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Orscheln Farm and Home is a business chain that sells retail products in the farming and ranch supply niche. At any Orscheln F&H store, you can find anything and everything related to farming products, right from the perfect countryside attire to the most cutting-edge ranch essentials. They have a variety of western boots, rugged vests and jeans, and even accessories like gloves, hats, and sunglasses. Apart from that, you can find hi-tech farm supplies like AG sprayers and harvesting equipment.

You can either place an order for the required products online or visit one of their 175 physical stores in 10 different states, mostly concentrated in the central region of the United States. Since it is a family-owned business, it is often hard for them to manage so many stores. Hence, they need your help in the form of feedback on their official Orscheln survey portal.

Now you can help your favorite farming and ranch supply store reach its highest level of efficiency by providing relevant and honest feedback on Orscheln’s official survey website. You don’t have to do much. Just visit your nearest store, look around for a while, make a mental note of inconsistencies on the premises if any, and purchase what you like. Inconsistencies could be anything, right from inappropriate staff behavior to unclean shelves.

Then, you need to fill in a simple questionnaire in the Orscheln survey. Give positive ratings to all those questions where you found the service to be appropriate. Leave negative feedback in the areas where you thought it needed some improvement. Don’t forget to write down a few good suggestions in the comment boxes provided.

Why TellOfH.smg.com Customer Satisfaction Survey?

If you tend to visit Orscheln F&H to get your weekly or monthly shopping done, then you have a very good reason right there to take this feedback survey. It is an excellent avenue through which you can bring about a beneficial improvement in your experience at the outlet. Additionally, it will only take you around 10 minutes to answer the questions and submit the survey. The Orscheln survey website is easy to navigate, and all the required information is available on your most recent receipt.

On the other hand, if you are visiting the Orscheln F&H for the first time, then there is another major benefit for you. Both first-timers and regulars alike will receive a unique coupon code after completing the questionnaire, one which you can use to redeem for a spectacular discount on your next visit to the store!

How to Win a Free Coupon Code in TellOfH.smg.com Survey?

You know the link to the survey, but you can’t just enter it on a whim. You need to be eligible first.

Survey Requirements

  • Being a US resident is mandatory. Since the Orscheln F&H outlets are only present in AR, IA, KS, IL, OK, OH, IN, MO, KY, NE, and TX, you should reside in these particular states.
  • You should be above 18 years of age to take the Orscheln survey.
  • You should have a good knowledge of English or Spanish. You should at least be able to read and write in those two languages, and know their basics.
  • You should have recently visited an Orscheln store and purchased something from there to take part in the online survey. You won’t be able to gain entry into the questionnaire without a valid receipt.

Survey Restrictions

  • The Orscheln brand has many businesses under its wing, not just the Farm & Home one. You should not be an employee or associate of those businesses or subsidiaries in order to take part in the survey. You should ensure that none of your immediate family members aren’t associated with the company, either.
  • Since the survey is only available online, you won’t be able to participate if you don’t have a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a strong internet connection.
  • Your store receipt will be invalid for the Orscheln survey post seven days of purchase, so take it as soon as you can.
  • The Orscheln coupon code generated at the end of the survey cannot be transferred to a third party.
  • You cannot redeem the discount on the validation code for a cash prize. It will only be valid as a discount on your next purchase at the outlet.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Visit the official website of Orscheln F&H – www.TellOfH.smg.com – by clicking the link.
  2. The default language of the page is English. Change it to Spanish if you want by hitting the Español button on the bottom left of the page.
  3. You will require your Orscheln receipt here. Type in the following details from your receipt in the relevant boxes – store number, date and time of your visit, transaction number, and the amount you spent on the product.
  4. As soon as you hit the Start button, the survey questionnaire will be loaded. Tick the appropriate option for every question based on your visit to the Orscheln store. Don’t hesitate to leave negative reviews wherever required, and elaborate on those in the comment boxes.
  5. After submitting the questionnaire, you will need to enter your personal details like name, contact number, and email ID. These will be needed for internal quality purposes, not marketing.
  6. Finally, wait for the coupon to be generated at the end of the Orscheln survey. Note it down on a piece of paper and present it to the cashier on your next visit to the outlet to get the discount.

About Orscheln Farm and Home

The first Orscheln Farm & Home outlet was set up in 1960 in Sedalia, MO, by W.C. Orscheln. It was later taken over by Jerry Orscheln. So far, it has been an exclusively family-owned business. However, Tractor Supply Company recently announced that it would be acquiring the brand and all its subsidiaries.
You don’t need to worry, however. Their services will remain the same. And if there are any problems, then you can simply log on to their feedback website, TellOfH.smg.com, and leave your suggestions for improvement. You will get a free coupon code in return!

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