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Maggiano’s Little Italy, as the name suggests, serves exquisite Italian-American cuisine at reasonable prices. They specialize in lunch and dinner, but recently, they have also started offering brunch. Customers usually prefer to start the course with a Tomato, Balsamic and Garlic Bruschetta, followed by Spaghetti with Marinara. Thus, if you are visiting Maggiano’s for the first time, you may want to try those items out before exploring further.

And to keep its customers happy, did you know that the restaurant chain recently launched a survey website – It’s an excellent opportunity for the customers to share their experiences at any Maggiano’s outlet. And the best part is that you also get a chance to enter their $1000 sweepstakes after submitting the Maggianos survey!

Maggiano’s Little Italy
Maggiano’s Little Italy

Yes, you heard it right! This is the official survey by Maggiano’s. You might have taken a few surveys about the company in the past, but those might just have been by their sponsors or third-party advertisement teams., on the other hand, is completely controlled by the top executives at Maggiano’s. Thus, whatever your concerns might be, they will reach the relevant personnel in no time!

Let us assume that you didn’t receive a good enough service at a particular Maggiano’s outlet. The manager isn’t listening to your complaints, and so isn’t anyone else of authority around. Who do you turn to in such a case? Why, the top-level management of course! But how do you get in touch with those guys? By taking the official Maggianos survey! But is that all that you get for your time spent on the survey? Not quite! Read on to know more.

Why Maggiano’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

It is the duty of a restaurant to listen to the complaints of the customers and take the appropriate action. So, it’s not a benefit to you per se, but you can be completely assured that your concerns over will be heard and acted upon by the management executives. Don’t hesitate to put everything down in the feedback boxes in the survey even if you had a really bad experience at the location. Your opinions are valuable to them, and they will certainly handle those with the utmost care.

The second benefit lies in the ease of access. The website is so smooth and visually appealing that you will love to leave your feedback on it! This is one of those few survey websites that are as expertly made as possible. The programming is top-notch and the design is simply stellar! And the survey questions are so easy that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to answer those!

Furthermore, the implementation of your feedback isn’t the only reward you can expect from them. Your valuable 10 minutes will be compensated for by giving you an entry into their amazing sweepstakes! Yes, every Maggianos survey taker will get a free entry into their lucky draw – a chance to win a whopping $1000!

Win $1000 Prize in Maggianos Survey:

$1000 is a huge sum, and it shows how much Maggiano’s cares about its customers! But they have set certain rules for the Maggianos survey entrants. Let’s take a look at those.

Survey Requirements

  • You should reside in any of the 50 US states or the District of Columbia to be able to take the survey.
  • You are required to have a minimum age of 18 to enter
  • You need to have an invitation to the survey in the form of a personal code. It will be present on your Maggiano’s receipt.
  • And it goes without saying that you need to make a purchase at Maggiano’s to get that receipt with the invitation.
  • They can also send you an invitation over email if you have registered your ID with them. In this case, you don’t need to make a purchase.

Survey Restrictions

  • Anyone who stays outside the US cannot take the Maggianos survey, even if they have visited the restaurant multiple times.
  • If the survey is prohibited by law in your state, then you won’t be able to access it. It’s no use trying to hack your way through this restriction.
  • If you are an employee of Maggiano’s or its partner or associate (directly or indirectly related to the company), then you won’t be allowed to take the survey. This rule has been put forth to prevent any biased opinions.
  • If you win the $1000 prize, then you cannot sell it for cash or transfer it to anyone else. If you are caught doing something like this, then you will be tried and prosecuted.

Survey Participation Instructions

  1. Click the following link – – to access the official webpage of the survey.
  2. You will need some information from your most recent Maggiano’s receipt, so keep it within reach.
  3. Look for the personal code on your receipt. You can usually find it at the bottom. Then enter the code and click the Begin Survey button.
  4. After that, you will be asked for the date and time of your visit, and other such details that can be easily found on the receipt.
  5. The questionnaire will be loaded post that. You only need to give the appropriate ratings to the services mentioned. Be honest! You can also describe your experience in the comment boxes if required.
  6. Finally, enter your personal details like name and address, and submit the Maggianos survey!

It takes them a week or so to declare the winners, and about 60 days post that for verification.

About Maggiano’s Little Italy:

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE) was a big corporation in Italy, but it barely had any presence in the US. Rich Melman, the founder of the company, decided to introduce an Italian-American themed restaurant in Chicago, naming it Maggiano’s Little Italy, in 1991. It didn’t take long for the resto to spread to other parts of the country, and before long the company had over 50 locations already!
Now that they are trying to expand more, why don’t you, as a customer, give them a hand with the same. Take the survey at and stand a chance to win $1000! We think that it’s a really good offer!

