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When you hear the name Pandora, what is the first thing that flashes in front of your eyes? Yes, those shining, twinkling pieces of jewelry that make you look stunning in every event and celebration you wear them to. So, to bring more beautiful smiles to their patrons, Pandora has introduced the Pandora listens survey. It only takes a couple of minutes to answer all the questions. It allows Pandora to get an insight into what their customers think and how about their services and acts as a guide to enhancing the customer experiences. This survey also helps them to get more customers and create a good brand image.  

Why Pandora Guest Customer Satisfaction Survey? 

Pandora is committed to providing the best personal experience to its customers. Pandora’s guest satisfaction survey rewards its customers with $10 discount offers on the next Pandora Jewelry store visit. The survey is a simple process designed to make sure that the brand can collect valuable feedback from its clients by asking some very basic and closed-type questions regarding the visit experience at Pandora.

For any brand to become successful, companies need to be wise enough to take criticism, negative comments, and complaints with a positive attitude and the openness to hear the customers and Pandora has been doing that exactly to ensure a smooth experience for its loyal customers. By implementing the changes as recommended in the survey feedback, Pandora Jewelry LLC stays ahead of its competitors. 

How to win a Reward in the survey? 

To help you win some discounts on quality jewelry, we have explained the restrictions, requirements, and step-by-step details of completing the customer feedback survey. 

Survey Requirements 

The survey rules are in place to ensure that every participant has a fair chance to win the discount or various gift coupons.

  • The Pandora guest experience survey is only for legal residents of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.
  • Participants who wish to answer the survey questions should be of age 18 years or above.
  • The participants should have a basic knowledge of either English or Spanish language. 
  • It is necessary to have a valid purchase receipt from your recent visit to Pandora jewelers to participate in the online questions.
  • Any electronic device like a smart mobile device, tablet, computer, laptop, etc. with a stable internet connection. 

Survey Restrictions

  • The company will not exchange the prize for any cash alternatives or gift coupons.
  • Staff members of Pandora, their family members, and any other individual directly or indirectly related to Pandora cannot take part in the Pandora guest experience survey.
  • Pandora customers can take up to 2 surveys in a month per receipt, and the purchase receipt is only valid for up to 7 days for taking the survey.
  • The gift coupons should be redeemed within 60 days after taking the survey.
  • The Pandora buying receipt has 7 days validity.
  • Pandora can suspend the participant’s coupon without giving any clarification.      

Survey Participation Instructions 

Here, we have explained the survey steps for the convenience of survey takers. 

  1. Visit to take the survey and give your genuine and honest feedback about what you feel about the services provided and the jewelry at Pandora Jewelry LLC.
  2. On the survey page, choose your preferred language between English and Spanish.
  3. The next page will ask you to enter basic details like the 18-digit code & the time of your visit mentioned on the purchase receipt.
  4. Then click on start to move on to the next section to provide your honest feedback related to various aspects of Pandora.
  5. All the questions are based on the visit experience, product quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction level, etc. Also, there will be a set of online questions about the atmosphere and cleanliness of the store, your satisfaction level with staff behavior, client service, etc. You will also be asked if you will recommend Pandora to family and friends. Make sure your customer feedback is genuine and reflects what you think.
  6. While you answer all the questions, the only thing the brand expects you to do is to answer the survey based on your personal experience.
  7. Once all the questions are done at the end you will be asked to enter your personal details like name, phone number, valid email address, and other contact details so that the company can contact you in case you win the prize.
  8. As you enter all the details, ensure it is correct before you submit the survey.
  9. Do make a note of the coupon code on your receipt from Pandora, as this code will help you win Pandora gift coupons that you can use on your future visits to the Pandora Store. 

About Pandora 

Pandora is a jewelry company is an international jewelry brand that designs, manufactures, and sells contemporary jewelry. This international jewelry brand was established in 1982. The headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the company has more than 7800 stores in 40 countries across 6 continents of the world. Since the day they established themselves, their only motto was to enhance the customer experience and provide top-notch client services, which the brand has tried to maintain over the years.Pandora is guided by 4 values: they dream, they dare, they care, and they deliver. They go beyond the obvious to pursue bold ambitions with courage and speed. They care about the planet, their customers, and the promise to deliver the best to customers, partners, and stakeholders. By answering some basic questions with utmost honest feedback, you ensure that the brand always raises the bar for future expectations. Ensure to spend undivided attention for just a couple of minutes to complete the Pandora Survey.

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14 thoughts on “Visit to take survey – win a chance to grab 10% discount on your next purchase”

  1. I love Pandora, I’m addicted to pandora I couldn’t wait to start working or find me a nice husband to spoil me with pandora jewelry. I buy something every two months. Sometime twice a month, love you pandora

  2. I went into pandora today in Charleston SC, in Mt Pleasant with my mom and aunt just look around the store for a charm bracelets. I was going to wait for my birthday and the sales person Veronika helped me find the perfect bracelet, I was going to wait until my birthday to buy one but being that they were aving a cyber monday sale she said it would be 30% off if I get it plus 30% of the charms as well . I left out of pandora with a big smile on my face thanks to the sales person Veronika.

  3. Went to Pandora store in Brooklyn NYC Atlantic terminal. The store Manager was great very knownable,friendly,helpful!!

  4. I love Pandora!! The items are always beautiful. The staff is always amazing and great sales are always available.

  5. I truly like Pandora jewelry. The only issue I have with Pandora is their clasps. The clasp on my Pandora bracelet broke and I had to purchase another bracelet because it couldn’t be repaired. That sucks big time. That was a year ago, so I’m hoping they have gotten better. I’ve been very reluctant to purchase another bracelet until now. I was told that they may be able to fix some things. I really like my bracelets.

  6. Today i went into a Pandora Store to let them know one of there employers broke my daughter bracelet. And when once they look at the bracelet to make sure it was not a fake one they gave me a new one without any problems.See Thats why i dont buy jewelry off the street. Thank you so much Pandora!!!!!