Shinri Beach Campground


Shinri Beach from the campground

Shinri Beach Campground is located just a few feet away from Shinri Beach and Cypress Resort in the western part of Kume Island. It is the closest lodging to the airport.

Shinri Beach from the campground

Unlike the Oo Island Campground, Shinri Beach is far more rustic with tall pine trees and wide stretches of open grass. There are limited facilities available though you will need to bring your own equipment and register your visit. There is no camping fee and pets are welcome provided you clean up after them.

Shinri Beach Campground is best known for its spectacular sunsets, white sand beach with wide swimming areas protected by coral reef, and the ability to watch planes landing and taking off at the nearby airport. Due to its location away from major communities, it is also a great place to view the stars at night. A telescope can be rented from Cypress Hotel.

Shinri Beach from the campground

To register your stay, please call 090-4303-6677 and ask for Suki Oka. The number above is a cell phone, but they may not be able to answer right away and likely only speak Japanese. If you have trouble you can contact me for help.

Shinri Beach is a great place for large groups, or those looking to relax away from major tourist areas.

Parlor Shinri Beach


Parlor Shinri Beach is a small restaurant on the grounds adjoining the parking lot. Drinks and some limited food items area available there and it is open from 10am to 7pm every day. There are toilets and other facilities adjoining this building and are accessible from the outside.

When camping or walking around Kumejima at night, especially in warmer seasons, please be aware that habu (poisonous snakes) may be out and about. Please avoid them.