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37 thoughts on “ – The Official Maggiano’s Survey”

  1. There was no wait time our hostess and server were pleasant. The food was delicious! The portions were amazing.

  2. Went to the Hackensack, NJ store with my wife last Mar 8, 2022 and we ordered bombalina for starters and everything was good except for the breaded mozzarella which was on the salty side. Then I ordered chicken & potato soup which was also on the salty side. With this saltiness, I wouldn’t be surprised if FDA will require content other than calories in the future. My wife had the salmon with the crispy calabrian shrimp and she liked it. I had the Alaskan cod and had it with a twist of sliced fresh lemon included in the dish. It was good but I wonder if twist of lime could be better, maybe a slice of both? Our server Terrance was excellent although being there less than a month. Keeps coming back every 15 minutes or so to check if we need anything else and that tops everything on their menu.
    We used to have a server, I believe Tyler and this was pre-Covid. For about a year or so, after the 2nd visit, he knows what our preferences are when it comes to beverages, don’t get this but get that suggestions. It’s definitely worth giving them more than 20% gratuity for this 2 Maggiano’s servers.

  3. It was very good I love the take home for the five dollars!!!! Me and my mom did the Marco meal!!!! It definitely felt us up it’s nice having a salad with your pasta!!! I love the LASAGNA!!!! We had to take two home!!!!

  4. Two of us had lunch at the Phoenix/Scottsdale location today (03/07/2022). Service and food was spectacular. Were greeted immediately and was also seated as soon as arrived. Sever came by and introduced herself as soon as seated. Server was familiar with menu and made suggestions. Would highly recommend Maggianos PHX/Scottsdale for a great meal. Server (Taylor) was better than a 10 and was one of the most professional that I have experienced in many years. My hat is off to her.

  5. Having to scan the QR code to type in my own credit card info in an app in a low lit restaurant environment was a major pain. Next time I just want to hand my card to the server and not have to to work so hard to pay for my meal.

  6. Take out order was ready when promised. Salad was very fresh with dressing in separate container allowing for personal addition to meet desired taste. Both meals were delicious and the portions will allow for great snacks for the next day! Next dining order will be for in house dining, the atmosphere inside the establishment is over the top and the staff is extremely polite and professional.

  7. Enjoyed a lovely experience and delicious meal at Maggiano’s in Bridgewater NJ, celebrating Valentine’s Day. Easy reservation by phone, prompt seating, cozy atmosphere, and hospitable professional staff. Our waitress, Jennifer, made us feel special and welcome and was knowledgeable about the menu, offering suggestions and details, recommending appropriate side choices, etc. Later during the meal, the Manager, Javier (“Javi”) arrived at our table to verify that everything was to our satisfaction. Upon realizing that we are frequent guests for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions, and noting that we were highly impressed with the meal’s exquisite presentation and taste, we were later pleasantly surprised to meet the chef Dominic, who invited us to ask personally for either him or the Manager for any special requests at a future visit. Our Valentine visit was thoroughly enjoyable and memorable, consistent with all of our wonderful Maggiano’s experiences.

  8. My wife and I just ate at the Maggiano’s in Oak Brook. We ordered the zucchini as an appetizer. It seemed like the zucchini was cut on a mandolin, and it was so thin that when we spread the breading apart, we saw there was hardly ant zucchini in it at all. My wife ordered the minestrone soup, which never came.

    I ordered the eggplant parmesan. I was totally disappointed with it. The first time it was delivered it was cold. I returned it and when I received a warm replacement, it seemed as if the eggplant was just fried, had a piece of mozzarella melted on top and covered with marinara sauce.

    In my opinion, I would suggest looking at different Recipe.

    I did not at all think that spending over $100.00 for the quality of the food was in any worth it.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

    James Nasti

    PS I miss the spumoni.

  9. After being seated we waited approximately 15 minutes before a server took our drink order. Then we waited for another 20 minutes for the server to take our food orders. Then in 30 minutes, only 1 person from my table was served a meal. As we waited about 15 minutes more our server brought the rest of our meals. My husband ordered Shrimp Scampi and I ordered Chicken Piccata. My husband became ill that evening after his meal with stomach cramps and nausea. We tried to locate our server but she was not around. We had to ask another server for help locating her and that was not convenient. When we did ask our server a question we received a bit of attitude as if we were bothering her. I am very disappointed and saddened we spent our very special day with our family at this restaurant. I expected so much more with the food and the service.

  10. Great service from bartender Taylor. Good very good. But, the place needs a good and I mean good thorough cleaning.blinds filthy, BR needs cleaning, windows are disgusting, hand prints visible.
    Upon entering from parking garage very dirty appearing. Get the power washer out and do something about all the dirt in and out of this restaurant. I will dry clean the kitchen is?
    We have visited many Maggianos. The one in Orlando is the worse.

  11. Iveth at the Tysons Galleria was amazing! Very attentive and made sure myself and friends were taken care of for dinner. We will definitely be returning.

