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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. It specializes in offering sumptuous fried chicken and also serves a range of delicious side dishes. Then be it their chicken tenders, nuggets, sandwiches or chocolate chip cookies, KFC always has a dish to satisfy one’s taste buds.

However, there may be times when you don’t get good enough service at an outlet, especially one located in a remote corner of the world. You can’t expect the headquarters in Kentucky to be able to effectively monitor a branch in, say the Philippines. That is exactly the reason why their newly launched website,, is so important!

The website contains the official KFC survey. By official, we mean that your responses, if found appropriate, will be recorded and sent to the highest authorities in the company. However, for that to happen, they need your honest feedback. Such feedback will help them manage their numerous outlets better. You can readily leave a complaint at the MyKFCExperience survey if you found that an outlet isn’t performing up to the regular standards. Similarly, you can leave positive feedback if you liked the services offered.

Any concerns or suggestions, if found valid by the survey evaluators, will be immediately taken care of. In fact, you may notice the necessary changes in the said outlet on your next visit itself. And that is just the half of it! Each KFC survey taker will be eligible to get a free chicken Go cup the next time that they visit the outlet!

Why MyKFCExperience Customer Satisfaction Survey?

KFC is among the world’s most trusted food franchises. Whenever we think of chicken fast food, KFC is usually the first brand that comes to mind. Founded over seven decades ago, KFC currently has its branches in more than 150 countries throughout the globe. It’s tough for any corporation, no matter how efficient, to successfully run each and every one of the KFC outlets. That is where you, as a customer, can help out.

The My KFC Experience survey is one of a kind and completely thorough. However, it won’t take you long to answer the questions since you only need to pick from the multiple-choice answers. And if your concern still went unaddressed for some reason, you can always write it down in the comments section. Furthermore, every KFC survey taker can avail of a free chicken Go cup on their next visit to their favorite outlet.

How to Win Free Chicken in KFC Survey?

Here’s your chance to win a freebie from one of the most delicious restaurants in the world – KFC’s popular chicken Go cup! But how do you go about winning that freebie after sharing your experience at MyKFCExperience website? Is anyone from anywhere eligible for the gift?

MyKFCExperience Survey Requirements

  • The website may be accessible from anywhere in the world, but only the citizens of the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines will get the free Go cup.
  • You should have visited the KFC outlet recently. That is because you will be asked to enter a unique survey code and the time of your visit. You cannot access the survey if either of those entries is invalid.
  • You must know how to read and write in either the English or the Spanish language.
  • You should have access to the internet via a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

My KFC Experience Survey Restrictions

  • Regardless of where you are from, if you are below the age of 18, you won’t be allowed to take the My KFC Experience survey.
  • Anyone even remotely related to KFC in a professional capacity, which includes the family members of employees and investors, are banned from taking the survey.
  • The free chicken voucher that you win in the MyKFCExperience survey cannot be transferred to another person. Similarly, only ONE person can avail of the offer ONE time.
  • If you visited the outlet more than one month ago, then your survey access request will be denied. You should have a valid KFC receipt that is less than a month old.

KFC Survey Participation Instructions

The survey can be easily accessed no matter where you are, be it from your smartphone or laptop.

  1. Visit by typing it in your browser or clicking on the link.
  2. The homepage will have two boxes for you to enter information in. One is for the 17-digit survey code found on your receipt and the other is for the time.
  3. If you do not have the survey code, then click on the relevant option. You will then be asked to enter other details like the store number and ticket number.
  4. Additionally, you can also switch between English and Spanish on the homepage itself.
  5. After submitting the required details, the actual KFC survey will be loaded. It contains numerous questions, easy to understand and answer. The questionnaire will also allow you to rate your experience.
  6. Post that, you will be asked to enter your personal details like phone #, address, etc.
  7. Finally, after submitting all the details of the My KFC Experience survey, a unique voucher code will be displayed. Note it down to avail of your free chicken Go cup at the outlet.

