Party City Feedback Survey Guide


Customer feedback gathered via satisfaction surveys helps organizations to understand their customers better. This further helps them to create better products and services for their customers along with enhancing customer experience. It also provides proper guidance for future improvements and research related to their products and services. In other words, honest feedback from customers paves the way for continuous success.

Party City is one of the largest retailers in the US selling a wide variety of party goods. The company has introduced the Party City feedback survey to get valuable feedback from its customers. This, in return, helps Party City to provide the best services to its esteemed clients.

Why Party City Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

An online survey is now the latest trend in the American chain of retail business. In such surveys, a set of basic questions about the last visit experience needs to be answered by the customers.

The data collected from the customers are stored in the company’s database. The survey tools supply a certain level of analysis of the information collected. Also, the collected is reviewed by a team of experts, which helps in understanding the requirements of the customers.

These online feedback surveys have various benefits to the companies and customers and thus are worth the effort. First, it helps companies, Party City in this case, to understand who the users are. Secondly, it also gives an idea of what the users are looking for. Lastly, the companies can learn about market trends and consumer behavior.

Party City as well aims to enhance customers’ visit experience by making necessary changes in the right direction. On the other hand, the Party city feedback survey will provide customers with the scope of earning coupon codes and additional entry to their sweepstakes. You just need to spend a few minutes to answer questions to take this survey. The helps Party City to work towards exceeding customer expectations. Customers, on the other hand, feel valued and also become eligible for sweepstakes rewards by answering the survey questions.

How to Win Party City sweepstakes in Party City feedback Survey?

After you have completed the Party city feedback survey at, you have an opportunity to win the amazing Party City sweepstakes. So, there is a bright chance for you to win a gift card or discount coupons.

Survey Requirements

  • Party City drawing is only applicable for the legal residents of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
  • Every participant needs to have a genuine purchase receipt of Party City retail chain.
  • The minimum age of participation is 18 years at the time of participation.
  • The participants can participate in the survey from a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The participant also needs to have an authentic and reliable internet connection.
  • The participant should be well conversant with the survey language, i.e., English language or Spanish language.

Survey Restrictions

  • Participants who intend to take the service should be minimum of 18 years of age at the time of participation.
  • None of the staff members, directors, sponsors, officers, other corporate-level employees, and their immediate family members will be allowed to take the Party City sweepstakes.
  • Every participant will be able to take entry per receipt once every month.
  • All the prizes are non-transferable, and it is mandatory to accept them in their actual form.
  • Winners are solely responsible for extra taxes that are there on the prizes.

Survey Participation Instructions

  • Visit the official survey site of Party City Survey at
  • Now select your preferred language, i.e., Spanish or English.
  • In the next step, you will be required to enter few details like the transaction number of your purchase, the store number from where you made your purchase. Also, you will be required to enter few other details like the date and time of visit on your sales receipt.
  • After you have entered all the details, you need to click the “START” button to proceed with the survey.
  • This is a crucial step as you will find some simple questions which will be entirely based on your last purchase at Party City. The questions will also be related to the experience you had last with Party City stores or outlets. You are expected to provide honest replies to these questions.
  • Here in this step, you are required to rate your satisfaction level. This rating will be entirely based on ongoing visit understanding of the Party City outlet.
  • Make sure that all the answers that you submit are authentic and are genuine feedback. It should be based on the parameters of satisfaction to dissatisfaction.
  • The questions that you answer are based on the basic knowledge related to your last visit to the Party City store. It will also include the client administration, the helping nature of the staff at the store, the employee behavior. Also, it will include Party City price, Party City hours, Party City locations, Party City delivery.
  • Next, you need to provide your personal details such as your name, contact details, mailing address, and email address. Make sure you enter the correct contact details and a valid email.
  • After the Party City feedback survey is completed, you will receive a Party City Promo Code. Keep this promo code for your future purchases to avail benefits at the end of it.

About Party City

Party City is a popular American chain of party stores. This publicly traded retail store chain was started by Steve Mandell in 1986 in East Hanover, New Jersey. The company is primarily based in New York City. Party City is regarded as the largest retailer of party goods in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, offering a variety of party supplies. It is one of the favorite party supplies stores in these areas. You can also get excellent party ideas at the Party City stores. There are more than 900 franchise outlets and company stores. All these stores are under the Halloween City, Party City, Factory Card & Party Outlet, and Toy City.For any queries about Party City Survey, you may contact the Party City office via email or telephone. The people at Party City are friendly and will help you out.

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