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McDonald’s has become a genre, a category in itself for most of the foodies on the planet. Whenever you think of having a quick bite, one of the first restos to pop into your head has to be McDonald’s. Their classic cheeseburger is loved by anyone and everyone in the country! And you don’t need us to recommend items from their inventory to satiate your taste buds. No! We are here for another purpose.

Did you know that McDonald’s accepts feedback about their stores on their official survey website: Back then, you used to get pamphlets for letting them know of your experience. But today, due to the world heading toward the virtual, and of course due to the growing pandemic, McDonald’s has started taking customer feedback via the official McDVoice survey!

Ever wondered how such a vast fast-food chain like McDonald’s manages to keep each and every one of its outlets in perfect condition? The management team listens to the feedback of the customers to locate and tackle the possible inconsistencies in their restaurants. But millions visit their restos every day, and thousands of customers have something to say about their experience. So how, again, do they manage it?

The answer is simple. McDonald’s has a number of expert evaluators under its employ. Every feedback that they receive from the survey is carefully considered before approving it or filing it away. Only if the feedback offers a valuable insight into their establishments will it be forwarded to the proper authorities. However, that doesn’t mean that the filed surveys will be completely ignored. 

Every McDonalds survey form will be sent to different departments for further review. And there are many departments at its headquarters! So don’t hesitate to fill the McDVoice survey with your inputs. They will definitely be heard!

Why McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

If you didn’t like the food prepared by your wife or husband, you immediately grumble about it to her or him. But if you didn’t like the food delivered by McDonald’s, then to whom do you complain? The manager? If he bothers to listen, then he will assure you that the cook would know about it, but more often than not, he does nothing to fulfill his promise. That is why you should take the McDonalds survey. It is your direct line to the top-level management of the company where your complaints will certainly be acted upon.

Once you visit you will realize how easy it is to take the survey. You only have to enter a few details, answer a few questions, and voila! Your survey is complete and any complaints therein will be registered! However, that is just one small benefit of taking the McDVoice survey. Here’s the big one.

Every survey taker can choose between a range of freebies after submitting the survey! You can either pick a Quarter Pounder with cheese, an Egg McMuffin, or a cashback prize!

Win Free Burgers and Cashback in Survey:

Let’s see whether or not you are eligible to win one of these exciting freebies in the survey.

Survey Requirements

  • Only those customers who stay in the US and have visited one of the country’s McDonald’s outlets can take the survey.
  • The minimum age of entry, unlike other surveys, is set at 15.
  • The official McDonalds survey is only available online. Hence, you need to have a personal computer or a smartphone to take it. Your Wi-Fi/internet connection should also be strong.
  • You need to have a McDonald’s receipt that contains the 26-digit survey code. It must not be more than 7 days old.
  • The validation code that you receive after submitting the McDVoice survey is valid for only 30 days, so redeem it as soon as you can.

Survey Restrictions

  • Any person who works at McDonald’s as a manager or an employee, or is a part of their executive team or board of directors, or is an associate or an investor, cannot take the McDVoice survey.
  • If you have visited a McDonald’s outside the US, then you cannot participate in the survey.
  • If you have already taken the survey 5 times in the course of a month, then you won’t be allowed to participate the sixth time around.
  • Every McDVoice survey validation code is unique to the person who has participated. Any other person cannot redeem it on their behalf.
  • If your receipt is more than a week old, then the McDVoice system won’t accept your code.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Head to the official McDonald’s survey website –
  2. The default language of the homepage in English. You can switch to Spanish if you want.
  3. Enter the 26-digit survey code found on your most recent McDonald’s receipt. If your receipt doesn’t contain the code, then you will need to type in a few more details like the store number and the date and time of your visit.
  4. Once you enter the required details, you will be led to the main McDonalds survey page. Here, you will need to answer all the questions honestly.
  5. After completing the survey, submit your email ID and hit Enter!

The validation code will be generated at this point. Note it down on your receipt and show it at the counter on your next visit to get your desired freebie!

About McDonald’s:

You might know that two brothers from Manchester, New Hampshire – Richard and Maurice McDonald, founded the McDonald’s Corporation in 1940. However, did you know that they were the pioneers of the Speedee Service System, now popular as fast food? Restaurants were ample back in the day, so the McDonald brothers converted their only restaurant into a hamburger stand (a big one at that), providing quick service to customers.
Today, that one restaurant has balled up into a multinational franchise with over 38,000 outlets all over the world; and they are bound to be building new ones as we speak! Now, McDonald’s is reaching out to its customers for authentic feedback on their services via, and they are giving away free burgers and cashbacks in the process! Go grab them with both hands!

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