Saint Martin Island Travel Guide

saint martin island

Are you looking to explore the very beautiful Sint Maarten island? If yes, this article will give you a fair idea about the place, attractions, stay options, and more.

sint maarten island

This Island of Saint is a part of Leeward Island and is the world’s smallest land that belongs to both France and Netherlands. It offers a glimpse of French and Dutch culture. Sint Marteen Island is a part of The Netherlands Antilles that was once a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The place is loaded with natural beauty and offers a host of tourist attractions worth exploring. The fascinating culture of the French side and the Dutch side will surely impress you. The French area is called Saint Martin while the Dutch area is called Sint Maarten.

The island area is 37 square miles with a host of enthralling beaches. Apart from soaking yourself in captivating nature, you can also indulge in water sports like snorkeling or adventures like zip-lining and hiking. 

This Caribbean vacation destination was wrecked in the year 1997 by the hurricane IRMA. It is still recovering from the damages. While the Northern side i.e. the French side of Saint Martin Island spreads in an area of 54 square km, the southern is known as the Dutch side of Sint Maarten Island and sprawls in an area of 41 square km. The Dutch side has its legal system, but its relationship with the French side has not changed. The French side occupies two-third of the Island. 

How to reach

You can easily reach this place by flight. The Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side is the key entryway to this part of the island. Espérance Grand-Case Airport is located on the French side from where from and to flights to nearby islands are operated.

Tourists can reach St. Martin’s Island by boats and ships from Cox Bazar and Teknaf. The internal transport option they have is a non-motorized van. 

Best Time to Visit

You must plan a holiday to Saint Martin Island is between December and April. You can also get the best hotel deals during this period.

The place is usually flooded with tourists from the US and Canada because of its comforting weather. The time between July and October is not favorable, as it is the hurricane season. 

Places to stay at St Martin Island

There are umpteen options to stay at this tourist’s paradise. You can explore fancy resorts, beachside stay, or if you don’t wish to spend too much money, you can choose from budget stay options. 

Popular Things to do at Saint Martin Island

Even though this is a small island, it has so much to offer. Whether you want to enjoy the sandy beaches, go shopping, try snorkeling, or just relax in your lazy boots on the beach, Saint Martin Island is the place to be. 

Thrill yourself with the steepest zip-line in the world: Saint Martin Island is not only about sandy beaches, beautiful waves, and relaxation. Well, you can surely find a dose of adventure at the steepest zip line here. St. Maarten zip line is the steepest one that drops up to 1000 feet elevation and has 2800 feet cable. Explore the beauty of this place very closely with this zip line.  

Maho beach: It won’t be wrong to call Martin Island the Mecca of travelers. If you wish to explore the beauty of Maho Beach, then drop down at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side. The place is just a few steps away. You can spot the plane getting down from the sky while you are lounging at the beachside. 

Sunbathe at the Mullet Bay: The protected coves, blue water, and white sand of the Mullet Bay look like it has just come out of the painter’s most beautiful creation. It is one of the best Sint Maarten Island beaches. The beach is bordered by the 18-hole golf course. Visit this place during the daytime, or else the views in the evening get blocked by the cruise ship that anchors here. 

Create your personalized fragrance: It is quite interesting that here you can create your custom hand-made perfume. This is the best souvenir that you can carry back home with you. The smell is going to last with you forever. 

Colorful bliss at Philipsburg: If you are a shopaholic and are looking for a perfect place to satiate your shopping craving, Philipsburg is the place to be. The place is famous for duty-free shipping. Another place that you must visit when you visit Philipsburg is the Great Bay. 

Sunset sailing: Who doesn’t want to enjoy a romantic sunset. At Saint Martin Island, you can enjoy sailing around the sea to catch the rosy and golden hues of the sunset. You can easily find several operators here providing sailing services. On-board dance party, relax on the sail, and enjoy the enigmatic skyline. 

Island hop around the Caribbean Sea: As much as it is a joy for you to board this place, leaving Saint Martin Island is also a pleasurable experience. You can go island hopping. There are ferries from Anguilla and St. Barts that you can book in advance. You can also take a privately run charter boat if you please. 

Explore Grand Case: This is the smallest beach town; it lies on the French side of the Island. This is the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. So, if you are a connoisseur of good food, this is the best place. You can enjoy Creole, French, and Caribbean cuisine by the beachside accompanied with fantastic drinks while relaxing on the beach. Here you can also enjoy snorkeling, boating, diving, underwater walking, and sea trek in Grand Case.


Saint Martin Island/Sint Maarten Island is a perfect place to explore the mixed culture of France and the Netherlands. Circumvented by beautiful beaches and white sand, with a range of hotels, this place is a tourist paradise. Also, explore the nearby countries and islands in the Caribbean Sea.Visit the serenity of Sint Maarten Island, expose yourself to the blissful nature, delve into delectable delicacies, and express the emotions that have been sticking in your heart for a long time.

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