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Portillo’s Restaurant Group, Inc., shortened to Portillo’s, is among the finest, most delicious fast casual restaurant chains in Chicago and beyond. It specializes in Chicago-style cuisine that is authentic to the core. You will find everything that screams Chicago street food, right from sumptuous hot dogs to delectable Italian beef. Apart from those two classics, you have got to try out their Char-grilled Maxwell Street Polish, an onion grilled sausage that will make you want more. Their burgers and salads aren’t to be missed either!

But like every other restaurant business, the coronavirus pandemic has hit Portillo’s quite hard. They still maintain their first-rate services, but since they have over 67 outlets to manage, it is a tough task for their small yet dedicated team. That is the reason why they are including you, the customer, in their enthusiastic team of professionals, through their Portillos.com/Survey, a unique opportunity that connects their highest authorities with every customer.

Portillo’s has been serving lip-smacking Chicago food to millions of customers over the years, through which they have made huge profits. It is their time to give back something to the community. And that is where the Portillos survey comes into the picture. This is the chance that every customer needs to grab in order to bring about a beneficial change in the overall working environment at any of the Portillo’s outlets.

The survey is simply a series of questions that you need to answer – rather select one of the multiple choices – to provide your feedback. Positive feedback is appreciated, but negative feedback is better considered because the aim of the survey is to improve the services of Portillo’s. Thus, even if you experienced a top-notch visit, don’t hesitate to note any possible anomaly you noticed in the survey.

Why Portillos.com/Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey

Why should you look for anomalies during your visit when you should be enjoying your meal at Portillo’s? The survey isn’t discouraging you from enjoying your meal. The authorities are simply asking you to mentally note any possible discrepancies that you came across during your visit, and physically note those down in the survey questionnaire. Do you think it is too much to ask? We think not, and here’s why.

Every drawback that you notice during your visit will be recorded in the survey. And that record will reach the ears of the top executives at Portillo’s, ones who can make a difference. Thus, your wildest suggestions for improvement will be appreciated at www.Portillos.com/survey, as long as they fall within their budget. And the anomalies that you note at every outlet will be resolved without breaking a sweat. That is quite a benefit for the customer, isn’t it?

Furthermore, you will receive one of the following prizes after completing the survey – a freebie or a discount code, or a chance to enter the sweepstakes worth $1000. The kind of prize will entirely depend on your luck. The sweepstakes entry, discount coupon, or freebie will be mentioned on the receipt that you get after making a purchase at any participating Portillo’s outlet.

How to Win Coupons/$1000 in Portillos Survey?

To win either of those prizes, you must be eligible to participate in the survey.

Portillos Survey

Survey Requirements

  • Portillo’s is only present in select regions of the United States. Notably the Northeast and the Southwest. Residents of only these regions are allowed to participate in the survey.
  • 18 years is the minimum age of entry into Portillos.com/survey.
  • The survey is only available in English and Spanish. You should be proficient in either of those languages to be able to answer the questions.
  • You should have a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone along with a strong internet connection to enter the survey portal. Portillo’s doesn’t accept feedback over the phone or regular mail.
  • You should have created your personal email address on any platform, be it Yahoo or Gmail. You will need it to receive the prize mentioned on your receipt.

Survey Restrictions

  • No employee of Portillo’s is allowed to enter and answer the survey questionnaire. This restriction is in place to avoid any biased feedback within genuine customer suggestions. To that end, even the employee’s immediate family is forbidden to enter.
  • The code on Portillo’s receipt is to be used within 30 days. It will expire after a month, and you won’t be able to access Portillos.com/survey.
  • The prize that you receive, be it the $1000 gift card or the coupon code, cannot be exchanged for cash. It is only to be used at a participating Portillo’s outlet.
  • The prize cannot be transferred to another person, either. It is to be used by you and only you.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Gain entry into the survey by following this link – www.Portillos.com/survey.
  2. The default language is English. Change it to Spanish if you want by clicking the Español link at the bottom of the page.
  3. The 20-digit entry code that is asked is present on your most recent Portillo’s receipt. Type it in to access the main questionnaire.
  4. The questionnaire mostly contains multiple-choice answers. Pick the one that you deem right and proceed to the next. There will be comment boxes in between which you can use to elaborate on your negative choices.
  5. You will be required to provide your personal details at this point of the Portillos survey, like name, email ID, residential address, etc. This is to ensure that you aren’t a bot and to determine the winner of the prize on the receipt.

About Portillo’s

Dick Portillo was the founder of Portillo’s, way back in 1963. It started off as a small hot dog stand, which would eventually rise to an established food truck trailer. And by the ‘90s, Dick’s small concept had become a major brand that extended to several states beyond the original Villa Park, IL.
Today, Portillo’s is known to own the food market in the Chicago area and is slated to expand even further. Your contribution via simple feedback at www.Portillos.com/survey will help them a great deal. And you will get a cool freebie or a chance to win $1000 in return!