Kume Island Lodging

There are many great places to stay on Kume Island. From Camping to hotels there’s something for everyone!


There are a variety of hotels on Kume Island. From resort to business, you’re likely to find just what you need.

Cypress Resort Hotel

(Airport) Cypress Resort is the premier luxury hotel on Kumejima. When the Emperor Visited, this is where they prepared rooms for him. Cypress is located near the airport in the western part of Kume Island.

Kume Island Resort Hotel

(Eef Beach Area) Kume Island is a sprawling resort hotel within easy walking distance from Eef Beach. This high-end resort offers many services.

Hotel Marine Terrace

(Eef Beach Area) Equitable to a buisness hotel, Marine Terrace offers an affordable alternative.

Eef Beach Hotel

(Eef Beach Area) Eef Beach Hotel is located right on the beach with resort-class restaurant and rooms.

Hotel Garden Hills

(Minato Port) A budget hotel within easy walking distance of the Ferry Port in the Kanegusuku neighborhood.

…and more!


Looking to backpack or just want to enjoy more of nature? There are two areas availible for camping!

Oo Island Campground

(Oo Island) Oo Island is connected to Kume Island by a bridge and is the location of Bade Haus and Tatami Rocks. This area offers many facilities.

Shinri Beach Campground

Shinri Forest

(Airport) Shinri Beach Campground offers a more rustic and economic (free) setting for campers, though its facilities are more limited. Located next to Shinri Beach and Cypress Resort. Camping in non-designated areas – We do not reccomend camping in non-designated areas due to the lack of facilities and the possibility of poisonous snakes. It may be illegal as well.


Kumejima Guest House

Kumejima Guest House is a small hostel next to the Lucky Gate video and scooter rental store in the Eef Beach Area. Cost is 2,000 yen per night.

More information coming soon.