  12. We hadn’t been to Maggiano’s in years but received a gift card for Christmas. What a treat! Our reservation was for dinner for two at 7:30 on Saturday night We were seated almost immediately, once we found the hostess station. Service was leisurely but not so slow we had to track down the waiter every time we wanted something. The food was excellent as well: Chick Francese was fabulous – tender, flavorful, enough for two meals. Shrimp Diavolo also excellent and plentiful. Grazie for a fun evening, Maggiano’s.

  13. Paris was a polite, very helpful, and direct server. We had a lunch break before going back to work. I would recommend her highly as a server for an excellent dining experience.

  14. This was our first post Covid dining & we couldn’t wait for your famous Tiramisu. We were terribly disappointed in the extremely “tiny” slice you now give for a whopping $9.00!!! In the past one slice was just right to share. Now you have cut the portion in “HALF”at a huge price. So NOT worth it!!! Thank you

  15. Amazing service from Charles! Didn’t forget anything and was able to make small talk. Definitely going to come back soon!

  16. We went to Maggiano’s in Schaumburg, Illinois on 10/23/21 about 2:30 pm. The restaurant was not crowed. The hostess walked us over a huge spill on the floor that it took one server about 15 min to clean it up while many others looked at it and risked falling. Not a good situation.
    My husband ordered Rigatoni D. Although, it was good, the portions have really shrunk, but the prices have not. I ordered Spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs. I have ordered this before. This time I only received 1 meatball, in the past I received 2 and the sauce was spicy. We each ordered a side salad and each was soaked in the Maggaino’s salad dressing making them very soggy. Our server was attentive, but we never complained.

  17. This was first time at Maggiano’s. I am Italian, therefore I am a tough critic, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The food and service were absolutely excellent. I had no need to ask for anything and the timing was impeccable. Margarita was my server at the Tysons Corner location. She was absolutely one of the best servers that I have ever had!! I was in the restaurant business for 25 years so that says alot!! I will definitely be back.

  18. First I would like to say I have been there several times and I would recommend it in the past no problem, but after this time it was a different story. I felt as if I was invisible. The waiter did not forget me once butit was more like three times.
    I had to I made reservations for 6 people on Sunday. We were seated right away. When the waiter came to take our drink orders he took the 5 orders and started to walk away without taking my drink order. When we Saud something he came back and laughed but said sorry. But he did it again on the meal and the dessert. We also asked for more bread. Was told yes he would get it, but by the time we finished our food and he came by again to ask if we would like dessert the bread never came. We did mention it to him about the missing bread and he made some excuse as to there was none at the time but there is some now would we like it. This is when he is taken our dessert order. At which again I had to remind him to take my order. There was also a shortage on some food. There was no stuff mushrooms and we were told when we were looking over the menu they were out of few other items. We also wanted to take advantage of the take home meal deal. We placed this during the time he took our dinner order. But he bought over the check took our payment but forgot to give us our take home meals.

  19. I celebrated my 75th birthday on Sunday with 15 family and friends. We did not do family style, we all ate off the main menu. Everyone made their own choice and the food was perfect. The waitress did a great job. We all enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

  20. We (party of 4) visited Maggiano’s Little Italy in Annapolis, MD. The experience was fantastic. Our server was Skylar and in spite of our difficulty in selecting our food choices, he was very patient with us and encouraged our complete review of the menu, answering all of our questions to make sure we would be satisfied with our choices. And we were. All of the food was well prepared and delicious, as were the desert selections. We will definitely be back.

  21. Ten of us colleagues had lunch at the Maggianos at Memorial City. We didn’t have a reservation, but it didn’t rattle the hostess nor our waiter. I cannot say enough about our server Jarrod. He was attentive, professional and spot on with the service.

  22. Our waitress(Anissa) was super good. Great personality.Helped to make decisions on what to order.

  23. Excellent dining experience. Tawny was our server & she was excellent & professional. She made us feel valued & made our dining experience a most pleasurable one. We are looking forward to our next visit real soon. The service, attention to detail & food was excellent.

  24. difficult to do the survey with all these ads
    service was slow
    they sat us next to the kitchen
    couldnt carry on a conversation
    very noisy
    will not go back

  25. My husband and I stopped for lunch at Maggiano’s Hackensack, and although we had no reservations, the host made us comfortable and found a nice table for us. The staff was courteous and efficient. Will certainly be back!

  26. Fatima the manager and Ryan the server were amazing. The service the food and everything could not have been better. Hats off to such a great staff.

  27. Last years Thanksgiving dinner in your restaurant was such a memorable event for our family that we immediately booked for a repeat event this year. Due to the COVID 19 virus we reluctantly opted for the take- our service, and once again it was a smash hit. What a spread! My entire family gave me a stern admonition to not even think about Thanksgiving 2021 without Maggiano’s.
    My many thanks to the entire staff at Maggiano’s for your superb offerings. We plan on telling our entire extended family to join us next year. And have a very Merry Christmas.