About KFC

You might know that Harland Sanders first developed and marketed the recipe of KFC’s unique fried chicken, but did you know that it was Don Anderson, a meager sign painter, who coined the name Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1950. The restaurant started by Sanders in the 1930s was called Sanders Court and Café. It was only after he franchised his recipe to his friend, Pete Harman, that the name was officially changed to KFC.It was one of the first fast-food restaurants from the US that expanded internationally back then. Today, KFC has over 22620 locations and counting across 150 countries with an immense fan following in any and every part of the world. It’s up to you to help the company retain its integrity and status by taking the KFC survey at!

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44 thoughts on “MyKFCExperience – Survey”

  1. The food and everything was okay I had to wait for a minute to get the chicken for the own everything was okay

  2. Everything was okay I had to wait a long time for my chicken to get the cooking other than that everything was okay I got home and looked at my chicken my chicken was burnt two pieces of the dresses were burnt

  3. I went through the drive-in ordered two-piece combo an a chicken sandwich. I don’t know how the chicken combo was I bought it for a homeless person. The chicken sandwich was bad. Whoever made it should take pride in your chicken.
    They put a heaping full of mayonnaise on one side nothing on the other side, it had two pickles see any lettuce on there. The manager of the store needs to show them how to make your chicken sandwiches or other stuff they should all take pride in making the food. There was no pride in the sandwich. Thanks

  4. I got a 3 piece whit meat meal & got 2 thighs instead of Breasts.
    Called back & they told me to run up here & bring back what I had.
    I said I live 25 minutes from Elreno. I can’t just run up there!!!
    So they told me that would write it down & I could get next time I come to Elreno.
    They would replace the chicken.
    That’s SHITTY TO NOT GIVE YOU QNOTHER BISCUIT & potato’s & gravey.





  6. I went to Kentucky Fried on Mauldin Road and Butler the chicken was not Brown over half of it did not have skin on itthey tried to put it back in the deep fryer and give it back to me they took the receipt out of the bag this was Sunday afternoon at 5:46 p.m. they thought that would keep me from calling you all and making the complaint the chicken was $7 in a few cents I brought the chicken home and gave it to my dog this makes the third time I will not go back to Kentucky i n Mauldin South Carolina I want all of my money I kept pictures of the chicken do you all want to see a picture of the chicken it look half raw without skin


  8. I gave you comments yesterday and I DID Not receive a certificate for a free chicken sandwich as promised. Not good customer service. Forget KFC

  9. I had a very nice experience at the KFC in Tomah WI. Heather was very helpful and courteous and had fun doing her job.

  10. On 1-26-2022 I visited the KFC on Madison St. I spent $60 on an 8 piece meal and an 8 piece tender meal. The tenders were great but the chicken was old and dried out. The manager on duty was very rude. The way she handled herself was just not right. She ended up replacing 5 tenders in place of the chicken but had to wait till the next day. When I brought the chicken back the next day she was rude in person. Me and my family will not return to this KFC

  11. Pot Pies, one had a lot chicken neck fat in it and threw it away. Another had a big piece of bone in it. I found out by talking to the manager that these pies are put together in the stores. The employees shread the chicken. My Granddaughter loved these pies and had one just about every week but we won’t buy them again. If she would have swallowed that bone I would of had to take her to the emergency room. No more KFC PP for us!!!

  12. After I got home I looked for my ranch for the honey BBQ wings. There wasn’t any. No cookie either! I called twice and the phone just rang and rang.

  13. Had a great experience at the Kernersville restaurant from Javarie.he was very personable as well a being very helpful. Need more people like him in your restaurant.

  14. I just is amazing to me how a 19 year old woman,,Becky Stewart is so experienced, intelligent, business wise. Just a Great marriage between her and Kfc…

  15. Worst experience I have ever had with kfc. Spent $31.00 and had to eat something else after. 2 chicken littles loaded with mayonnaise when I told them NONE. Spicy chicken sandwich loaded with pickles when I said sauce only. Missing a large potato, so someone didn’t get any!! The chicken was terrible! You couldn’t even chew it. The employees didn’t seem to want to be there. I asked for receipt and was told it was in the bag. No it was not. Very disappointed with KFC in West Lebanon, N.H.