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If you’re looking to redecorate your interior space with items from Lowe’s, you might qualify for a rebate. Lowe’s is a household name in the United States’ home improvement and home decor supply sectors. The chain is offering a special rebate through the Lowes Rebate Center at www.lowes.com/rebates.

If you’re interested in Lowes rebate and want to learn more about the promotion and how you can participate in the offer, this guide has got you covered. Read on to know everything about the program. 

Lowe’s might be the first name that comes to your mind when you think about your home improvement project. It carries almost all products that can make your project a success. The best part is that the company’s rebate offer can help make your home decor or home improvement project much affordable. 

Instead of getting a discount, the Lowe’s rebate reimburses a big chunk of the price you paid for the products. On top of that, you can fill the Lowes Survey 10 days after your shopping at the store to get a chance to win a $500 check.

If you’ve already shopped at Lowe’s and want to avail the rebate offer, head over to Lowes.com/Rebates to get started.

Let’s discuss the criteria and steps to apply for a rebate from Lowes home services.

How To Get Lowes 11% Rebate?

There are certain requirements preceding the application for a rebate from Lowes, like the 11% rebate. The necessary conditions to qualify for Lowe’s rebate are as follows:

  • You must be a legal resident of the United States
  • You must have made a purchase either online or offline at a Lowe’s store
  • You need to have your receipt of the transaction for the details
  • You can only apply for a rebate through Lowes’ website in the English Language
  • You must own a valid phone number and email ID
  • For Auto Parts Rebates, Lowes’ employees’ or immediate family members are not eligible
  • The purchase needs to have been made at a participating Lowe’s store between the 17th and the 23rd of March to qualify for the Lowes 11 rebate
  • The 11% rebate may not be available at non-participating Lowe’s stores 

There are also some conditions to be met on the rebatable items:

  • You can only submit a rebate claim within 90 days of the purchase 
  • You can only receive the Lowes 11% rebate in the form of a Lowes gift card 
  • One purchase qualifies for one rebate claim
  • Multiple claim submissions will disqualify the applied rebate

Now that you know Lowes rebate’s eligibility criteria, it’s time you should find your Lowe’s shopping receipt and use the information to submit your claim.

However, remember that not all products qualify for a rebate, so make sure that the products you purchase from Lowes are ones the company is offering rebates on. You can use the ‘Current Rebate Offers’ tab at the Lowe’s Rebate Center page to search for thousands of rebatable products and their offers.

How To Submit Lowes Rebate Online?  

Here’s a simple, step-by-step, guide on how to submit the application form for a rebate at Lowes. 

Lowes Rebate Online

Step 1. Go to Lowe’s rebate center located at lowes.com/rebates using any internet browser.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Complete Form’ button on the ‘Submit Your Rebate’ tab located on the webpage.

Step 3. Enter the offer number for the rebate. Refer to your transaction receipt for the number.

Step 4. Click Continue

Step 5. You may be asked to enter the store number as well (given in the receipt). You can enter 907 if the product you bought was shipped directly to your address and the store number was not provided. 

Step 6. Enter your valid personal information (email id, mailing address, and phone number)

Step 7. Submit the form

You will receive an email confirmation from Lowes verifying the rebate claim, along with a confirmation number.

How To Track Lowes Rebate Status?  

Lowes rebate tracking is as simple as making a claim. All you need to do is visit the rebate center and follow the steps given below to track your rebate’s status while it is being processed.

Lowes Reabte Status

Step 1. Go to the Rebate Center for Lowes from any internet browser.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Check Rebate Status’ button on the ‘Check My Rebate Status’ tab located on the webpage.

Step 3. You’ll be provided with three options to choose from depending on the information you have to initiate tracking.

Step 4. The first is “Confirmation Number,’ which you can find and enter from your confirmation message that you received after submitting the claim.

Step 5. The second option is ‘Mobile Number.’ Simply enter the phone number you used in the claim form to track your rebate claim status.

Step 6. The third option is the ‘Mailing Address.’ Enter the same address you entered in your claim form.

Step 7. Click ‘Continue’ to check your rebate status.

FAQs Lowes Rebate  

How Long Does a Lowe’s Rebate Take?

The processing time for a rebate can range from 6 to 8 weeks. However, it can vary depending on the method used for making a claim. 
Submitting your claim online can reduce the rebate processing by 5 to 7 days than submitting the rebate form via mail. Also, if you are to receive the rebate in the form of a Lowe’s gift card, you can receive it via email or text instead of a physical copy via mail. That is also a great way to receive your rebate sooner.

Where Can I Use My Lowe’s Rebate Card?

You can use your Lowe’s Rebate card when going to the Lowe’s store and making a physical purchase or redeeming the Lowe’s rebate online.

How Often Does Lowe’s Have 11% Rebates?

You can avail the 11% rebate offer at Lowe’s if you make a purchase at a participating Lowe’s store between the 17th and the 23rd of March.

What is Lowe’s Appliance Department Number?

Customer Care Support: 1-800-445-6937

About Lowes  

Lowe’s Companies Inc. is a retail chain that sells a vast assortment of home improvement and renovation products. The company has 2,000 operational stores all over North America, but its headquarters remain in Mooresville, North Carolina. It is also currently the second largest hardware-store chain in the US.

Lowe’s is also listed among the biggest providers of home-improvement services and products globally, with 18 million customers served a week, more than 300,000 associates in North America, and $72.1 Billion of sales in 2019 alone.

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