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Marshalls Survey is offering you an opportunity to get rewarded for providing your honest feedback about the chain of off-price department stores. Owned by TJX Companies, Marshalls aims to use the survey findings to enhance your shopping experience.

You can participate in the survey by visiting Alternatively, you can search for marshalls feedback com in Google and easily find the survey on the results page. 

TJX Companies has designed Marshalls Feedback survey to get insight into customer satisfaction at their stores, intending to improve the shopping experience for their customers. 

No matter if you have a suggestion, opinion, or complaint regarding the store, its products, or customer service, Marshalls wants to hear everything so you can have a better experience the next time you shop at the store.  

All legal residents from across the US and Puerto Rico aged at least 18 years can participate in MarshallsFeedback Survey. While you can participate in the Marshalls feedback survey via mail, we recommend the online version because it is hassle-free. You can take part in the survey by going to

Your feedback is valuable, and anything worthwhile must not be given for free. Marshalls understands this, which is why it is offering you the chance to win a $500 Marshalls Gift Card for completing the Marshalls survey. It is a win-win situation for both Marshalls and you. 

Once you complete the survey, you will gain entry into the sweepstakes where one winner is drawn every month. The winner for each draw will win $500 Marshalls Gift Card. A total of 12 participants will be drawn as winners. 

Why Marshalls Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

For Marshalls, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. The company aims to use the findings of the Marshalls survey to improve your shopping experience. The chain of stores can’t introduce the needed changes to meet your expectations without asking you in the first place. Marshalls values every customer because the company believes that if you are not satisfied with their products or services, you will definitely not recommend it to others. 

It is a universal fact that businesses that fail to meet customer satisfaction have no chance of surviving in the long run. It is vital for every business, including Marshalls, to get feedback from their customers so better decisions can be taken, and changes can be brought about to meet customer demands. This is the reason why you, as a Marshalls’ customer, should participate in the customer satisfaction survey. 

Marshalls Feedback Survey

When you complete the Marshalls survey, the company hears you directly and implements significant changes to meet your expectations. The company will use the feedback to assess the problems you faced at any Marshalls and then make sure you don’t face those problems in the future. The good news is that no matter if you have had a minor or major problem at Marshalls, you would be taken very seriously. 

Since your feedback is valuable to the company, it aims to compensate you by giving you the chance to win a $500 Marshalls Gift Card. This is yet another reason why you should take the Marshalls feedback survey. When you complete the survey, you will enter a sweepstake where you get the chance to win the $500 gift card. 

How to WIN a Gift Card in Marshalls Customer Survey –

Survey Requirements

  1. You must be eager to provide honest feedback regarding your shopping experience at Marshalls. 
  2. You must have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an uninterrupted internet connection to complete the customer satisfaction survey. 
  3. Before starting the survey, be sure that cookies and javascript are enabled on your browser. Go to your browser’s privacy settings to enable these functions. 
  4. Make sure you are a legal resident of the US or Puerto Rico and at least 18 years old.
  5. The survey is available in English and Espanol. It would help if you had at least basic proficiency in one of these languages.
  6. The survey is open to only those who have shopped at a Marshalls store in the US or Puerto Rico. You would be asked to enter the required information from a recent receipt. 

Survey Restrictions

  • If you are an employee, representative, or officer of Marshalls or its parent company, subsidiary, director, or administrator, you are not eligible for the sweepstakes. 
  • The survey will be null and void in regions where it is unlawful.
  • You cannot take the survey if you are residing outside the US.
  • You cannot transfer or sell your sweepstakes prize to anyone.
  • You must read the MarshallsFeedback Survey rules and follow them completely.

Survey Participation Instructions

Marshalls has the right to cancel the customer satisfaction survey anytime with or without providing any explanations. The company is not answerable for entries that were not accepted for any reason into the survey.

MarshallsFeedback Survey

Here is a step-by-step guide to participating in MarshallsFeedback survey:

  • Step 1: Go to the survey website at
  • Step 2: Read the instructions on the website thoroughly.
  • Step 3: Locate the “Survey Number” on your recent Marshalls sales receipt and enter the number into the on-site form.
  • Step 4: Find the date and time of your shopping from the receipt and select the same on the website.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Start” button.
  • Step 6: Answer the different types of survey questions honestly and based on your shopping experience at Marshalls. 
  • Step 7: Provide your opinions and suggestions wherever asked. 
  • Step 8: Provide your personal data, such as phone number and email address for the sweepstakes.
  • Step 9: Check everything again and then click on the “Submit” button.

About Marshalls

Owned by TJX Companies, Marshalls is a chain of off-price department stores. It has more than 1,000 stores in the US and 62 in Canada. The store offers exciting deals and savings on many popular fashion brands, including shoes, clothing, and everything in between. The company is popular for delivering exceptional value to customers by offering products at prices 20 – 60 percent lower than the regular prices. Visit your nearby Marshalls store today to explore all the surprising deals awaiting you. 

Marshalls is on the mission to create delightful shopping experiences for customers by offering incredible savings on an ever-changing selection of brands and designer fashions. The company has a flexible business model, strong supplier connections, and smart buying strategies that help it achieve its mission of delivering the best value to its customers. 

Final Thoughts

Given that Marshalls wants to deliver fantastic value to its customers, the company continuously works on improving its services and product selection. survey is a part of this journey. The survey’s findings will help Marshalls improve your shopping experience by bringing necessary changes and resolving the problems you experienced while shopping at the store. The company is offering you an amazing chance to win $500 Marshalls Gift Card by completing the survey. 

Locate marshalls feedback com now and start the survey.

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