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Rural King Supply is a farming products chain from the United States. It was founded in 1960 and currently has outlets in several of the country’s states where farming is still in full force. Their product offerings cover almost every part of farming and ranching, right from rugged clothing and accessories to welding and pumping equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in farming or you are a dab hand at it. Beginners and experienced ranchers alike can find everything they are looking for at any Rural King store.

And you don’t need to visit one of the 125 Rural King stores in the country to get what you need. Simply log on to their online website and place an order for purchase. The product will be delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time! If you didn’t appreciate the service or the product at their store, then you can leave your feedback in the RuralKing survey, the official customer satisfaction portal.

Did your farming equipment start malfunctioning soon after purchase? Was the employee who assisted you during your visit to the Rural King store impolite? Or did you find everything, right from the service to the product quality, to be perfect? You can take this company survey to note down the drawbacks of your experience at the outlet or highlight the benefits of your visit.

A series of questions will be asked in the RuralKing survey, ones which will thoroughly determine the satisfaction of your visit to their store. You simply need to rate each question according to your visit. Give perfect reviews to the service quality if it was indeed stellar, and don’t hesitate to leave bad feedback to, say, the cleanliness question if litter was thrown around the floor.

Why RuralKing Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

You might think that Rural King tends to gain more out of this survey than the customers. After all, it is you who will be spending time filling up the survey form to improve the services of the company. So what will you get out of it? Improving the services of the company involves providing a better and safer environment for the customers. Thus, you will inherently be helping yourself experience improved service on your next visit to their outlet by taking the survey.

Furthermore, the time that you spend on the RuralKing survey won’t be more than 10 minutes. So those 10 minutes spent experiencing a better atmosphere at Rural King for a lifetime is well worth it! And here’s an added benefit – you have a chance to win two Rural King gift cards worth $150 each. Thus, on your next visit to the store, you can get $300 worth of shopping done absolutely free of cost!

How to Win Gift Cards in RuralKing.com/Survey?

The process of participating in the sweepstakes is a bit more complicated than you may assume.

Survey Requirements

  • Rural King stores are present in only 13 US states – IL, FL, IN, KY, TN, OH, MI, MO, NC, PA, VA, WV, and AL. You need to be a resident of either of these states to enter the survey portal.
  • Only those people who are above 18 can participate in the RuralKing survey.
  • English is the only language that the survey is available in. So you must be proficient in reading and writing in that language.
  • Available only over the internet, this survey cannot be accessed offline. Thus, you need to have a device with a strong internet connection to participate.
  • Your email ID is a primary requirement for entering the portal and participating in the sweepstakes. Be sure to create one if you don’t have a personal email.

Survey Restrictions

  • Restrictions are severe in case of employees of Rural King. It is a rule that neither the employees nor their immediate family members (spouse, kids, or parents) are allowed to participate in the sweepstakes. If you have any stakes in the company or are a business associate, then you too won’t be allowed to enter.
  • You cannot take the survey without a prior visit to the store. You will need a recent receipt to gain entry into the questionnaire.
  • No more than one entry is allowed per receipt.
  • No more than one prize is allowed per household during a survey period.
  • If you tend to make purchases at Rural King multiple times a month, then you can participate in the sweepstakes only once every week.
  • The $150 worth of gift cards can only be redeemed at the participating Rural King outlets. They cannot be exchanged for cash, either at the outlet itself or from a third party.
  • The prize is non-transferable.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Enter the sweepstakes via this link – www.RuralKing.com/Survey.
  2. The homepage of this survey kind of carries more links than required, but you can easily find the direct survey link in bold red letters – Click Here To Give Us Your Feedback!
  3. After selecting that link, enter the following details – receipt number, state, and store location. All these details will be present on your Rural King receipt.
  4. The official survey questions will be loaded at this point. Try to recollect every little anomaly and positivity during your visit to the outlet, and select the choices accordingly. Don’t forget to elaborate on any negatives in the comment boxes provided.
  5. Providing your personal details will be the final stage of your sweepstakes participation process. Once you enter your name, email ID, residential address, etc. you will be directly entered into the draw.
  6. Wait for about a couple of weeks for the winners of the RuralKing survey to be announced.

About Rural King

Rural King was founded in 1960 by Kermit Speer and Keith Beaird in the small town of Mattoon in IL. Within a few good years, the duo were able to launch several other farm supply stores in various parts of the US. Today, while the present owners are happy with their 125 stores, they are looking to expand even more. Help them do so by taking the survey at www.RuralKing.com/Survey and stand a chance to two exclusive gift cards worth $300!

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