Pavilion

Tsumugi Pavilion

The Yuimaru-kan is the center of Kumejima’s traditional pongee silk weaving and includes a museum, demonstrations, and more.

Castle Ruins

Uegusuku Castle Ruins

Kumejima has many castle ruins dating back hundreds of years. Many provide spectacular views of the surrounding areas and a look into the past.

Uezu Historic House

Uezu House Front

The house of a former Magiri (district) governor during the Ryukyu Kingdom, the beautifully preserved wooden house demonstrates tradition and style all at once.

and more!

Kume Today

Bade Haus Kumejima

Bade Haus Front

Bade Haus is a mineral spa and onsen located on Oo Island and featuring Deep Sea Water.

Kumesen Awamori

Kumesen Factory

Take a tour of the famous Kumesen Awamori factory high in the north Uegusuku Area.

Miso Cookie Factory

Miso Cookie Factory Front

The Fukuya bakery and store produces Kumejima’s most famous and favorite food: Miso Cookies!

Yachimun Shisa Gallery and Studio

Yachimun Bottles

Make your own handmade shisha from locally produced clay, get one of the best views of Hateno Beach or buy one of the great pieces in the gallery.

Ghost Road

Ghost Road

The Ghost/Magnetic road in the Uezu Area will mystify and astound. Take a drive and you might catch a glance of the supernatural.

Garcina Treelined Road

Garcina trees

The Garcina Trees (also known as Fukugi) are an important reminder of the past on Kumejima. These majestic trees stand tall as a reminder of the agricultural roots of the island. Checkout the groomed island of old trees in the center of the main road through the Madomari and Maja areas.

Firefly Pavilion

Firefly Pavilion

The Firefly Pavilion doubles as research station and museum, presenting vistors with a look at the wildlife of Kumejima as they work to secure the future of multiple species.

Parks and Rest Areas

Furiai Park Gate

There are many parks and rest areas around Kume Island. You’ll find everything from nature preserves to wide stetches of open area that serve as playgrounds and event spaces.

and more.


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