Mauritius Island Travel Guide


If we have to pick the best holiday spots, then the island of Mauritius tops the list. The Mauritius Islands are known for their exotic locations, picturesque views, beaches, food, shopping, and more. The place is filled with natural beauty and amazing flora and fauna that are going to leave you spellbound. 

island of mauritius

According to a popular quote by Mark Twain, the beauty of heaven is inspired by Mauritius Island. He said, ‘Mauritius was constructed first and then heaven…”

The island of Mauritius is backed by mountains and covered in vibrant shades of green, tucked away in the southern Indian Ocean. Moreover, travelers come here to enjoy leisure time with their loved ones, take pictures of the sparkling oceans, clear azure water, and feel calming island vibes. 

However, before planning a visit to this beautiful tropical island, you must know about the top things to do in Mauritius, the best time to visit, its culture, the buzzing nightlife, and more. So, let’s get started with some Mauritius island facts.

Interesting facts about the island of Mauritius

  • Mauritius island is also known as a volcanic island, as it was formed about 10 million years ago by a volcano. 
  • Mauritius is the 2nd largest island of the Mascareignes Archipelago that is of volcanic origin.  
  • Mauritius was a deserted island till the 16th century, after which Portuguese sailors visited it. 
  • Another interesting fact about Mauritius is that Dodo is a flightless bird of Mauritius that is now extinct. 
  • Also, many don’t know that Mauritian Creole is a French-based language widely spoken in Mauritius.
  • Mauritius is known for its multi-ethnicities, various cultures, and religions. Here you will find a glimpse of French, Dutch, and British culture. Therefore, the island of Mauritius is enriched with culture, nature, and history. 
  • Mauritius is the only South African country where 48.5% population is Hindus.

When to plan your trip to the island of Mauritius?

If you are planning to visit the Island of Mauritius, make sure to plan your trip between May to December. At this time of the year, the weather is cool, sunny, and dry. The summertime of Mauritius allows travelers to get the most out of the tour, enjoy all the tourist spots and take a sunbath. 

Fun Activities to Enjoy in the island of Mauritius

The mesmerizing tropical island has a lot of things to offer to adrenaline junkies. Let’s take a glance.

  • Skydiving: Try skydiving! It is a beautiful experience when the strong winds push your whole body up, and you feel free from the world. You can try this activity at Skydive Austral Mauritius. 
  • Ziplining: Zip lining is another adventure activity you can try at Rodrigues Island, Casela Nature Park, or River Galets. 
  • Underwater Sea walk: Dare to experience the underwater sea walking activity in Mauritius? You can witness the jaw-dropping underwater life of Mauritius Island. Port Louis and Trou d’eau Douce are the two places where you can do this activity. 
  • Water Skiing: Grand Baie offers the best water-skiing opportunity to people. 
  • Parasailing: Parasailing is a lifetime opportunity to enjoy 20 minutes’ ecstasy of flying in the sky looking at the beautiful setting of Mauritius Island from a great height. You can experience parasailing at Belle Mare, Grand Bay, and Ile Aux Cerfs. 
  • Dolphins and whales watching: The Coast of Tamarin offers tourists the opportunity to encounter dolphins and whales in sparkling oceans. 

Top Attractions of the island of Mauritius

island of mauritius

Mauritius is a dream destination of pristine sandy beaches and shimmering water with many top attractions listed below.

  1. Capital city Port Lious: Here you will find several attractions like Blue Penny museum that is a stamp museum, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden that has many rare species of plants and endangered animals, indoor central market, Jummah Masjid on Royal Road, Pieter Both mountain range, Jardins de la Compagnie beach, Natural History Museum, Port Louis Waterfront and more. It is also known for the Aapravasi Ghat that was built as a center for contract laborers when slavery was prevalent. Here you will also find many hiking and trekking opportunities too.
  2. The Colored Earth of Chamarel: Also known as the seven Colored Earths, it is yet another amazing tourist attraction of Mauritius. The different colors of the earth here are a natural phenomenon. You can witness a rainbow of sands and the fascinating work of nature here. You can also buy small test tubes with different colored earths. Here you can have a great time at the children’s playground. The giant tortoises here are another attraction point.
  3. Pereybere beach: Those who want to enjoy the beautiful coral reef and the underwater life of this capital city can visit Pereybere Beach. It is among the top places to visit in Mauritius and the best place for a pleasant and calming experience. 
  4. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden: This botanical garden is a beautiful world of Flora and is capable of giving you some remarkable memories. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens of the southern hemisphere built in 1770 and is truly worth visiting. 
  5. Belle Mare Plage: It is the most picturesque spot of Mauritius Island and the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise. In fact, tons of tourists come here every year to enjoy the rising sun. 
  6. Trou Aux Biches: To understand the true feeling of relaxation on the beach, you need to visit this award-winning beach destination. This white sand beach is a perfect spot for a picnic with love and family. Plus, the place is marked with numerous cafes and stalls for refreshments.
  7. Cargados Carajos Shoals: You can also plan to visit Saint Brandon or Cargados Carajos Shoals that is an archipelago located in Indian Ocean 430 kilometres northeast of Mauritius.
  8. The Mascarene Islands: This island lies to the east of Madagascar and is a group of islands that belong to the Republic of Mauritius as well as the French department of Réunion. Because of its natural heritage and beauty, it is a popular sightseer attraction. The place is a haven for wildlife lovers who want to explore endemic species. Some of the species that you can spot here are Bourbon Black Petrel, Tuit-Tuit, Bird Virgin, and more. 
  9. Le Morne Brabant: Le Morne Brabant Mountain, in the Le Morne peninsula in Mauritius is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for cultural significance and is a symbol of freedom. Vacationers love the hiking trails here as they offer a thrilling hiking experience.
  10. Rodrigues island: Rodrigues is a self-governing outlying island of the Republic of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, located about 560 kilometers (350 miles) east of Mauritius. It is volcanic in origin and is ringed by a coral reef, with few small, deserted islands immediately off the coast. Rodrigues Island is a fantastic holiday destination, with beautiful scenery and sites and many colonial structures that have been preserved. As you travel further south on the island, you will see a diverse range of wildlife.


Mauritius is a wonderful paradise where you can experience not just the untouched beauty of nature but also many fun outdoor activities and other attractions. So, if you want to experience a perfect holiday with family and friends, the island of Mauritius must surely be on your bucket list. 

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